Monopoly 85th Anniversary Edition

GPT Roll the dice on luxury with the Monopoly 85th Anniversary Edition, where classic gameplay meets glitz and glam! This isn’t just a board game; it’s a statement piece. Imagine passing ‘Go’ on a sleek glass gameboard, adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals that catch the light as you bankrupt your friends. The tokens? Oh, they’re just plated die-cast, darling, adding a weighty feel of sophistication to your real estate empire. And let’s not forget the crystal-studded houses and hotels – because why settle for plastic when you can upgrade to bling? Perfect for game night connoisseurs who love a touch of opulence with their competitive spirit. It’s Monopoly, but make it fashion!

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For the ultimate Monopoly fan they’ll need Monopoly world edition. This unique Monopoly board sports incredible 3d artwork and includes famous cities like…

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If you’re looking to make hot dog shaped burgers the Ham Dogger is for you. This hot dog shaped mold for hamburgers will have anyone enjoying…

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