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Make the 9 to 5 fun for your coworkers this holiday season with this selection of cool gifts for coworkers. Your coworkers will love this collection of handpicked mugs, books, and accessories. We’ve looked through thousands of gift ideas to bring you this collection of gifts your coworkers will actually like.

1. Personalized Tiny Coffee Mugs

Delight the coffee lover in your life with a personalized tiny coffee mug, the pint-sized cup of joy perfect for those who appreciate the quaint charms of miniature accessories. Available in four chic colors and standing at a mere 12mm, these ceramic mugs add a splash of personality and color to any space, proving that great joy truly comes in small packages.

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2. Conference Call Bingo Mousepad

Transform tedious meetings into a game with the Conference Call Bingo Mousepad. This clever accessory adds a layer of entertainment to your workday, allowing you to check off classic video call moments like “loud typing” and “awkward silence.” It’s not just a mousepad; it’s your ticket to making every video call an opportunity for a little covert fun.

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3. Sh*t Show Supervisor Cap

Embrace the chaos of leadership with the Shit Show Supervisor cap, a hat that speaks volumes in just three words. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, a teacher managing a classroom, or a parent juggling the wild world of child-rearing, this cap is your badge of honor. It’s a playful nod to the daily grind of managing any scenario that life throws your way. Perfect for those with a sense of…

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4. Funny Demotivational Pens

Brighten up your office days with these hilarious demotivational pens. Each pen comes with phrases that might not be entirely safe for work but will certainly make the workday better. A great way to share a laugh with your colleagues and keep the spirits high, even when the office life gets tough. These pens are perfect for those days when only a four-letter word can sum up how you feel.

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5. Deformable Fidget Pen

Offer a better alternative to the incessant pen clicking with the Deformable Fidget Pen. This innovative magnetic gel pen can be taken apart and reassembled into various fun shapes, providing a quieter and more creative way to release nervous energy. It’s an ideal tool for those seeking to alleviate anxiety and enhance focus without disturbing others.

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6. Not My Job Self-Inking Stamp

Make your stance unmistakably clear to management with the “Not My Job” self-inking stamp. This essential office tool leaves no room for interpretation, clearly stating that the task at hand is not your responsibility. Perfect for those moments when you need to assert your boundaries with absolute certainty.

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7. I’ll Try Being Nicer Name Plate

Let your desk do the talking with this cheeky “I’ll try being nicer” name plate. Perfect for those days when you need a dose of humor, this plate effortlessly conveys your mood while providing a chuckle for colleagues. It’s a light-hearted way to communicate without saying a word, making it an ideal ice-breaker for those intense office days.

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8. Cubicle Guest Book

Finally, a way to make your cubicle feel like a luxurious hotel room! The Cubicle Guest Book is the ultimate way to show off your swanky office digs and get your coworkers to leave you messages instead of boring old memos. Plus, it’s a great way to keep track of who stops by while you’re on your third cup of coffee and zoning out on spreadsheets.

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9. Freak In The Sheets Excel Mug

Looking to add some humor to your morning coffee routine? Look no further than this “Freak In The Sheets” Excel mug. Perfect for showing off your humorous side at the office, this ceramic mug is the ultimate conversation starter. With an 11-ounce capacity and the option of a white or black handle, you can customize this mug to fit your personal style. So, grab a cup of joe and let…

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10. Conference Call Bingo

Nothing like being on a conference call and hearing people eating, a dog barking, or typing sounds. These classic staples of office conference calls live on with conference call bingo! The perfect way to entertain yourself when working remotely or just as a gag gift for coworkers.

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11. Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

Is your home office being ruined by over bearing managers monitoring your every move? Well look no further than this undetectable mouse jiggler to keep your mouse active at all times. Instead of popping away from the desk for a minute and losing activity simply place your mouse on this mouse jiggler to keep it moving.

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12. Black Out Roller Stamp

Keep sensitive information secure by blacking out all data using this black out roller stamp. Whether it’s mail, medicine, or an important document it’s a great alternative when you don’t have a shredder available. Best of all it even works on glossy documents.

