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Here are a ton of odd books that are sure to surprise just about anyone. From cabin porn to self help books that will make anyone laugh. These weird books are sure to make you question everything.

The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook

If you’ve ever thought about how tasty the food looks while robbing the citizens of Tamriel blind, this cookbook can help you satisfy your curiosity! With more than 60 recipes based on the cuisine of The Elder Scrolls games, you’ll be able to create the feast of your fantasies, fit for the table of Sheogorath!

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Crap Taxidermy Book

The weird side of taxidermy comes out in the crap taxidermy coffee table book. This weird gift is sure to give even the weirdest friend a laugh. With over 90 pages of bad taxidermy jobs this book makes a great addition to the coffee table.

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My Penis is a Dick Book

Have a laugh with “My Penis is a Dick” which beautifully illustrates over 50 common mental debates a guy has with his penis. Women have The Vagina Monologues and now men have My Penis is a Dick. While the book is meant to be funny it also is designed to highlight men’s mental health.

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Women’s Libations Cocktail Book

Enjoy beautiful illustrations toasting feminist heroes like Joan of & Stormy and Vermouth Bader Ginsberg. This pun filled cocktail guide has 75 cocktails inspired by female activists. Making for a perfect gift for your sister or best friend.

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The Game Console History Book

Every gamer will love how this breaks down each game console part by part. With photos 86 consoles The Game Console walks through all of the iconic consoles through history including NES, Atari 2600 and even modern consoles like Wii U.

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How To Get Fired On Your First Day Notebook

Start a new job off right by bringing this “How To Get Fired On Your First Day” notebook to the office. This book is designed for note taking; filled with 200 blank page but the cover of the book will have your coworkers in stitches.

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The Little Book of Life Hacks

Are you on the road to finding your true happiness? Take the shortcut and get there faster with this delightful read. From budgeting to beauty to how to take the perfect nap, The Little Book of Life Hacks is chock full of quick and useful tips for making every day a little better.

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100 Deadly Skills Book

Look no further for the ultimate survival guide. 100 Deadly Skills is written by a retired Navy SEAL and covers everything from getting out of a locked trunk to rappelling down a building. Perfect for the adventure seekers in your life!

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Meow The Book for Cats

by M. E. Owmeow

Only one word can describe the perspective of a cap. Meow the book is loaded with one word and one word only, that is meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

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Porn for Women of a Certain Age

Finally a book to fulfill every woman’s fantasies. If Porn for Women is already gracing your coffee table you’ll love Porn for Women of a Certain Age. Whether you want to see a man warming your side of the bed or fixing the scale that is reading 10 pounds too high this book will get you hot and heavy.

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Finger Yoga Kit

Mind body and index finger, give your fingers the serenity they deserve with this finger yoga kit. Including mini yoga pants for your pointer and middle fingers this kit is sure to get your hand yoga career started off right. Best of all it also has a desktop yoga mat and two mini yoga blocks. Additionally it comes with a 32 page book full of finger yoga poses.

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100 Tricks To Appear Smart In Meetings Book

In today’s world it’s important to appear smart in meetings. Most meetings in this day and age are completely pointless so why not appear to be the smartest person in the room! This book is loaded with tricks to appears smart, plus it comes with a wall poster of tips. Packed with powerful quotes like “Let’s take a step back for a minute”, “Are we asking the right questions?” and “Can…

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How Not to Be a Dick Book

Don’t let the a$$holes fool you!! Dickiness is NOT next to Godliness… In fact, most people want to chop off your d*ck for being a d*ck… Take it from Lorena Bobbitt —or better yet her husband John. She snipped his d*ck clean off and tossed it from a moving car because he was d*ck… But adultery isn’t the only way to earn the title of king or queen a$$hole. It’s…

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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

Life is hard and full of sh*t to worry about. We could spend all day and night gnawing our fingertips off. Right? Before you eat your finger down to the knuckle, try something else. Just say f*ck it. Mark Manson did. Then wrote an awesome book about it… This New York Time’s Best seller of over 2 million copies will hypnotize you into not giving  a rat’s a$$ about things…

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#WeRateDogs Book

Everyone’s favorite doggo filled twitter account is now in book form! If you aren’t familiar with WeRateDogs they rate pups from all over the world, many receiving a 12/10 due to cuteness. With WeRateDogs containing over 3 million followers; its author Matt Nelson is sure to wow with one h*ck of a book. Matt‘s book is perfect for any dog lover or even a friend who enjoys witty descriptions!

