Pen Cap Utensils

Sick of writing and misplacing your fork, well these pen cap utensils are here to save the day. Next time you’re at the office jotting down a note don’t forget you could be eating a hot dog if you had a fork on the back of your pen. Maybe eating soup with your pen spoon is more your style, in that case you sicken me but that MSG will taste great because you’re eating it with a f**king pen. Is your kid in 3rd grade? oh wait surprise steak party, all the other kids will be unprepared but luckily yours will have their pen knife to chow down on some delicious steak. Combine this with the inkless pen and even Superman himself won’t be able to stop your writing and eating frenzy. So dine in-k with these pen cap utensils and change your life.

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This isn’t your Mary Poppins style umbrella. Nope. This rain device is innovative, and hands-free.  No gripping a silly handle and fighting fierce winds. No holding on…

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Let’s be honest. We can pretend that drinking beer out of a can is classy, but we would be lying to ourselves. This…

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Relive your love of the movie UP every day at the office with this balloon pin house. Just stuff it with it’s included…

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