Trailing Spiral Bookshelf

Need even more room for all of your books up in the hollywood hills? Wow your friends with both your growing collection of literature and with your growing interior design skills with this beautifully crafted aluminum book spiral. Sure, this bookshelf may not hold as many books as a standard bookshelf of the same size, but the cool factor more than makes up for the difference.

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This bookshelf is brilliant for your billionaire pad in Gotham city. Bruce Wayne himself would be storing his DVDs, comic books and books in this…

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Fill your bookshelf with this beautiful clock that someone could easily confuse with your books. An extraordinary gift for any book worm. With 3 fake books includes…

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These earbud holders surprised us because we have never seen them before, but they seem essential for the person who takes their earbuds…

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Be king of the nerds with these very unique cufflinks that light up. The iCufflinks have power lights on them that slowly glow…