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Know someone who can’t get enough of that boba-tea goodness in their life? well you’re in the right place, our collection of handpicked bubble tea gifts is sure to be the sweetest thing they’ve ever seen. From boba inspired plush toys to boba light up lamps we’ve found something for any boba fan.

Boba Tea Light

Light up your desk just like a sweet cup of boba-tea lights up your face! This battery powered light reveals shadows of boba pearls when it’s in use, which explains why it looks so happy. With a tummy full of tapioca, you would be too!

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Reusable Glass Boba Tea Cup

Enjoy your bubble tea the environmentally-friendly way with this adorable reusable glass tumbler! And you can take it a step further by choosing the color of your stainless steel straw. It’s topped off with a BPA-free lid to ensure that it’s as good for you as it is for planet Earth!

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Cute Bubble Tea Keychain

Never lose your keys when you have these precious boba tea keychains! They’re available in Strawberry and Milk tea varieties, but don’t try to drink them! Remember, they’re just keychains. Really, really cute keychains.

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Bubble Tea Corgi Shirt

Cute dogs and cute drinks: it’s a perfect combination! And if you think so, you can show it with this squee-inducing shirt, featuring the happiest looking Corgi hanging out with the happiest looking cup of bubble tea. It’s also available as a pullover sweatshirt and hoodie, if you don’t feel like having a tea tee!

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Pearl Boba Milk Tea Bath Mat

This bath mat is all eager to please! Step out of the shower and right onto it’s happy face, it won’t mind! It’s nice being a cup of tea. It’s also made of cotton, so it feels plush and soft underfoot, and it’s easy to wash.

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Pearl Boba Tea Plush Slippers

Nothing says ‘comfort’ quite like slipping your feet into a cup of bubble tea. Literally nothing. And when your slippers are this happy to see you, who can resist putting their feet inside? We’ve all heard of drink cozies before, but these take the idea in a whole new direction!

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Premium BOBA Tea Kit

Bring the teahouse experience into your own kitchen with this delicious DIY tea kit! Packed with organic matcha, jasmine, and Earl Grey teas, plenty of tasty boba pearls, and those special extra-wide straws, this complete set from Viejo CA contains every ingredient you’ll need to make and enjoy your own delicious bubble tea creations from home, and since it can make up to 24 drinks, it’s perfect for sharing with friends!

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Bubble Milk Tea Soap

Treat yourself like a tasty drink with this handmade boba-inspired soap! It’s more than just a novelty: these sweet-smelling bars of soap uses natural ingredients like goat’s milk, rose and lavender petals, for a cleansing routine that leaves you feeling as fresh and appealing as your favorite flavor of bubble tea!

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Boba Life Hat

You didn’t choose the Boba life, the Boba life chose you! And you can show it proudly with this adorable 100% cotton hat! With various different colors to choose from, you can represent your love for bubble tea however you like. After all, what better gifts are there for the tea-heads in your life than a tea hat to go on top?

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Boba Tea Plushie

Who doesn’t love bubble tea and it’s tapioca ball goodness. This cute boba tea plushie is sure to be right at home in any bubble tea fan’s home. These pillows also come in multiple sizes and “flavors” to match any boba fan’s style.

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Make Your Own Bubble Tea Kit

Who doesn’t love bubble tea! make your own at home with this fun bubble tea kit. The kit includes 4 fat straws, tapioca pearls, black tea, and easy to follow instructions.

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Hopefully you enjoyed our list of cute boba gifts!

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