Funny Gag Gifts

50+ Products Updated on Aug 28, 2019

The best kind of gifts will make people laugh. Here is our collection of funny gag gifts that are sure to make any friend, family member, or coworker crack up with laughter. From funny mugs to personalized voodoo dolls and everything in between these are some of the best gag gifts that you can find.

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Get motivated for writing this these hilarious motivational profanity pencils. Each pencil is loaded with a motivational phrase like “get s**t done” and “write that s**t down”.

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The classic game of Monopoly has been updated for millennials. No longer will you be collecting cash and properties but getting experience points as you visit new locations on the board. Money…

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Finally anyone can shop at their local Whole Foods rocking a man bun. The man bun visor adds a realistic man bun to anyone by having it built into the top of…

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Nobody gives better birthday wishes than Donald Trump, really terric and everyone agrees. Whether you’re a fan of Trump or not this hilarious card is sure to give anyone a laugh.

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Screw traditional pillows, you can finally sleep like a baker with this giant bread loaf pillow. Whether you are taking a nap or in for the night this plush pillow is sure…

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Add a bit of class to your home with this hilarious F**k It cross stitch pattern with wreath! This PDF will give you the instructions to stitch this hilarious pattern yourself.

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Bask in the sun while this hunk keeps you afloat. His personable smile and cool sunglasses add to his charm as he holds you up with ease in his muscly arms. And,…

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Buying the latest Apple products can be financially draining. Replace your tech addition with the Twelve South Inspire: Mac Candle No. 2, designed with that new mac scent. A perfect gift for…

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Prank your friends, coworkers, or even strangers with these stacks of fake $100 bills. Why actually earn a pile of money when you can just get the next best thing on Amazon!…

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With 100% of your daily fiber in 1.6 servings this low carb and gluten free cereal will have you pooping like a champion. Whether you’re giving it as a gag gift or…

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Birthday’s can be boring but you can make someone’s day with an obligatory birthday card. If you have a friend with a twisted sense of humor this is sure to give them…

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Why would you express yourself face to face when you can leave someone a passive aggressive note! With checkboxes like “Learning hot to park your car” and “Improve your hygiene” anyone being given…

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Bringing funny gag gifts to casual celebrations with your family and friends ups the spirits of the party and allows everyone to share a good laugh.

Keep reading below to find out what makes a good gag gift, when you should buy one and why people choose to purchase unique funny gifts.

What is a Gag Gift?

Gag gifts are common at gift exchanges or for milestone birthdays (40s,50s) these are designed for comedic effect or to anger the receiver of the gift (or both!).

Whether it’s a boss, wife, husband, teacher, or best friend you’re sure to find a funny gag gift here that will cause a stir.

Prank gag gifts offer the ideal funny present to show your appreciation for your family, friends or acquaintances in a unique and light-hearted way.

What Makes a Good Gag Gift?

The best gag gifts appeal to the gift recipient’s personality and sense of humor. In addition, they play on pop culture references and make light of tedious everyday routine activities.

This may mean teasing your overdramatic friend by gifting them with the world’s smallest violin or poking fun at silly social media trends by wrapping up fake Tide Pod bath bombs.

They can also be tailored to specific environments, like presenting all your co-workers with funny mugs that say things like “world’s best entry level employee.”

Gag gifts are meant to be a cheeky, giggle-inspiring gift that makes you stand back and smirk at the sarcasm. They help to remind us that life is better with a few laughs.

When Should I Give a Gag Gift?

Gag gifts are not restricted to a specific holiday or celebration. In fact, sharing a good laugh with your family and friends suits most occasions.

However, some events are simply crying out for a good gag gift. These include celebrations like bachelor or bachelorette parties and “over the hill” parties for family or friends turning 40 or 50.

While gag gifts work well in casual settings, you shouldn’t necessary rule out giving these funnier alternatives for more serious holidays.

Slipping your sister funny gag gifts in her stocking like a “No Ragrets” temporary tattoo or the world’s smallest Etch-A-Sketch are sure to make your Christmas morning a little sillier.

Gag gifts also solve the issue of finding cheap white elephant gifts and light-hearted informal gifts for co-workers.

Why Do People Give Gag Gifts?

With most people enjoying a good laugh, funny gag gifts soar in popularity. They offer a great gift-giving option for everyone because they appeal to all ages and work well for close and casual relationships alike.

At the end of the day, gag gifts can be just as personal as a more sentimental gesture. After all, unique funny gifts lend just as much opportunity to show your friends and family how well you know them and understand their sense of humor.

Not only do gag gifts provide a laugh for the gift recipient, they also build up your excitement while you anticipate your friends or family revealing the joke. This makes them fun for everyone involved.

Gag gifts are also the ideal compromise for casual relationships. By not taking itself too seriously, a gag gift offers a funny ice breaker that won’t make gift-giving with a new partner an awkward affair.