Best White Elephant Gifts for 2024

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This holiday whether you’re celebrating with friends or co-workers a gift exchange is sure to occur. Commonly called White Elephant or Yankee swap it can be hard to find a gift to bring. Here is our collection of the best white elephant gifts that include funny and useful ideas. With our handpicked list of gifts you’ll have the white elephant gift everyone will fight over.

1. How to Count to 100,000

Embark on a numerical odyssey with ‘How to Count to 100,000’, the coffee table book that’s as intriguing as it is deceptive. At first glance, its beautifully designed cover suggests a literary masterpiece, but inside, you’ll find a surprisingly straightforward journey – a list of numbers from 1 to 100,000, neatly separated by commas. It’s the ultimate brain teaser, a blend of simplicity and endurance, perfect for anyone who appreciates…

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2. Slice Ceramic Box Cutter

Cut through your tasks, not your fingers, with the Slice Ceramic Box Cutter! This nifty little tool sports a finger-friendly blade that’s all about safety without skimping on slicing power. Its durable nylon handle, coupled with an acetone-resistant metal sheath, makes it a tough cookie in any setting. And hey, whether you’re a lefty or a righty, this ambidextrous wonder’s got you covered. It’s the slicer that keeps your digits…

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3. Student Tears Mug

Unleash your inner educator with a twist of wicked humor! This “Student Tears” mug is the perfect sidekick for those early morning classes. With a capacity to hold 12 ounces of your favorite caffeine fix, it’s not just a mug, it’s a statement piece. Ideal for teachers who love a good laugh, this mug will have your students both respecting and slightly fearing your awesome sense of humor.

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4. Flipslide Game

Get ready to slide, flip, and match your way to glory with Flipslide! This little game is like a mini dance party for your fingers, with a twist of brain-teasing fun. Whether you’re a solo player aiming for the high score in Speed Mode, a party animal turning Multiplayer Mode into the ultimate showdown, a strategic genius tackling Level Mode, or someone with a memory like an elephant playing Memory…

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5. Outlet Tower

With the Outlet Tower, you’ll never have to worry about running out of outlets again! It’s the ultimate power strip for the modern professional. With 12 outlets and 4 USB ports, you can keep all of your devices charged and ready to go, no matter how many you have. Plus, its sleek and compact design means you won’t have to sacrifice desk space for functionality.

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9. Electric Wine Opener

There’s no printable word for the rage induced by trying to opening a bottle of wine only to end up ripping the cork. Fortunately, Secura’s rechargeable electric wine bottle opener can spare you that pain by just doing the job for you! Easy to operate, compact, and stylish looking, too, it’s a tool that takes away the fussing and fiddling, so the only thing you have to do is relax…

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10. Mac and Cheese Cookbook

Good old-fashioned macaroni and cheese is one of the classic comfort foods, and The Mac + Cheese Cookbook helps you breathe new life into one of the easiest foods to enjoy using just a few extra ingredients from the kitchen! Created with guidance from the ever-popular Homeroom restaurant in Oakland, California, this book is full of delicious recipes from experts that really know how to use their noodle!

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11. Darth Vader Coffee Mug

Feel the power of the dark roast with this faithfully modeled Darth Vader mug! With a glossy black finish, it looks very authentic to the iconic movie helmet, and with a removable lid to insulate beverages, it’s perfect for Star Wars fans and coffee drinkers who find a lack of heat disturbing.

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14. Funny Ramen Bowl

Any ramen lover will crack up at this funny ramen bowl with “I’m a hopeless ramen-tic” written on the front. Best of all it comes with chopsticks and a slot in the bowl to hold them.

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15. The Burrito Blanket

Finally curl up like the burrito you were meant to be. Perfect for the winter this burrito blanket spans 71 inches making it easy to wrap kids or adults. Best of all it’s double sided for maximum burrito authenticity.

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16. Hydro Flask Travel Mug

Camping, road trips, just a late night at the office, the Hydro Flask comes in handy no matter where you want a hot beverage. This travel mug from Hydro Flask will keep your coffee warm for hours. This coffee mug will also keep cold drinks cold for hours as well. With the included lid you won’t have to worry about random splashes from your drink as well.

