Reversible Chewbacca Jacket

Show off some Wookie swag with this officially licensed reversible Chewbacca jacket. That’s no moon on the front! it’s the Rebel symbol to easily appear to be in the Star Wars Rebel Alliance. With this Rebel jacket, when it’s time to get into action reverse the jacket and hop in the passenger seat of the Millennium Falcon because you’ll look just like a wookie with the jacket’s inside. Complete with crossbody bandolier you’ll look like king of all the Wookie lands without any CGI. If you grow your hair out with this jacket on you’ll most likely be recruited by Harrison Ford himself for a quick hyperdrive across the galaxy.


9 thoughts on “Reversible Chewbacca Jacket

  1. here is what sucks the most!! the link on top shows a nice looking jacket but when you follow it it only shows cheap knock off versions that look like crap!! your company blows donkey junk!!

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