Toblerone Jumbo, 4.5kg Candy Bar

This chocolate bar is not for the feint of heart. It is not recommended to be consumed in one sitting and absolutely not a good idea to purchase if you’re diabetic.

What this chocolate bar is for is a chocoholic who wants to shed years off their life and do so in one of the most gut busting ways possible.

It’s the Toblerone Jumbo 4.5kg challenge. Consume this entire chocolate bar in one sitting and you will be crowned: Most Uncomfortable Person on Earth.


This honker of a candy bar comes in at around 10lbs and is enough chocolate for an entire year for a family of 4. You have to ask yourself, “is this novelty”? It is a tough answer… Toblerone makes great quality chocolate and this whopper of a bar is no exception. Set yourself up for a year of chocolaty bliss and share with those you love.

So do you think you can handle it? Do you think you are even capable of bench pressing this load? Only one way to find out.

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