Amazon Dash – One Tap Ordering

With Amazon’s new “Dash” button, many household products are now literally just a button push away. Running out of razors? Hit the Gillete dash you set up in your bathroom cabinet. Low on toilet paper? Cottonelle dash in the linen closet. Thirsty and fridge looking sad? Gatorade dash. This will immediately place the order through your Amazon prime account and your new supplies will arrive in no time.

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If you’re annoyed by grocery shopping the Amazon Dash Wand is here to help. With the ability to scan barcodes and speak into…


Gamers are familiar with WASD on their keyboard since it’s used in movement in most games. These stainless steel keycaps will upgrade anyone’s…

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Why are we mean muggin you? Because it’s hilarious!! This B*TCH mug has an estrogenic attitude, and an ornery appeal that will catch…

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Hell, you could be medicating with something worse than coffee. Get your medications straight in the morning and follow doctor’s orders with this…

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