The 6-in-1 Multi-Tool Pen

Arm yourself with the ultimate sidekick for all your daily adventures – the 6-in-1 Multi-Tool Pen! More than just a pen, it’s a jack-of-all-trades tucked neatly into your pocket. Jot down notes, navigate your touchscreens, measure, and even tackle some quick DIY fixes with its built-in spirit level and Philips screwdriver. Plus, with 4 extra refills, this little dynamo is ready for the long haul. A perfect stocking stuffer for the handyman in your life, this pen is mightier than… well, just about anything!

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Give your keychain a Jurassic touch with this prehistoric croc multi-tool. Made of titanium the multi-tool features a jurassic skull design with a…

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Bring comfort and style to your next note taking session with the Ko_axis rail pen. Its unique flat and wide design offers new…

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GO GO GADGET… Yes. You’ve always wanted to be incredibly equipped. Stuffed with gadgets, motors, extendable limbs, etc… The truth is, very few…

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Sick of writing and misplacing your fork, well these pen cap utensils are here to save the day. Next time you’re at the…

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The cake is no longer a lie with officially licensed cake mix from the popular game Portal. Everyone who has played the game remembers the…

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The next generation of AirPods are here with the AirPods Pro. With improved audio, noise cancellation, and an all new “transparency mode” you’ll…

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If you have a fashionista in the house the Amazon Echo Look will perfectly compliment your Amazon Echo while being your style assistant. The…


Sleep, work, meeting, work, travel, socialize, eat, tv, sleep repeat. Admit it life is the same every single day, so why not represent…

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