How Not to Be Helpful: An Illustrated Guide for Thoughtless Adults

How Not to Be Helpful is the hilarious guidebook for the sane and confused. Do people around you make zero sense? Do you find yourself constantly shaking your head in disbelief? Or, are you the poor misguided soul in need of a reality check?

Fear not, my friend, this illustrated book is here to save the day (or at least make you laugh). Read it, gift it, or use it as a doorstop – either way, it’s a must-have for the library of the sane and bewildered.

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Put this chubby little friend on your dash and good luck will follow you wherever you go! Better safe than sorry.

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Sick of 3D movies? Luckily they make these actually working 2D glasses for when you want a flat view for your movie watching…

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Add a creepy haunt to your candle lineup with this baby doll head candle. With beautiful pastel colors this unique candle is sure…

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