Cool Gifts for Dad

80+ Products Updated on Apr 19, 2021

Impress your father with one of these cool gifts for dad. There is a gift here for any father who loves gadgets, drinking, or even funny gifts. Whether it’s a father’s day gift or a birthday gift for dad we have found over 65 gift ideas dad will love.

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A stiff drink should burn, and with this Cocktail Smoking Chimney from The Crafty Cocktail, it’ll look like it does! Infusing your whiskey with wood smoke gives it a rich, sophisticated flavor,…

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Dad runs on coffee so why not give him a super easy way to make a quick cup. The Keurig K-Mini is a super compact kitchen gadget that makes it easy to make a cup of coffee.

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Give the ultimate family gift with these cute personalized family mugs. Your whole family will be characterized on each mug with artwork by Shelly Klein and their name. Optionally you can also…

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Savor the subtle flavor of a single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks. Your dad will love the smokey flavor with hints of peat and complex caramel in these toothpicks. Made in Canada these scotch infused toothpicks come with 4 vials of 12 toothpicks each.

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What guy doesn’t love a box of meat. The Carnivore club foo box offers 4-6 cure meats making it the perfect snack gift for men. You’ll be enjoying quite the feast with…

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Travelers will love this personalized passport holder with their monogram on it. Just put your initials in with your order and you’ll receive a custom leather passport holder with your initials on…

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Camping, road trips, just a late night at the office, the Hydro Flask comes in handy no matter where you want a hot beverage. This travel mug from Hydro Flask will keep…

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Add a personal touch to your pocket with this custom engraved wallet. From a photo to letter engravings this wallet makes a great gift for guys. Especially on an anniversary or for…

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Whether you need a gift for a new dad or your dad just about anyone will appreciate this book full of dad jokes. With cheesy jokes like What does a spy wear…

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Cold weather can make it a pain to control your music. This easy press set of buttons for gloves is a perfect addition to your wrist for your winter outerwear. Heck even…

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Your dad will love resting his head on the Purple Pillow. With support for his neck and unique cooling material he’ll get a great night rest with this gift.

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The the DIY handyman in your life this universal socket is extremely useful. No longer will you have to fiddle with multiple socket sizes since this universal socket will fit on any…

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Bring comfort and style to your next note taking session with the Ko_axis rail pen. Its unique flat and wide design offers new levels of writing comfort plus travels easily. Perfect gift…

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Bring music with you on a bright day with this unique Bose open-ear sunglasses. They function as normal sunglasses plus have built in bluetooth speakers for music on the go. Best of…

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Be prepared for just about anything with this tactical pen designed for self defense. With the ability to write on one side no one will even know what this pen is capable…

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You always want to get something great for your dad. From their goofy jokes and raising you your whole life they deserve something nice. Our collection of these cool gifts for dad spans over multiple interests. Whether your dad loves the outdoors or gadgets we hope this huge collection of gift ideas is helpful!