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Enjoy a pint with these cool beer gifts sure to impress any beer lover. We have looked over hundreds of products to bring you this list of clever gift ideas for beer lovers. These unique bottle openers, beer pong kits, and pint glasses are sure to bring joy to anyone who loves beer.

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1. Square One Mini Keg

Transform your kitchen into the coolest home bar with the Square One Mini Keg. This compact, fridge-friendly keg is a dream for beer enthusiasts, holding a generous 128 ounces of your favorite brew. Its ease of use is as refreshing as the beer it serves – just attach the tap, pop in a CO2 cartridge, and you’re ready to pour! Ideal for casual evenings or entertaining guests, it brings the…

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2. Wooden Tankard Beer Mugs

Feel the spirit of the Viking ancestors flow through you each time you guzzle your golden brew from these wooden tankard beer mugs. Handcrafted from sturdy mango wood, these rustic tankards come in either 1 pint or a more daring 2 pint size – perfect for those who like their mead strong and their mugs tougher!

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3. The Botany Of Beer

Cheers to The Botany of Beer, your ultimate guide to the plant world’s boozy secrets! Join botanical expert Guiseppe Caruso as he uncovers the fascinating stories behind the plants used in brewing your favorite ale. With gorgeous illustrations and captivating tales from around the globe, this book is a must-have for beer enthusiasts and green-thumbed aficionados alike. It’s time to raise a glass and toast to the leafy wonders that make our beloved brews so delightful!

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4. Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein

The Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein is the perfect companion for beer enthusiasts who want to keep their brews cold for hours! This 24-ounce stein features vacuum-insulated double walls that can keep your drink chilled for up to 5 hours or slightly chilled for up to 20 hours. But wait, there’s more! You can also use it to keep your coffee or tea hot for up to 60 minutes.…

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5. Mustache Beer Dam

Get ready to enjoy your craft beer without sacrificing your well-groomed mustache with the Mustache Beer Dam. This useful gadget goes on your beer glass and keeps the foamy beer from getting on your perfectly styled beard. It’s the perfect accessory for any mustache aficionado.

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6. Stainless Steel Reusable Solo Cups

Say goodbye to single-use plastic cups and hello to the party king of cups! These Stainless Steel Reusable Solo Cups are the ultimate party accessory, made from premium, food-grade stainless steel for a lifetime of sipping and partying. No more disposable cups, just pure, unadulterated fun in a cup!

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7. Cold Beer Coats

Keep your cold ones cool with these cold beer coats. These unique koozies are designed to prevent condensation, keep your hands warm, plus keeping your beer or soda cool. A great gag gift for any beer lover.

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8. Six Pack Beer Cooler Tote

Bring a chilled 6-pack of beers when you meet up with the boys using this tote bag. Best of all it includes a built in bottle opener to get the party started when you arrive. A great gift for guys and beer lovers.

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9. GrowlerWerks Copper Mini Keg

Take your beer game to the next level with this copper mini carbonated growler by GrowlerWerks. No need to worry about flat beer in your growler with the uKeg’s automatic carbonation cap. This will keep your beer fresh for weeks. Best of all it has a tap on the front so you can easily pour your beers straight from the fridge.

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11. Dumbbell Beer Glass

Why lift a 25 pound weight when you can chug a 25 ounce glass of frothy deliciousness! This dumbbell shaped beer glass is perfect for those drinkings who want to feel like they’re working out while getting buzzed.

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12. Axe Bottle Opener

Pop open a beer with this cool bottle opener designed to look like an axe. Whether you drink soda or beers this axe shaped bottle opener will make you feel like a lumberjack everytime you open a bottle.

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13. Hoppy Beer Soap

Beer lovers will love bathing in this hoppy IPA bar of soap. Made in the US with real beer these hoppy beer soap bars offer a fun way to bathe with a grassy, herbal and spicy scent.

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14. Beer Mug Knitted Socks

Show up to Oktoberfest in style with these beer mug socks that are knit by hand. With a white foamy head and handle on these socks any beer lover will be ready to dive into a beer after seeing these.

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15. Chewbacca Koozie

Anyone who loves Star Wars and beer will love sipping a cold one out of this Chewbacca koozie. After a few beers you’ll be Chewbacca growling with the best of them. With its utility belt and fuzzy outside everyone will recognize this official Star Wars merch.