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18. Magnetized Circle Planter

Who doesn’t love a cute little succulent in the kitchen. Well now you can stick one just about anywhere with his magnetized circle planter. With a range of colors and sizes they are sure to fit just about anyone’s style. Best of all it comes with a plant attached as well!

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19. Crap Taxidermy Book

The weird side of taxidermy comes out in the crap taxidermy coffee table book. This weird gift is sure to give even the weirdest friend a laugh. With over 90 pages of bad taxidermy jobs this book makes a great addition to the coffee table.

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20. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Cyclists will be fighting over this bike pizza cutter at the next White Elephant event. This 1/10th scale bike dubbed the “Tour De Pizza” functions as a pizza cutter and includes a tiny stand as well.

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21. Fuego Sauce Gift Set

This hot sauce pack is straight FIRE! The Fuego Sauce gift set includes 7 exotic flavors of hot sauce. This includes chipotle peppers and even the legendary ghost pepper based hot sauces.

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22. Car French Fry Holder

Bring luxury to any car with this car french fry holder designed to keep your fries right on hand. Just roll up to the drive thru and get some fries to enjoy in just about any car! 🍟STANDARD SIZE – The fry tray fits easily into standard automotive cup holders. 🍟MULTI FUNCTIONAL – holder for typical french fry boxes, cell phones, wallets, and other items that don’t fit into a…

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23. Swiveling Wall Charger

Nearly everyone has to charge with USB at this point. Upgrade any outlet with this swiveling wall charger that lets you charge 3 gadgets on the included USB ports and still have access to the outlet. Perfect if you travel a lot and need to charge all of your gear on the go, or just upgrading an outlet at home.

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24. Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks

Engage in the fiercest battle with your Asian based food with these Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks. Choose between the light side and the dark side. Impress that fine woman on your first date by whipping out the power of the force. Just be careful… these things can slice through anything.

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25. Office Buzzwords Coffee Mugs

We all know the office lingo, “Let’s take this offline”, “Synergy”, “The Cloud”, all of your favorites are here. These office buzzword coffee mugs are sure to crack up your coworkers (maybe even your boss will crack a smile).

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26. Poop Like a Champion Cereal

With 100% of your daily fiber in 1.6 servings this low carb and gluten free cereal will have you pooping like a champion. Whether you’re giving it as a gag gift or just need to fix your constipation this cereal is perfect for any morning.

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27. Meh Christmas Tree Ornament

Nothing will put you in the Christmas spirit than this “Meh” Christmas tree ornament. Show your enthusiasm for the holiday with this hilarious ornament. Perfect for a gag gift or even a white elephant gift exchange.

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28. Homemade Thai Iced Tea Kit

Love an artisanal drink, but not the coffeeshop prices? Be your own barista with these all-in-one, portable Thai Iced Tea packets. Just add water and you’ll be ready to enjoy this creamy beverage straight from home or on the go!

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29. Zippo Hand Warmer

Tis the season for freezing phalanges! The Zipper Hand Warmer is here for the rescue. Bring it along while hiking, camping, tailgating, or wherever your mittens just won’t cut it.

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30. Dark Playing Cards

Not your grandmother’s deck of cards! The crisp, high quality, and sleek design of Ellusionist Bicycle Shadow Masters playing cards are made specifically with card players and magicians in mind. Great for any card enthusiasts who take their game seriously.

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31. I Survived Another Meeting Coffee Mug

Any office gift exchange will have a laugh at this “I survived another meeting that should have been an email” mug. Perfect if you love giving a gag gift during white elephant exchanges. Best of all whoever receives it can still enjoy a cup of joe in it.

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32. The Oregon Trail Handheld Game

Everyone loves the classic game “The Oregon Trail” but it can be a pain to play it now-a-days on modern computers. This portable version of the Oregon Trail offers the original 8-bit game on the go using only 3 AA batteries.

