Death Stranding Golden Mask

Based on the enigmatic Man in the Golden Mask, this beautifully eerie cosplay mask is the perfect prop for fans of Death Stranding. Meticulously recreated down to the finest details, it’s almost like Higgs is standing right there in the room with you. Except thankfully he’s not, so you don’t have to feel terrified!

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You enjoy lounging on a lazy Sunday watching football from your couch, right? What makes you think your dog doesn’t want the same…

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Shake up drinks with some early American flare with this Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. Different, effective, and overall pretty awesome. Impress your hipster…

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Ever dreamed of slinging some hot juicy bacon around your neck? Maybe you have actually gone through with this dream and actually done…

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Everyone remembers the ghosts that chase you all over Pac-Man. Now any retro gamer can relish the 8-bit era with this Pac-Man ghost…

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