Horse Head Mask

How often do you get to experience the feeling of the wind on your mane and the crisp spring air flowing through your nostrils? This experience just got a little more plausible with this fantastically realistic horse head mask. Roam the countryside or the industrialized city in horse like style. No longer can the man keep you down. Feel free as you gallop through the masses of normal people who are droning along indefinitely in the struggle to maintain. You now are a horse and you now are the most beautiful creature in the world. A lot of people think this horse mask is all fun and games, but I am going to let you in on a little secret… It is far from fun and games. This mask will bring you closer to a horse than standing next to the real thing. This mask will invoke the spiritual presence of the equus ferus caballus itself. For those of you not in the known that is ‘horse’. Imagine munching on a carrot, or chewing on some grains out of your normal human form. You will run faster, neigh harder, and your illustrious coat will shine splendidly in the midday sun. I urge you to consider the implications of wearing such a fine mask of such a fine animal. You are representing the beauty that this beast has to offer. You are spreading love and spreading the joy that horses can bring. Do not fear friends, as there are enough masks for everyone and everyone should feel the desire to get equipped. Do not be like the sheep and simply maintain. It is time to ‘mane tain’ and explore the world around you.

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