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50+ Products Updated on Jul 9, 2019

This collection of the best Star Wars gifts is sure to make the kessel run in under twelve parsecs. Star Wars has become one of the most popular movies of our time and is embedded in culture like nothing else before it. With millions of fans worldwide you may be shopping for gifts for Star Wars fans. These hand picked Star Wars gift ideas are sure to please any Star Wars fan who already has tons of gear from a galaxy far far away. Whether your a fan of the new movies with BB8 or the older flicks with Luke Skywalker you’re sure to find something in this list of gift ideas.

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Star Wars Gifts // Awesome Stuff to Buy

Relive all of the most epic moments from Star Wars with this book appropriately names Why We Love Star Wars. Full of the great moments that has created one of the best…

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Engage in the fiercest battle with your Asian based food with these Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks. Choose between the light side and the dark side. Impress that fine woman on your first…

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Take to the skies and relive your favorite battles from Star Wars with these Star Wars Battle Drones. With flight speeds up to 35mph you’ll have a blast cruising around with this…

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Take R2-D2 home with you! The Star Wars fan in your life will go crazy for this app-enabled droid that shares holographic simulations, reacts as you watch Star Wars together, and is…

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This Storm Trooper is on a mission to save you money. The Star Wars fans in your life will feel the force when they receive this perfect gift to top off their…

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If you’re focuses on taking down the Empire you will enjoying sipping a hot coffee or even soup out of this XXL Jabba the Hutt coffee mug. With its unique handle and…

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Take on the galaxy at warp speed with the galaxy’s greatest co-pilot! This 16-inch plush Chewy will respond to your speech and roar when his arms are raised. The perfect gift for…

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May the force be with you with these epic Yoda bookends that any Star Wars fan will love. Make your bookshelf look like Yoda is using the force to hold up your…

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Star Wars lovers, brace yourselves… The Death Star is here.. and it’s the fire! Seriously. There’s no other fire pit as bada$$ as this… It’s forged from high quality metal by a…

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That’s no moon. One of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy is now for breakfast! Dish out Death Star shaped waffles with this waffle maker. Produces 7 inch waffles with a…

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Who wouldn’t love to train with Yoda in Jedi Training like Luke in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This Yoda Backpack is sure to show everyone your love for Star Wars. Fantastic…

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You don’t know the power of the dark side…. But that’s all about to change…. These epic Star Wars kettlebells will give you a killer workout, and look awesome in your hands. You’ll…

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The force is strong in this one. Bring Darth Vader to every breakfast with this Star Wars toaster that burns in Vader’s image into every slice of bread! This is the ultimate…

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