Air Wick Cinnabon Scented Spray

The most effective use of this product is waking your kids up in the morning and convincing them that you went out to a Cinnabon location and actually purchased these treats for them. Tired of difficulty in getting the tots up for school? FIXED. Once they are up, whether or not you actually brought them cinnabons could not matter less.

You also may work in an office with people who you enjoy playing games with. People who might be of the particular variety to go absolutely bonkers over hot, wet, sweet goodness. People who might think more of you if you were the individual who brought this sweet hot goodness to the office itself. Trick these people, please. Get to work early and spray this shit everywhere. Hell, you can simply convince them that you purchased a whole rack of cinnabons with the intention to share, but were so consumed by their awesomeness that you literally consumed them right back. This 6 Pack of Air Wick Cinnabon Scented Spray will come in handy in a number of fashions. The only limit is your creativity.

Even for personal use around the house, not to agitate others and not for narcissistic reasons, this scent will surely delight. It offers a warm feeling that everyone can appreciate and relate too. The sweet vanilla and warm cinnamon will tantalize even the most stalwart of guests. Surely your home could have a day where it doesn’t smell like lilacs and fresh cotton. For those days I couldn’t imagine aiming for a scent any different than Cinnabon fresh out of the oven. Do yourself a favor and buy a 6 pack. You have a few friends (we hope) that will at least get a kick out of this creative and funny product. (We do not recommend drinking this product regardless of how good it smells.)

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