Gifts for Gamers in 2020

50+ Products Updated on Jan 4, 2020

Level up any gamers special day with this collection of cool gifts for gamers. There is something for PC, console, mobile, and even retro gamers.

If the gamer in your life loves VR headsets or mobile gaming you’ll find a perfect gift for any gamer on this list.

We’ve even included items that will help a gamer stream on Twitch. Even if the gamer in your life remonicies about old school gaming there are plenty of retro video game items included.

Whether you are looking for a gift for gamer boyfriend or girlfriend, friend, these gifts on just about any occasion, including Christmas!

Nintendo Gifts Cool Pokemon Gifts ūü§ď Gifts for Geeks

Every Pokemon master should start their morning by sipping coffee out of this pokeball coffee mug. Any geeky Pokemon fan will appreciate this officially licensed custom shaped mug.

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Any Fortnite fan will instantly recognize the Fortnite Loot Llama. Show your love for Fortnite with this officially licensed Fortnite shirt.

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Mario has many enemies but the Thwomp block is one of Mario’s largest. Now you can rest your head on a soft Thwomp block or just throw it at a friend.

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Every PC gamer knows how important a high quality keyboard is. The Razer Ornata Chroma gaming keyboard brings an incredible feel and performance. Best of all it also supports programmable macros to…

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Everyone remembers the ghosts that chase you all over Pac-Man. Now any retro gamer can relish the 8-bit era with this Pac-Man ghost lamp. Best of all it changes through 16 color…

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Bring back classic gaming on the Sega Genesis with the new Sega Genesis Mini! With 2 included controllers, 40+ games, and HDMI cables you’ll be ready to bring retro Sega gaming to…

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Any gamer who plays games online knows how important it is to have headphones and a microphone. The Razer Kraken gaming headset works on PC, Xbox, PS4, and even Nintendo Switch so…

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Switching between multiple devices on your monitor can be annoying especially if the input button is on the back of your monitor. Maybe you’ve filled your TV’s HDMI ports, this HDMI splitter will allow you to easily switch between your gaming devices with a press of the button. Best of all it doesn’t require power, just plug in your HDMI cables and you’re good to go.

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The next generation of Pokemon is here for the Nintendo Switch. Whether it’s a gaming gift for him or her they’re sure to love the 3D gameplay of Pokemon sword and shield.

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Hardcore Xbox gamers will love the new series 2 version of the Elite Controller. With the ability to customize every part of the controller and even the ability to create custom configurations…

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Bring the chill vibes to the party after you save princess peach with this Mario warp pipe koozie! Whether you load it up with beer or a soda it’s sure to tickle…

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The iconic instrument from Zelda is here in physical form! Play songs from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time with the included song book as well.

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Who doesn’t remember getting the Pizza Hut demo disk and playing the first level of Tony Hawk 1000 times. The Playstation Classic will let you relive some of your favorite Playstation games…

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Gamers will have a throwback to the retro gaming days with this awesome Dr. Mario t-shirt. Nintendo fans will remember stacking pills in its tetris style gameplay.

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If you love Mario you’ll love this coffee mug! With a color changing graphic on the front the mug will display an outline of Mario when cold but when hot you’ll be…

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Gamers are familiar with WASD on their keyboard since it’s used in movement in most games. These stainless steel keycaps will upgrade anyone’s gaming keyboard with same shiny flair. These keys are…

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Having high quality audio at your computer can be extremely useful. Especially with the explosion of growth in podcasting and streaming. The Blue Yeti Nano is an affordable USB microphone that will…

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Any video game lover will recognize Pac-Man, heck anyone who has never even played video games will recognize this iconic character. This Pac-Man lamp is a perfect way for gamer to show their love for retro gaming.

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We hope our list of gift ideas for gamers was helpful this holiday season. Whether you have a large or small budget these gifts are sure to brighten a gamer’s day.