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33. Smart Tire Pressure Caps

If you have an older car and are never sure when your tire pressure is low these tire pressure caps will give you a heads up. No need for fancy bluetooth or an app these caps simply show if your tire pressure is low using colors on their caps. If they are yellow you know pressure is getting low and you should fill up as soon as you can. A perfect…

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34. Mophie Wireless Charger

Now that iPhone 8 and iPhone X have joined the hundreds of Android phones that have Wireless charging it’s time to cut the cord and join the wireless charging revolution. The Mophie wireless charging pad is full of features including a non-slipping rubberized coating and 7.5W fast charging capability. Works with any device that supports Qi wireless charging.

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35. Poo-shaped Coffee Mug

Coffee is a beautiful thing. But this hilarious mug is here to make light of its ugly yet awesome truth! There’s no doubt —it cleans us out! And thank God it does! Because who wants to drink some grainy fibrous concoction when they can clear their bowels with a hot tasty cup of joe?  ;) This ceramic 14 oz poo-shaped mug is sure to get giggles from light hearted coffee…

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36. You Suck At Parking Cards

Who hasn’t come across a terrible park job? Seriously does someone really need to take up 3 parking spots with their PT cruiser. Well now you can share a bit of your frustration by leaving one of these “You Suck at Parking” cards under their windshield wiper.

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37. Beauty by Earth – Organic Bath Bombs Variety 6pk

Organic, 100% natural, and larger than the leading brand, this Beauty by Earth 6pk bath bomb sampler is the perfect gift for that person who loves a good soak in the tub. The reviews are outstanding and there are 6 unique bombs sure to fit whatever mood you are in. You will be sure to find your favorite. Flavors: ‘just relax’, ‘joint relief’, ‘get well soon’, ‘muscle relief’, ‘relaxing detox’,…

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38. Death Wish Coffee

With a unique blend of Robusta and Arabica beans Death Wish coffee offers double the caffeine as a normal cup of coffee. Any coffee lovers in your White Elephant gift exchange will be craving this pack of coffee.

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39. Pixel Keychain Light

We all may have flashlights on our phones nowadays but the convenience of having a light on your keychain. With 25 lumens the Pixel keychain LED light is sure to light any dark alley you find. Plus with its tiny construction you’re sure to not even notice it on your keychain.

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40. Floppy Disk Coasters

Any old school geek will remember dial-up modem sounds and floppy disks. Now you can remember popping in the Wolfenstein 3d floppy with these floppy disk coasters. They also include a cork base so you won’t have drinks sliding all over your tables.

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41. Portable Pizza Pouch

It’s hard not to think of Bagel Bites when describing the portable pizza pouch. Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evenin’, Pizza at suppertime! Now these dreams can be true without having to lug around a bunch of tiny bagels. Safely fit one slice of pizza to devour at anytime in this portable necklace.

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42. Emoji Masks

Don’t just send emojis over text, wear a large happy smile emoji in real life with these masks. With different masks like the poop emoji, love emoji, and smiley face you’ll have the right emoji for every event.

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43. Keychain Breathalyzer

So many people these days think they’re good to drive after a night of drinking. A DUI or hurting someone is not fun! Be sure to test yourself before you hit the road with this keychain breathalyzer. DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK!

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44. Cabin Porn Book

Who doesn’t love beautiful cabins? This book full of cabin porn has amazing photographs of quiet outdoor places. Especially good for coffee tables inside of a cabin. With photos from Noah Kalina this is a great gift for anyone who is a photographer or loves relaxing photos.

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45. Carry-On Cocktail Kit: Old Fashioned

It’s hard to get a good drink on an airplane, well now you can sip on an old fashioned in the sky. Just ask a flight attendant for some bourbon and you’ll be in cocktail heaven. Included in the Carry-On Cocktail Kit A refillable bottle of aromatic bitters Four raw cane sugar packets Stainless steel bar spoon with muddler 4″ x 4″ linen napkin Cocktail recipe card

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46. Facebook Like Oven Mitt

Give your freshly baked cookies a big thumbs up with this Facebook ‘Like’ Oven Mitt. This delightful mitt is well designed to offer comfort and protection and is the perfect for the up and coming generation of cooks and bakers.

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47. Whiskey Stones

Engage in the fine art of whiskey drinking with these whiskey Stones. To keep it classy, for the true  connoisseur, there is no reason to water down your whiskey. Keep your drink chilled without detracting from your favorite whiskey. Makes the perfect gift for someone who is getting more involved with their brown spirits.