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17. Beer Mug Pool Float

As quaint as it is snuggly comfortable, this pool float designed to uncannily resemble a beer mug will be a great addition for your collection this summer. The inflatable float is made from quality vinyl material and does not require any special care or maintenance. It is meant to offer you the greatest level of convenience and relaxation, coming complete with a magnum sized ice chest compartment as well as…

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18. Hook and Ring Game Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

If your house is the life of the party in the summer this wall-mounted hook and ring game with bottle opener will be the perfect addition. Everyone will enjoy trying to swing this tiny ring onto the hook and cracking their beers. Plus the magnetic bottle cap catcher will ensure no ones caps get misplaced. Whether it’s for the man cave or backyard this combo will make a fantastic addition…

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19. The Beer Shotgun Shell – Ultimate Beer Chugging Tool

Drop the keys! Stop the Beer Spray! Meet the ultimate way to enjoy shotgunning beer, while preventing messes and sharp edges. The shotgun shell puts other beer openers to shame. Slide your beer in, press to puncture, and chug in less than 15 seconds. The hole comes out a perfect size with no rough edges. Its angled position makes it easy to load and unload cans in fast progression. This…

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20. Chug N’ Plug: Shotgunning Beer Tool

Chug a beer like a pro when you have the Chug n’ Plug Beer Chugging Keychain. Securing and fastening into place, this drinking device gives you a safer way to consume (and chug) your beer while shotgunning. Complete with an angled edge, the Chug n’ Plug pushes through the side of a beer can with ease. Once in place, you can put your mouth to the opening, crack open the…

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21. Floating Beer Pong Table

What could be better than playing beer pong in the pool with your friends. Just throw this floating beer pong table in the pool and you’ll be in for a blast. With slots to hold your cups you won’t have to worry about them flipping over and wasting beer in the pool.

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22. Beer Briefcase

Keep your beers safe when you head to your buddies house for happy hour. Just slap a pair of handcuffs to this beer briefcase and no one will be snagging a brew from you. With slots for 6 beers you’ll have enough drinks for the night!

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23. Magnetic Bottle Opener with Hoop Cap Catcher

Dunk on your friends using a brew with this magnetic bottle opener with built-in hoop cap catcher. Plus it has a powerful magnet to so it won’t fall off your fridge, tailgate, or even toolbox. Your bottle cap also has a chance to score with a magnetic bottle cap catcher, so either your cap will fall in the hoop or connect to the bottle opener.

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24. Wall Mounted Can Crusher

Some people are just ok at recycling cans… Others absolutely CRUSH it… Seriously, think about how much space you waste tossing tall cans into your bin. Why not make them midgets? You can literally fit 5 to 6 times more aluminum cans in your recycling bin by using this wall mounted soda and beer can crusher. It quickly compresses your 12 and 16 oz cans to free up tons of bin…

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25. Magnetic Bottle Opener

Confidence is sexy. And convenience is priceless. You get both with our sleek, magnetized bottle opener. No more bending over like a dork after cracking open a brew. You’ll never pick up a fallen bottle cap again. It’s designed to keep your drinking experience smooth, suave, and simple. There’s no doubt it’s the bottle opener James Bond would use. No clunky catch-basket below. Just one thin, slick piece of metal…

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26. Moving Beer Pong Bot

Have you and your bros mastered Beer Pong? Well ramp up the skill level with PongBot, the moving beer pong robot! Pongbot has sensors to prevent it from going over the edge so you can keep the party going all night. With slots for up to 5 cups, LEDs under-lighting, and a remote control to manually control Pongbot this is for master beer pong players. Additionally you can turn the movement…

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27. Stubby Strip Drink Tote

How have we only found out about the most convenient drink carrying device in the world? The Stubby Strip is the ultimate can or bottle carrying device. It works for water bottles, canned or bottled beer, and really anything that is standard size. Take it to the beach, pack it in your car for a camping trip or cookout and be confident knowing your bottles and cans are safe and…


28. Micro Bottle Opener

Feast your eyes on the smallest bottle opener known to man! But damn if it doesn’t do a great job!   This PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is an essential tool for the beer aficionado. It’s exceptionally portable and doesn’t take up a ton of room on your key chain like a classic bottle opener. It is exceptionally durable given that it is made purely out of titanium and incredibly…

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29. You Have Just Been Poisoned Pint Glass

Trying to scare your friend with a little bit of honesty? We can’t blame you and this You Have Just Been Poisoned Pint Glass from Funny Guy Mugs will make for an excellent wing man. The only reason most of us like alcohol is because it does poison us, but only lightly… just enough for it to feel good. Fill up this pint glass with your friend’s favorite beer or…

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30. The Bierstick

Is the force of gravity no longer an efficient enough way to get the golden refreshment of the gods down your throat fast enough?  Are you looking for a way to propel that lightly carbonated intoxicant through your system faster? The answer to your prayers has been answered.   This is the Bierstick and it is the new age of Beer Bong technology. Sure, for a while we accepted that…

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31. Hexagon Beer Pong Cups

Has your beer pong party gone sour? Then it’s time to think outside the box. Check out this Hexcup Beer Pong Set. Shaped like a beehive, these cups are sturdier than ordinary regular cups and last longer. Your friends will love the new design and your friends will think you are in the know.

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33. USA Beer Cap Map

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a beer (or three) every night? Why not collect those bottle caps and put them in this beer cap map with their city of origin. Perfect for the frat house or even the home of a beer enthusiast.

