Best Gifts for Gamers in 2022

100+ Products Updated on Aug 11, 2022

Level up any gamers special day with this collection of cool gifts for gamers. We’ve handpicked the best gift for all types of gamers including PC, console, mobile, and even retro gamers.

If the gamer in your life loves VR headsets or mobile gaming you’ll find a perfect gift for any gamer on this list.

We’ve even included items that will help a gamer stream on Twitch. Even if the gamer in your life remonicies about old school gaming there are plenty of retro video game items included.

Whether you are looking for a gift for gamer boyfriend or girlfriend, friend, (or even yourself) these gifts on just about any occasion, including Christmas!

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Any fan of Nintendo will love this personalized Mario style sign. Whether it’s for a desk, gaming room, or just bedroom old-school gamers will remember Mario’s iconic colorful logo.

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Anyone who want’s to record videos at their computer will love the Logitech StreamCam. With a full HD 1080p 60fps sensor, smart auto-focus, and exposure settings gamers are sure to look their…

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Just about any gamer will recognize the iconic piranha plant from Super Mario. This Super Mario piranha plant light will bring a bit geek culture to anyone’s bedside table.

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Show your affinity for PlayStation with these unique neon lights feature the PlayStation paladone icons. Any gamer will recognize the classic PS symbols like triangle, circle, X, and square.

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If you’re buying for a PC gamer, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this. The sheer variety of games available on Steam means that your recipient is sure to find something that…

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Razer has always been synonymous with quality, and we’ve never seen them make a product that sucks until now. Fortunately, it’s supposed to! With their reusable stainless steel straw, you can rep…

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When you’re going for a jog, it’s really important that the people you encounter know that you’re not sitting down at home in front of your keyboard. If you’re not wearing a comfy T-shirt with giant letters on it that read AFK, how are they supposed to know? Well, this shirt solves that problem nicely by informing everyone facing you while you’re out and about that you are, in fact, Away From Keyboard. Glad that’s settled!

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If you have an Nvidia RTX card, you’ll want to cherish that fact…savor it…FLAUNT it! With this super cool-looking key cap, you can do exactly that! This finely crafted miniature replica of…

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Anyone who games on Xbox will appreciate the official Xbox wireless headset. Designed to be the perfect headset for Xbox gamers this headset includes incredible audio quality, a dial to adjust game/chat…

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The only thirst that rivals the thirst for victory is thirst itself! With these personalized gamer water bottles, you can hydrate like a superstar. Each water bottle can be customized with a…

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Life is the ultimate role-playing game, so let’s take a look at your stats! These high quality framed pixel-art pictures let you show off your attributes in true JRPG style, and with…

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Nintendo Labo mixes creativity and interactivity by allowing you to build your own specialized Toy-Con controllers to fit the game you’re playing! These configurations allow you (or your children) to experience games…

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Peace, serenity, and oneness with all beings. These are the things we all associate with online gaming. Or at least, they will be once you’ve let this white tea scented candle burn…

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Based on the enigmatic Man in the Golden Mask, this beautifully eerie cosplay mask is the perfect prop for fans of Death Stranding. Meticulously recreated down to the finest details, it’s almost like Higgs is standing right there in the room with you. Except thankfully he’s not, so you don’t have to feel terrified!

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We hope our list of gift ideas for gamers was helpful this Christmas season.

With gamers spending hours playing their favorite games they’ll truly appreciate any of these gifts. From merch to gaming accessories we’ve covered the best gifts for gamers for any budget.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We have more gift guides by console including Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Switch gift ideas.

What every gamer needs?

If you want to get something truly useful for the gamer in your life it’s important to understand their needs.

Here are a few needed accessories for every type of gamer:

  • Online Gamers: Gaming headsets or subscriptions to their favorite online service (Xbox Live, Playstation Network)
  • Console Gamers: Games, gift cards, better controllers, hard drives to store more games.
  • PC Gamers: Gaming keyboard, mouse, desk chair, headsets, or on larger budgets parts for their computer. Most gamers will also appreciate a Steam gift card to buy more games.
  • Streaming Gamers: Microphone, web camera or Elgato accessories.
What do you need for a gaming room?

If you are trying to deck out a room in the most epic gaming decor here are a few items to include.