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14. The Office Scott’s Tots Shirt

One fateful day an up-and-coming businessman made a promise to a room full of 3rd graders. These individuals are known as “Scott’s Tots.” Michael, or more accurately, the Michael Scott Foundation, may have over promised a bit to these children and potentially ruined their future plans and lives in the process. Amazingly, Michael still has heart to face these now young adults, give them the truth, and offer them a…

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15. Raincheck – Social Currency Cards

It happens all the time. You will invite someone out to eat, but they already have plans and tell you “I’ll take a raincheck.” But how do you hold them to their word? How do you ensure that they will follow through with this claim? Perhaps YOU are the one constantly canceling and feel a sense of dread having to give people the workaround. Introducing Fred CARDED Social Currency Cards…

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16. Hyper Fast Iced Coffee Maker

Sometimes you crave an iced coffee but don’t want to refrigerate the coffee overnight. The HyperChiller is here to quickly chill any liquid including coffee, wine, or even booze. Simply throw water in the HyperChiller and leave it in your freezer for when you want a chilled drink. Then you can take it out and pour coffee directly into it and you’ll have chilled iced coffee in little as 60…

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17. Tea Drop Sampler

Tea lovers rejoice! This cute tea drop set comes with a variety of teas including, sweet peppermint, matcha, citrus ginger, and blueberry acai teas. With sugar and spices in each tea drop you can just drop them in hot water to enjoy (no tea bag needed).

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18. YETI Rambler Insulated Tumbler

Who doesn’t love a big insulated cup of coffee on a cold day. Maybe soda is more of your thing, just full this YETI rambler up with ice and soda and you’ll be sipping a cold beverage for hours. These Ramblers come standard with our YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep your water, beer, or favorite drink on lock Our Ramblers…

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19. Amazon Smart Plug

If you have an Alexa device you’ll want Amazon’s latest offering a smart plug! No more fiddling around with 3rd party devices with this smart plug you’ll easily be able to add it to your smart home. Amazon Smart Plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet. Certified for Humans – Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it’s actually simple. Schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on…

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20. Desk Foot Hammock

Take a load off and kick up your feet with this tiny foot hammock for your desk. Whether it’s for your coworker or you this will make a great addition to anyone’s workday.

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21. Amazon Echo Flex Plug-In Smart Speaker

Alexa is here and in the smallest format possible! This tiny little speaker will plug into any outlet to add Alexa to just about any room. Control your smart home or even play music on the new Amazon Echo Flex. Make any space a little smarter – This plug-in smart speaker lets you get help from Alexa in more places in your home. Alexa is always happy to help –…

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22. Mario Heat Changing Mug

If you love Mario you’ll love this coffee mug! With a color changing graphic on the front the mug will display an outline of Mario when cold but when hot you’ll be able to see a Mario level.

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24. Coffee Pot Coffee Mug

Enjoy coffee like never before, straight from the coffee pot. If you’ love drip coffee you will love the office vibes this coffee mug gifts off. Whether you like coffee or tea this 20 ounce mug will be a great addition to the mug cabnet.

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25. SteelSeries Gaming Mouse Pad

This gaming mouse pad from SteelSeries is an ideal gift for pc gamers. At a range of different sizes this high quality mouse pad will help any PC gamer move their mouse with ease. No more weird mouse pad slips with its rubber bottom.

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26. Passive Aggressive Notes

Why would you express yourself face to face when you can leave someone a passive aggressive note! With checkboxes like “Learning hot to park your car” and “Improve your hygiene” anyone being given one of your passive aggressive notes is sure to get the message.

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27. USB Heated Mouse Pad

Survive a freezing office

Let’s be honest the office can be freezing sometimes, keep your hands toasty with this USB heated mouse pad. It’ll go great with the blanket you keep at the office so you no longer have to worry about the AC turning you into an ice cube. The heading pad can be removed from the mouse pad for use separately, the size of this pink mouse pad is about 11″ by 8.5″.

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29. Basic Bitch Mug

Finally a mug that tells it like it is, a hilarious mug that is sure to get a laugh at the office. With “Basic Bitch” on the front and the nail polish emoji on the back any “basic” coworker will enjoy it.

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30. I Survived Another Meeting Coffee Mug

Tired of pointless meetings? show your disdain with this coffee mug that reads “I survived another meeting that should have been an email”. The perfect gift for that coworker we all have that schedules way too many meetings that could have just been an email.

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31. Sassy Desk Plates

This sassy nameplate for a desk is one of the office gift ideas you shouldn’t skip. If you have a coworker who loves a good laugh this is nearly the perfect gift. With titles like “Productive AF”, “I Woke Up Like This” and “Excuse My Resting Bitch Face” there is something for your sassy coworker.

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32. Mophie Wireless Charger

Now that iPhone 8 and iPhone X have joined the hundreds of Android phones that have Wireless charging it’s time to cut the cord and join the wireless charging revolution. The Mophie wireless charging pad is full of features including a non-slipping rubberized coating and 7.5W fast charging capability. Works with any device that supports Qi wireless charging.

