Ninja Folding Grappling Hook

Do you find it a challenge to scale 16 foot buildings? Are you tired of walking up stairs and waiting for elevators? Do you simply want to be a goddamn ninja? Look no further and order this Ninja Folding Grappling Hook. Impress your friends with your upper body strength. Save damsels from near death experiences. With the hurricane approaching on the east coast there has never been a better time to hone your skills as a ninja to thieve, pillage, and kick it old school by disregarding laws of civility and morality. Good luck and have fun.


The world is only getting more dangerous. What reason do you have to NOT be equipped and ready for hand to hand combat?…

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Show your support for Snapchat with this very unique official Snapchat backpack. Perfect gift for a teen Snapchat fan or even a social…

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This isn’t your Mary Poppins style umbrella. Nope. This rain device is innovative, and hands-free.  No gripping a silly handle and fighting fierce winds. No holding on…

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Start your brunch off right with these playful champagne glasses with the recipe for mimosas printed on the side. One part OJ and two…

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This smokeless and ventless fireplace will add a modern style to just about any room. Just place this tabletop fireplace on a dining…

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Brrrraaaains, this is the perfect gift for the zombie addict in your life. This green zombie beef jerky is sure to shock just about…

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Show your office the power of the dark side with these Star Wars themed socks. These officially licensed socks come in all of…

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Never know if you’re too drunk to drive home? well you most likely shouldn’t be driving but with this Breathometer Smartphone Breathalyzer you’ll be…

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