Underwear Lapkins

Treat your guests with a pleasant surprise of being pant-less without actually removing any pants! These hilarious napkins sit proudly on your lap and display the true you of fashion. How many times in your life will you get the opportunity to wipe your face and hands with underwear after a meal, in public no less?

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MeeeeOW! Check out these Purrrrfect Pussy Panties. Cats are a girls best friend and these wonderfully crafted undergarments are no exception. Mr. Kate…

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For the ultimate Monopoly fan they’ll need Monopoly world edition. This unique Monopoly board sports incredible 3d artwork and includes famous cities like…

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Any old school geek will remember dial-up modem sounds and floppy disks. Now you can remember popping in the Wolfenstein 3d floppy with…

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