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33. Beauty by Earth – Organic Bath Bombs Variety 6pk

Organic, 100% natural, and larger than the leading brand, this Beauty by Earth 6pk bath bomb sampler is the perfect gift for that person who loves a good soak in the tub. The reviews are outstanding and there are 6 unique bombs sure to fit whatever mood you are in. You will be sure to find your favorite. Flavors: ‘just relax’, ‘joint relief’, ‘get well soon’, ‘muscle relief’, ‘relaxing detox’,…

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34. Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

Beep-Boop time for my morning buzz! This adorable R2-D2 coffee press is what you’ve been missing in your morning routine. It is one thing to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee, but it is another thing to have an expert craftsman (R2-D2) press it for you. Originally conceived as a helper droid, there really is no task R2-D2 isn’t capable of completing for you. Offering you a bold, hot cup…

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35. Fidget Cube

This practical little gadget, which has received a lot of good publicity over the past few months, is the perfect desktop accessory. Do you find yourself twiddling your thumbs or getting easily distracted? Do you need that tactile feel to stay focused during a rough day? Maybe you suffer from ADHD and need this little tool to focus you? This wonderful little Fidget Cube fits perfectly in your pocket to…

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36. Death Wish Coffee

Stay woke, awesome friends. Death Wish Coffee is a highly caffeinated coffee bean that comes from New York. It is an exceptional blend of South American beans that provides a distinct strong taste and of course a massive dose of caffeine to get your morning (or hell even your night) going. The beauty of this product is that it is 100% natural with no added flavors, no added caffeine, no…

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37. Bulbasaur Planter

Everybody needs a little Pokemon flair in their garden and this ceramic Bulbasaur planter is the perfect grass creature to do so. Just plop a succulent in Bulbasaur’s back and hope that one day he evolves into a beautiful Venusaur. Just hope no Charmanders come around or your little grass creature will have to razor leaf his way out of it.

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38. Floppy Disk Coasters

Any old school geek will remember dial-up modem sounds and floppy disks. Now you can remember popping in the Wolfenstein 3d floppy with these floppy disk coasters. They also include a cork base so you won’t have drinks sliding all over your tables.

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39. Death Star Planter

Check out this adorable Death Star planter. The perfect size for your windowsill, desk, or kitchenette! It will fit one small plant and is hand crafted on Etsy. It is made from concrete which makes it a wonderful and fresh paper weight for the office! The only thing better than gifting someone a cute little plant is to gift them a cute little plant in a diabolically villainous command center.…

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40. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Everybody remembers the holiday classic A Charlie Brown Christmas, especially that cute little tree. Well this Charlie Brown Christmas tree with blanket will be sure to bring holiday vibes to everyone at your home or office. This is great for those who want to spread Christmas joy but don’t have the space for a massive tree.

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41. Best Entry Level Employee Mug

Trying to let that new college grad in your office know how you feel? Or, as the entry level employee, do you want to make a statement to your coworkers and let them know you really are the best thing going? Hell, you gotta drink coffee out of something and who has time for dishes? Just buy a new mug.

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42. Countdown to Retirement Timer

Retirement is everyone’s dream, now you can keep track of every second with this retirement countdown timer. This especially great for a new job and all of your new coworkers will find this hilarious.

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43. World’s Largest Coffee Cup

One cup of coffee ain’t doing it for you anymore? well the world’s largest coffee cup holds 20 cups worth of coffee so you’ll be wired for hour. This is especially good for those long commutes where you don’t want to stop for your 3rd cup of coffee and of course makes a wonderful gag gift.

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44. Wrist Watch Post It Notes

The lack of notes on your wrist is quite apparent now, but wait! Wrist watch sticky notes are here to save you. These post it notes for your wrist will allow you to never forget anything again. From meetings to just doing homework slap one of these on your wrist and you’re sure not to forget.

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In conclusion, showing appreciation to your coworkers doesn’t have to be a dull affair. With this carefully curated selection of cool gifts, you can bring a smile to your colleagues’ faces and make the daily grind a little more enjoyable. From humorous pens that lighten the mood to practical accessories that add a touch of personality to the workspace, these gifts are perfect for showing your coworkers that you value their presence and camaraderie. Remember, a little gesture of kindness can go a long way in fostering a positive and supportive work environment. And if you’re in the mood for some laughs, be sure to check out our selection of gag gifts and white elephant gifts as well. Happy gifting!

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