Gifts for Beer Lovers

33 Products Updated on Aug 3, 2019

Enjoy a pint with these cool beer accessories sure to impress any beer lover. These unique bottle openers, beer pong kits, and pint glasses are sure to bring joy to anyone who loves beer.

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Gifts for Beer Lovers // Awesome Stuff to Buy

As quaint as it is snuggly comfortable, this pool float designed to uncannily resemble a beer mug will be a great addition for your collection this summer. The inflatable float is made…

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What could be better than playing beer pong in the pool with your friends. Just throw this floating beer pong table in the pool and you’ll be in for a blast. With…

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Keep your beers safe when you head to your buddies house for happy hour. Just slap a pair of handcuffs to this beer briefcase and no one will be snagging a brew…

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Some people are just ok at recycling cans… Others absolutely CRUSH it… Seriously, think about how much space you waste tossing tall cans into your bin. Why not make them midgets? You can…

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Confidence is sexy. And convenience is priceless. You get both with our sleek, magnetized bottle opener. No more bending over like a dork after cracking open a brew. You’ll never pick up…

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Have you and your bros mastered Beer Pong? Well ramp up the skill level with PongBot, the moving beer pong robot! Pongbot has sensors to prevent it from going over the edge so…


How have we only found out about the most convenient drink carrying device in the world? The Stubby Strip is the ultimate can or bottle carrying device. It works for water bottles,…


Feast your eyes on the smallest bottle opener known to man! But damn if it doesn’t do a great job!   This PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is an essential tool for…

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Is the force of gravity no longer an efficient enough way to get the golden refreshment of the gods down your throat fast enough?  Are you looking for a way to propel…

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Has your beer pong party gone sour? Then it’s time to think outside the box. Check out this Hexcup Beer Pong Set. Shaped like a beehive, these cups are sturdier than ordinary…

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Who doesn’t like to enjoy a beer (or three) every night? Why not collect those bottle caps and put them in this beer cap map with their city of origin. Perfect for…

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What man wouldn’t love a beer manly wrapped around their can of PBR. Perfect for the summer picnics this beard beer koozie will be sure to get a laugh. (Warning this is…

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