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Draw a D**k on it Book

You see them beautifully drawn inside public bathroom stalls. So raw and inspiring. Now it’s your turn to release your inner dick-Renoir and polish your penis drawing skills. Players take turns drawing dazzling dongs on random images —bigfoot, snowmen, and chickens to name a few. Then the group gazes at everyone’s willies and declares a weiner. Add funny, creative captions and stickers to enhance the hilariousness of your hose art. Create a…

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F*ck Feelings Book

Are you tired of letting your feelings dictate how you want to live your life? Even in scenarios where you know better than to let emotions override your logic? More than just a gag gift, F*ck Feelings: One Shrink’s Practical Advice for Managing All Life’s Impossible Problems, this book provides beneficial insight on how to cope with challenges that can put you in a negative state of mind. It is…

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Book of all Playboy Centerfolds

Playboy has established itself as one of the premiere men’s magazines. Certainly the magazine is praised for more than just beautiful, nude, women, as the articles are well written and informative, but this book really only concerns itself with the aforementioned beautiful women. This hardcover book contains Playboy centerfolds for more than 63 years, dating back to 1953. From vintage to modern, this book has it all. An artistic representation…

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How to Live with a Huge Penis Book

This is the ultimate coffee table book for any bachelor. Let any visitor to your home know the struggles of your well endowed lifestyle by having this “How to Live with a Huge Penis” book laying around. Some of the chapters include: Unzipping: Coming Out to Your Friends and Family Sharing Your Pain: Sexual Intercourse with a Huge Penis Big Blessings: Unexpected Advantages of a Huge Penis and much, much more

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Diseases caused by Masturbation (Book)

Friends, it’s time to delve into a serious topic; Masturbation. We have all done it. There is no point in denying it, but what you don’t know is the damage and toll it can take on ones body…. LOL, nah.   Originally published in 1760, “Diseases cause by Masturbation” takes a look at ailments that arise from stroking your young john thomas a bit too much (or at all). This…

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Star Wars Kama Sutra

So you’re probably a Star Wars fan, but do you REALLY like Star Wars? If you do then this book is absolutely for you. What could be better than seeing a few rebel soldiers bumpin’ nasties? Or perhaps a couple walkers getting hot and heavy, clanking metal, and educating you on the finer things in life?   This hilarious and completely unofficial Star Wars Kama Sutra book is an absolute…

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Balloon Animal Bookends

Ever have a need for a balloon animal with a practical application? IMM Living Big Top Bookend is your answer. Post this friendly guy on your bookshelf and ensure your books stay tight. A wonderful and playful addition to any office or living area. Delightfully cute and composed from resin; this bookend will be sure to catch some looks.

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Harry Potter Scarves

When the sorting hat can’t decide which house why not get them all! These Harry Potter scarves are perfect for the winter book worm. You could even honor the passing of Alan Rickman with a Slytherin house scarf.

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Where’s the Wookie Book

What could make Where’s Waldo any better? Finding a wookie of course. This Star Wars themed Where’s the Wookie book will have you finding Chewbacca in all types of environments. From the Ewok Village to the Jawa Market this is sure to be a great gift for any Star Wars fan.

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Dinosaur Origami Book

Kids and adults alike have a fascination with our prehistoric friend the dinosaur. This dinosaur origami book will teach you how to fold 20 dinosaurs with it’s 32 sheets of included origami paper.

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Vintage Book Decals for Stairs

Every bookworm should show their love for books throughout their home; these book decals for stairs will do just that! You can choose from any title so you’ll be sure to have all of your favorites. Perfect for the stairway up to the attic library.

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Cabin Porn Book

Who doesn’t love beautiful cabins? This book full of cabin porn has amazing photographs of quiet outdoor places. Especially good for coffee tables inside of a cabin. With photos from Noah Kalina this is a great gift for anyone who is a photographer or loves relaxing photos.

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Trailing Spiral Bookshelf

Need even more room for all of your books up in the hollywood hills? Wow your friends with both your growing collection of literature and with your growing interior design skills with this beautifully crafted aluminum book spiral. Sure, this bookshelf may not hold as many books as a standard bookshelf of the same size, but the cool factor more than makes up for the difference.

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Color Me Vintage: A Coloring Book for Adults

Why should small children have all the fun? Color Me Vintage is an adult coloring book, full of 49 images ready to be colorized to your hearts desire. That way, the next time you’re stuck with babysitting duties, you can both get your Crayola on!


Book Hook Bookmark

Subside your guilt by turning all of your half-finished books into beautifully designed home accessories with these “Book Hook” placeholders. Your friends and family won’t even think to ask you about the book and instead ask you for interior design tips.

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Choose Your Misadventure: Online Dating

Everyone has been on an awful Tinder date, why not relive those repressed memories in the form of an ebook! Take on the role of a single women looking for love in this choose your own adventure ebook. From choosing a username to being catfished you’ll experience what every woman goes through while online dating.

