Teacher Life Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just kids stuff! This teaching-themed coloring book is a great activity for those brave adults who serve on the front lines of our education system. Full of snarky humor that teachers will relate to, the book also contains the kinds of positive messages that help reaffirm our intrepid educators with the motivation and encouragement they need. It’s an endearing way to share some appreciation and good humor with the teachers in your life. After all, kids make it look like so much fun!

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Hell, you could be medicating with something worse than coffee. Get your medications straight in the morning and follow doctor’s orders with this…

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If you didn’t think your cat’s life was easy enough, well now you can make it even easier with the space saving cat…

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World’s best dad? Statistically unlikely. I love New York? I mean, it’s a place. How about something a little more honest? I love…

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