Creepy Crawler Bug Maker

Here at awesomestufftobuy we are starting to get to the age where nostalgic toys really mean something. It’s fun to take a step back and look at the creative entertainment of the 90s and breathe in all of its glory.

This Creepy Crawler Bug Maker from Jakk’s Toys is no exception. It certainly got an upgrade though, with better capacity and quality of product. Don’t bug out, you will still get all the classic enjoyment and creative coloring that we all came to love.

Awesome gift for your child to let them explore the world of insects and art. Show them what you grew up playing with and see what they can create.

The kit comes with 3 varied color slime tubes, a couple trays for bug production, a handy spatula, and design sticks so your bug really stands out from the crowd!

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