F*cking Weekday Cups

Finally a coffee mug for everyday of the week that truly captures how you feel about work. Each mug says “F*cking Monday”, Tuesday, and so on, these stacking F*cking weekday cups are the perfect way to get your caffeine fix while having a laugh.

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Shake up drinks with some early American flare with this Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. Different, effective, and overall pretty awesome. Impress your hipster…

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Miracle fruit tablets cause sour tasting things such as lemons taste sweet. Quite the interesting fun treat, just keep a miracle fruit tablet…

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Trek yourself in to bed at night with this comfy Starfleet sleepwear! Available in gold, blue, and red, you can dress for any…

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Give someone the gift of misfortune with these misfortune cookies. With these cookies you’ll no longer be getting upbeat messages from your fortune…