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Porn for Women Book

Nothing turns women on more than a clean house, well now there is a book full of men completing these sensual tasks. From laundry to craft fairs this has everything to get you going.

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Fifty Shades of Chicken

If Fifty Shades of Grey got you hot and bothered imagine what a piping hot and juicy chicken out of the oven can do. This book provides a multitude of ways to prepare one of the most revered meats of the century. Whether it’s a full baked chicken or tantalizing tenders this book will provide you with the necessary know how of making sweet love to this sweet bird.

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Nutella Recipe Book

Anyone around here looking to get real thick with us? Do you enjoy the decadent breakfast spread that acts more like a dessert? We honestly are not too sure why you need a ‘recipe’ to eat something that was destined to be spooned from the jar, but hell, it will probably be pretty damn good.

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The Night Dad Went to Prison – Children’s Book

No this book is not a joke, but yes we are kind of turning it into one. I suppose there is some merit to informing young people about some of lifes struggles, but perhaps a sad bunny isn’t the most effective way. Regardless this book would make a fantastic gag for a friend of yours who has recently found him or herself behind bars.

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HTML Book for Babies

Teach your baby how to code websites early in their years. Why not train your child to make millions of dollars by the time they are hitting their puberty years? The text is written so even the youngest infant and read and comprehend it. A must have for any techy with a new child on the way.

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DIY: Cool Stuff Project Booklet

Check out this Do it Yourself Project Booklet! Perfect activities for father and daughter or mother and son! Keep your kids engaging in hands on activities and have a little fun yourself! This booklet contains 67 blueprints of not necessarily “awe$some stuff”, but it is certainly cool.

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The Craft Beer Revolution!

This new book written by Steve Hindy explores the advancement and popularization of Craft Beer across the United States. Craft beers have exploded in popularity over the past couple decades and for good reason; they are tasty, complex, and effective. This book makes a great gift for the craft beer lover in your life or as a nice coffee table piece for the beer advocate.

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The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Manual

Don’t feel bad if you can’t blast off into hyperspace at the turn of a hat, they made this manual for a reason. Is your Millenium Falcon in non-working condition? Crack open this manual and get to work. Stars Wars has never been so hot and technical.

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The Walking Dead: Compendium One

You love the TV show so check out the compendium! More story for you that chronicles the experiences of the characters from the show. Tired of waiting every week for a new episode to see what is going on? Take a step back and learn more about what started it all!

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Star Wars Cook Book

Test your intergalactic culinary knowledge and expand it with this Star Wars cook book. Every great culture has great food, so pay some respect to the shit you love and whip up something ‘Chewie’ in the kitchen. Makes a fantastic coffee table book for you or a friend!

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

Turn on your class and go suave. This book outlines all the classics and some modern twists sure to prove your cocktail knowledge to your guests. How often does sophistication meet drunken splendor? If never before at least it does now.

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Carma Sutra: Auto-Erotic Handbook

Making sweet love in your vehicle just got a lot easier (and a lot more adventurous). Increase your sex drive and prove to your mate that you are always prepared regardless of the situation. Looks like Drive-In Theaters might be making a comeback. Something is certainly going to be coming in the back.

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Awkward Family Photos

If your family isn’t awkward enough and isn’t up for taking some sweet family selfies, then you absolutely need this on your coffee table. Feel better about yourself and the idiots that raised you by taking a gander are the most absurd family photos money can buy. Share a laugh with your parents, siblings, and even grandma!

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Katana Book Ends

Do you like your house looking Sharp? Do you also like to keep your brain sharp? These Katana Book Ends are a must have for book lovers and katana enthusiasts alike. They are also effective for DVDs. You could also just convince your friends that you hate literature and felt the necessity to drive a katana through the few books you own!

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Sprout Bookmark

Sprout, sprout, bring your books out, this is a thing I cannot read without. Remember your place with eco-swag, these sprout bookmarks will look in any tree huggers home.

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Batman Bookshelf

This bookshelf is brilliant for your billionaire pad in Gotham city. Bruce Wayne himself would be storing his DVDs, comic books and books in this super sleek Batman bookshelf.

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Book Clock

Fill your bookshelf with this beautiful clock that someone could easily confuse with your books. An extraordinary gift for any book worm. With 3 fake books includes in blends so seamlessly into any bookshelf. While subtly including 12, three, six, and nine on the books you can still easily tell time without hassle.

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In this collection of weird books, we’ve compiled a list of the most unique and unusual reads out there. Whether you’re looking for a quirky coffee table book or just something to make you think, these books are sure to spark a conversation. So whether you’re shopping for a book lover or just looking for something out of the ordinary, our collection of weird books is sure to have something for everyone.

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