Duckey Keycaps

Quack up your typing game with Duckeys, the adorable keycap charms for your keyboard! Swap out that plain old keycap for a Duckey and watch your keyboard transform into a pond of cuteness. Made from durable ABS/PVC and fitting snugly on MX switches and clones, these little quackers are just the right size to add some fun to your typing without ruffling any feathers. Perfect for personalizing your setup with a splash of charm!

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Calling all mechanical keyboard enthusiasts: say hello to your new favorite frenemy, the Electrical Gremlin Keycap! This mischievous keycap sprite has one mission…

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Gamers are familiar with WASD on their keyboard since it’s used for movement in most games. These stainless steel keycaps will upgrade anyone’s…

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Bring the pixel-perfect world of Minecraft into your real-life space with these pixelated Minecraft lanterns. These 3D-printed wonders capture the iconic blocky aesthetic…

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Bombs away! Bring a nuclear winter to your living room with this realistic nuclear explosion lamp. This lamp features an incredible mushroom cloud…

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Wow such excite! This doge mask will bring much joy to all parties. The perfect mask to engage in long stares to the…