Mini Toothpick Shotgun

Elevate your mealtime mischief with the Mini Toothpick Shotgun! This double-barrel toothpick shooter boasts a sturdy steel construction and is designed for long-range shooting, ensuring you can annoy your targets from a safe distance. Whether you’re engaging in some friendly office warfare or just looking to add a touch of playful fun to your dining experience, this mini shotgun is the ultimate accessory for lighthearted antics. Just remember to aim responsibly and let the good times roll!

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Everyone needs a little cactus in their life and this mini cactus planter is perfection at miniature scale. This mini cactus is about…

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Have you and your bros mastered Beer Pong? Well ramp up the skill level with PongBot, the moving beer pong robot! Pongbot has sensors…

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