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34. Beard Beer Koozie

What man wouldn’t love a beer manly wrapped around their can of PBR. Perfect for the summer picnics this beard beer koozie will be sure to get a laugh. (Warning this is not an alternative to growing a real beard)

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35. Stealth Coffee Cup Beer Koozie

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to enjoy a beer at the beach or even park without on goer’s looks. Well now you can with Lolo Lids, this coffee cup will stealthily hide your beer inside. The best part is you’ll be able to sip away without having any of the guilt.

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36. Quidditch Beer Pong Set

Beer pong is a little too easy for us pros, well add a bit of difficulty with this Quidditch beer pong set. Harry himself would be impressed with this handmade item. The Unofficial Quidditch Pong Set includes: 3 Quidditch Hoops 2 Beater Bats 1 Golden Snitch Ball


37. Beer Can Stein

Let’s be honest. We can pretend that drinking beer out of a can is classy, but we would be lying to ourselves. This was the past, though. Drinking out of a can just became the classiest, most German, most manly thing you can do when you have this Beer Can Stein. I couldn’t imagine enjoying a cold, aluminum packaged beverage any other way.

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38. Rubik’s Cube Fridge

Enter into a world of color and coolness with this Rubik’s Cube Fridge. Great addition to the college dorm or apartment or even the man cave. Stock up with beer (better for you than soda) and enjoy your lazy afternoon. Fortunately you don’t have to solve the puzzle to get access to the chilled beverages.

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39. One Handed Bottle Opener

If you are trying to double fist a beer there really is no time to put one down and use two hands to opener another. Safe yourself from sobriety and effort and get yourself this One Handed Bottle Opener. You will be glad you did once you get crackin’. Also – who doesn’t like that dude who always has a bottle opener at the ready? More importantly – who doesn’t…

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40. R2-D2 Beer Coozy

You’ve never been able to hold R2-D2 like this. He will be your friend, your companion, and most importantly he will keep your beer cold and your hand warm. With this R2-D2 beer coozy you can party with confidence. The empire is no match for a drunken Jedi.

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41. The Craft Beer Revolution!

This new book written by Steve Hindy explores the advancement and popularization of Craft Beer across the United States. Craft beers have exploded in popularity over the past couple decades and for good reason; they are tasty, complex, and effective. This book makes a great gift for the craft beer lover in your life or as a nice coffee table piece for the beer advocate.

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42. Glow Stick Party Cups

Turn the lights off and the cups up with these Glow Stick Party Cups. Designed to last through the entire night. Will surely add some color to your next late night gathering! Great for black light parties or just a weird Friday night!

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43. Tic Tac Toe Drinking Shot Glass Set

Finally, a version of tic-tac-toe where a tie doesn’t make you want to throw the board across the room. If anything it will make you fall to the ground at rapid pace. It is seemingly easy to get carried away with this game, so we warn you to take it easy. When you are breaching on the 5th game and both of you are over 10 shots deep, it might…

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44. Shower Beer Koozie

Getting drunk in the shower just got a lot easier. Keep your beer within an arms reach as you clean your smoking hot bod with this beer koozie designed for shower use. If you’re like us then you’re tired of skipping out on showers because your drink can’t follow you there. Problem solved.

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45. Beer Soap

Check out this sweet (and maybe bitter too :D) beer soap from Swag Brewery. With great reviews and several fun selections this will be sure to make the beer snob in your life a happy person! Selection includes: Apricot Wheat, Vanilla Porter, Oatmeal Stout, Belgian Witbeir, Honey Pilsner, and IPA.

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46. Moleskin Beer Journal

A great gift for any beer drinker, this moleskin beer journal will help catalog your drinking adventures. With pages designed for summarizing your beer experience you can keep track of how a beer was. It includes a glossary, advice on pouring tips, glass types and tasting notes and homebrewing log and with space for your recipes, cellar and favourite addresses. If you are unfamiliar with Moleskin notebooks, they use high quality paper and…

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47. Pint Glass with Shot

Trying to mix liquor with beer? Well get sicker with this pint glass with a shot glass on the bottom. Just flip your cup around to quickly convert from a beer capable glass to a shot taking machine.

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Beer enthusiasts will love these gift ideas but do you need more ideas? Check out our other gift guides for men, drinkers, and even wine lovers.

What does every beer drinker need?

Any of the gifts above should make a beer lover’s day. But essential items for beer drinkers are pint glasses, bottle openers and growlers.

  • Pint glasses so they can enjoy their beers of course.
  • Bottle openers to open their favorite bottled beers.
  • Growlers for when they go to a brewery and want to buy their favorite beer on tap.
  • Beer is always a good backup gift! no one can ever complain about having more beer.
What are beer lovers called?

The term cerevisaphile is used to describe a devout lover of beer.

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