Funko Pop! Halo Figure – Master Chief

As if this adorable Master Chief figure weren’t cute enough by itself, an even tinier Cortana fits right in the palm of his hand! At 3.5 inches tall, Halo’s iconic hero measures roughly 1/24th his original height, which means that by comparison, this tiny Spartan illustrates just how big a fan you are! With the included plastic box shield, Cortana and the Chief will look right at home when you put them out on display, and the shield doesn’t even need to recharge!

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Who doesn’t remember Rusty Shackleford’s pocket sand from King of the Hill. Dale Gribble always had tricks up his sleeve and his protection from assaulters…

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Experience the tantalizing aroma of fresh pizza without setting foot in the kitchen with this pizza-scented candle. Carefully crafted to evoke the familiar…

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Everyone knows their dog loves playing in water or might just need a bath. This foldable dog pool is perfect for playtime and…

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What man wouldn’t love a beer manly wrapped around their can of PBR. Perfect for the summer picnics this beard beer koozie will…

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