Instant Junk Drawer Kit

Transform that pristine, empty drawer into a treasure trove of “I might need this someday” with the Instant Junk Drawer Kit! It’s like a magic potion for adulting – just open and pour to instantly create a drawer filled with random bits and bobs that scream “I have my life sort of together.” Perfect for new apartments, dorms, or anyone who’s ever said, “I swear I had that thing somewhere.” From mystery keys to batteries with questionable life, this kit has all the essentials for a truly authentic junk drawer experience. It’s the must-have gift for friends who love a little organized chaos in their lives!

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GOODNESS GRACIOUS.. GUMBALLS of FIRE!! These aren’t your mama’s Mentos… They’re a new breed of candy you can’t pass up! Seriously..heat never tasted so…

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Light up your room and your mood with these utterly adorable Doggy Candles. Crafted with an eye for detail, they come in three…

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Tea lovers rejoice! This cute tea drop set comes with a variety of teas including, sweet peppermint, matcha, citrus ginger, and blueberry acai…

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