White Elephant Gifts

27 Products Updated on Feb 6, 2019

This holiday whether you’re celebrating with friends or co-workers a gift exchange is sure to occur. Commonly called White Elephant or Yankee swap it can be hard to find a gift to bring. Here is our collection of the best white elephant gift ideas that include funny and useful ideas.

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Zippo Hand Warmer

Tis the season for freezing phalanges! The Zipper Hand Warmer is here for the rescue. Bring it along while hiking, camping, tailgating, or…

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Dark Playing Cards

Not your grandmother’s deck of cards! The crisp, high quality, and sleek design of Ellusionist Bicycle Shadow Masters playing cards are made specifically…

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I Survived Another Meeting Coffee Mug

Any office gift exchange will have a laugh at this “I survived another meeting that should have been an email” mug. Perfect if you love giving a gag gift during white elephant exchanges. Best of all whoever receives it can still enjoy a cup of joe in it.

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Pixel Keychain Light

We all may have flashlights on our phones nowadays but the convenience of having a light on your keychain. With 25 lumens the Pixel…

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Floppy Disk Coasters

Any old school geek will remember dial-up modem sounds and floppy disks. Now you can remember popping in the Wolfenstein 3d floppy with…

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Portable Pizza Pouch

It’s hard not to think of Bagel Bites when describing the portable pizza pouch. Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evenin’, Pizza at suppertime! Now…

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Emoji Masks

Don’t just send emojis over text, wear a large happy smile emoji in real life with these masks. With different masks like the poop…

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Cabin Porn Book

Who doesn’t love beautiful cabins? This book full of cabin porn has amazing photographs of quiet outdoor places. Especially good for coffee tables…

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