Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Gamers are winners and legends, but the best way to continue being a superhuman is to take care of your needs as a normal one. Screens and monitors pump incredible visuals straight into our brains, but too much exposure is hard on your eyes, and can lead to headaches, fatigue and blurred vision. These lightweight anti-glare glasses can help alleviate these issues by filtering out high-frequency light before it can hit your eyes, reducing overall eye strain, and making it easier to play better for longer. After all, no matter how much XP you grind will ever boost your accuracy quite like a pair of healthy eyes.

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Bring back classic gaming on the Sega Genesis with the new Sega Genesis Mini! With 2 included controllers, 40+ games, and HDMI cables…

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May the power of the pug be with you, pug-ify your living room with this amazingly cute pug planter. Fantastic for displaying your…

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Sushi lovers rejoice! You can now wear your favorite swimming treats as socks. These colorful sushi socks are sure to turn heads next…

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Snuggle in style with this massive knit blanket to keep you warm. With its unique giant knitting this blanket is sure to stand…

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Cleanliness matters, now more than ever. Disinfecting a classroom, package deliveries, and other objects that come into your home is a good way…

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Nobody will be able to mess with you when you have this nightstick with a 6 million volt stun gun on the end.…

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