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48. Miniature Ballista

Engage in medieval combat with a build your own ballista kit! This Miniature Ballista will be the hit of your classroom or office. It is quite likely that your teacher or boss will be incredibly ungrateful of you introducing this toy into their domain, but don’t worry, you can just impale them and move on to the next crusade.

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49. Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Scented Candle

TAKE IN A BIG WHIFF. Smells like freedom, or like depression, destitution, and loneliness; of course this all depends on your perspective. Embrace the single life by sparking this bad boy in your new bachelor pad. It will be a constant reminder of the mistakes you made in your life.

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50. Mystery Box

Firebox is notorious for having some creative, unique, and interesting items. They have outdone themselves this time with this Mystery Box. We have no clue what you will get, but if you buy one be sure to let us know!! Choose from: Booze Box, Food Porn Box, Gadget Box, Home & Lifestyle Box, or Sex & Swearing Box for Him. Good luck!

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51. Best Entry Level Employee Mug

Trying to let that new college grad in your office know how you feel? Or, as the entry level employee, do you want to make a statement to your coworkers and let them know you really are the best thing going? Hell, you gotta drink coffee out of something and who has time for dishes? Just buy a new mug.

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52. Chihuahua Taco Holder

Yo quiero taco doge. These adorable chihuahua taco holders can hold 3 of your favorite tacos and do so with style and flare. A great gift for anyone who does a weekly taco night and sure to inspire those who don’t realize the glory of taco night. #TacoTuesday4Ever

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A fun twist on the regular gift exchanges is a white elephant gift exchange (also known as Dirty Santa/Yankee swap). It’s meant to entertain its participants with unusual and hilarious items.

White elephant exchanges usually takes place at a party, either with family, friends or even co-workers.

Everyone can steal each other’s presents with the goal of choosing the best one out of the bunch. White elephant gifts should be fun and silly, but still retain some kind of use.

How Do You Play White Elephant Gifts?

All you need to start is a gift and a way to spread out invitations. After getting enough players signed up, the fun can begin.

Here are the White Elephant Rules:

  • Set a price margin so that all presents are of approximately the same value.
  • Each player should bring a single wrapped, anonymous gift (pranks are encouraged, gifts can be wrapped in a completely different shape from what they actually are).
  • Guests draw numbers/names to determine in what order the game is played.
  • First player picks and unwraps any gift for everyone to see.
  • Next person in order chooses to either steal any of the already opened gifts, or unwrap a new one.
  • When all the gifts are unwrapped, first player gets one more turn.
  • If they decide to keep their gift instead of stealing, the game is over. Otherwise, the game lasts until someone else decides to hold on to their gift.

To prevent the game from lasting a very long time, different rule modifications can be applied.

For example, the person whose gift got stolen is not allowed to steal it back in that same round. Limiting how many different owners a gift can have is also a common rule.

Otherwise, modify it to your own liking!

What Are Good White Elephant Gifts?

White elephant gift ideas can range from a uniquely shaped mug to a temporary, personalized tattoo. It’s best to have a mix of different gift categories and their usefulness. Blending gags with small stocking stuffers is a cheap and fun way to see who will take home the best present.

Modifying a gift to feel heavy and valuable only to see someone pull out the NoPhone Air is likely to make the whole room burst out in laughter. Take care of what’s appropriate depending on the members of the group. If everyone agrees, only items according to a specific theme can be brought. Depending on the occasion, an affordable Christmas gift could be turned into a fun inside joke. A water balloon Russian Roulette gift is surely going to entertain everyone (except the person on the receiving end).

There is a vast selection of gifts, with your wittiness as the only limit.

What Not To Do At a White Elephant Party

The game is meant to be fun for everyone.

Even though the gifts are supposed to be as unique and silly as possible, useless items are not entertaining. Try not to go out of the line with presents that might offend a person. What is appropriate depends on the situation and the people present – plan according to that. Take time in wrapping the gifts, as that is what makes up half of the fun.

Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the competition – that’s what it’s meant for, after all.

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