Cool Gifts for Guys

250+ Products Updated on Oct 16, 2020

Here you will find a huge assortment of unique gifts for guys. If you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend, husband, dad, grandfather, or brother this page is an incredible starting point to get gifts for him. Whether he needs some decor for his geeky man cave, such as a custom Simpsons portrait, or he is a rugged man who needs beer soap, you’ll find gifts for guys who have everything. Anyone can find a nice shirt or tie for their man, but to get inventive, creative, and spontaneous is what it is all about. Step away from the normal gifts you’ve painstakingly sought in the past and open up a new era of gift-giving. Awesome Stuff to Buy is here to ensure fresh ideas, fresh novelty, and a laugh along the way. 💪

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This chilli sauce making kit will help you bring your own spice to the dining room. The kit includes everything you need to make 7 different types of sauces with varying levels…

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Everything is new with the new GoPro HERO9 black. Including the biggest change to GoPro in years, the addition of a full color screen on the front to see yourself. Plus you’ll…

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If you could review 2020 it would be 1-star across the board. This hilarious shirt features a 2020 1-star review with “very bad, would not recommend.” at the bottom.

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Stay active with Amazon’s latest gadget the Halo Wellness Band! The Halo monitors your activity, sleep, and even your heart rate. Of course it also tracks your steps all in an affordable…

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Protect yourself from eye fatigue by adding these USB-powered LED backlights to your TV setup! Applying these to the back of your TV helps reduce the harshness of the contrast between the…

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Bring a chilled 6-pack of beers when you meet up with the boys using this tote bag. Best of all it includes a built in bottle opener to get the party started…

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This tasteful cherry-stained acacia wood cocktail set is an en elegant fusion of sophistication and convenience. With 19 stainless steel and glass accessories, you’ll have everything you need to measure and mix…

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Any guy who loves cocktails will love The Essential Cocktail Book full of 150 recipes. With the basics like a whiskey sour to more advanced cocktails he’ll have a blast drinking his way through this book.

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Why lift a 25 pound weight when you can chug a 25 ounce glass of frothy deliciousness! This dumbbell shaped beer glass is perfect for those drinkings who want to feel like…

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The DJI Mavic Air is back and better than ever with a 48-megapixel sensor. The DJI Mavic Air 2 is stuffed with the latest innovations in drones. With an insane 34 minutes…

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The perfect gift for whiskey lovers, this whiskey soap bar is made from Kentucky bourbon for that rich and oaky scent. Made with all-natural ingredients and real whiskey guys will love showering…

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Savor the subtle flavor of a single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks. Any guy will appreciate the smokey flavor with hints of peat and complex caramel in these toothpicks. Made in…

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Guns and whiskey, what more could a guy want. This AK-47 modeled glass decanter will hold your favorite whiskey plus it comes with 4 whiskey glasses that have a bullet going through…

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Need a little assistance with that bottle in your hand? Crack open a cold one with military precision using this nifty little beer bottle opener. Made from die-cast metal, you know he…

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Enhance the flavor of any food or drink and add some mystique to your next cocktail hour or dinner party. It makes for a great conversation piece. This food and drink smoker…

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What guy doesn’t love a box of meat. The Carnivore club foo box offers 4-6 cure meats making it the perfect snack gift for men. You’ll be enjoying quite the feast with…

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This absolute heater of a pizza oven can get your pie soaring to temps of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Providing an absolutely perfect crust, char, and crisp. It can reach max…

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It’s Uno, but with Rick and Morty art on the cards. *BURP* What more could you want or need?   This Rick and Morty Uno game plays the same as original Uno,…

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Pop open a beer with this cool bottle opener designed to look like an axe. Whether you drink soda or beers this axe shaped bottle opener will make you feel like a…

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We’ve done all the searching for you to collect the best gifts for men who have everything. From electric skateboards to drones we have a huge range of gifts for any price point.

What are some cool gifts for guys?

Whether it’s for your dad, boyfriend, husband, grandfather or brother shopping for gifts for guys can be challenging. Our massive list should have you covered for most occasions including father’s day, Christmas and birthdays. If you need more ideas check out our geek gifts, gamer gifts and other gift guides.

What to get for a man that has everything?

Some men can be hard to shop for especially when they buy everything they need when they want it. If you want something truly unique you could get a personalized gift. For example Simpsons fans will love this personalized Simpsons portrait, plus you know they won’t already have one! Also items of utility are often overlooked like pillows and cooking gadgets. If he’s a beer lover you can also never go wrong with just a 6 pack of beer or a bottle of booze.

Great last-minute gift ideas for him: