Weird Books

49 Products Updated on Jun 14, 2019

Here are a ton of odd books that are sure to surprise just about anyone. From cabin porn to self help books that will make anyone laugh. These weird books are sure to make you question. everything

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Have a laugh with “My Penis is a Dick” which beautifully illustrates over 50 common mental debates a guy has with his penis. Women have The Vagina Monologues and now men have…

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Enjoy beautiful illustrations toasting feminist heroes like Joan of & Stormy and Vermouth Bader Ginsberg. This pun filled cocktail guide has 75 cocktails inspired by female activists. Making for a perfect gift…

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Every gamer will love how this breaks down each game console part by part. With photos 86 consoles The Game Console walks through all of the iconic consoles through history including NES, Atari…

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Are you on the road to finding your true happiness? Take the shortcut and get there faster with this delightful read. From budgeting to beauty to how to take the perfect nap,…

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Look no further for the ultimate survival guide. 100 Deadly Skills is written by a retired Navy SEAL and covers everything from getting out of a locked trunk to rappelling down a…

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Only one word can describe the perspective of a cap. Meow the book is loaded with one word and one word only, that is meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow…

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Finally a book to fulfill every woman’s fantasies. If Porn for Women is already gracing your coffee table you’ll love Porn for Women of a Certain Age. Whether you want to see a…

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Mind body and index finger, give your fingers the serenity they deserve with this finger yoga kit. Including mini yoga pants for your pointer and middle fingers this kit is sure to…

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Don’t let the a$$holes fool you!! Dickiness is NOT next to Godliness… In fact, most people want to chop off your d*ck for being a d*ck… Take it from Lorena Bobbitt —or…

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Everyone’s favorite doggo filled twitter account is now in book form! If you aren’t familiar with WeRateDogs they rate pups from all over the world, many receiving a 12/10 due to cuteness. With…

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You see them beautifully drawn inside public bathroom stalls. So raw and inspiring. Now it’s your turn to release your inner dick-Renoir and polish your penis drawing skills. Players take turns drawing dazzling…

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Are you tired of letting your feelings dictate how you want to live your life? Even in scenarios where you know better than to let emotions override your logic? More than just…

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Playboy has established itself as one of the premiere men’s magazines. Certainly the magazine is praised for more than just beautiful, nude, women, as the articles are well written and informative, but…

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So you’re probably a Star Wars fan, but do you REALLY like Star Wars? If you do then this book is absolutely for you. What could be better than seeing a few…

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Ever have a need for a balloon animal with a practical application? IMM Living Big Top Bookend is your answer. Post this friendly guy on your bookshelf and ensure your books stay…

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