Chewbacca Robe

Transform into a comfy and totally cool being in this furry and soft Chewbacca Robe from the always awesome movie Star Wars. Having one of these Robes will truly show how much you love and enjoy your Star Wars. The Chewbacca Robe is brown and hooded, to make sure you keep warm the whole time you are wrapped up in it. It even contains a sewed on “Chewbaccas bandoleer”, that is stitched on the front and back to add to the realism of the chewie look. It also features a little brown pocket on the right side of it. Along with the pocket and bandoleer is a brown fabric belt, that can be tied around the waist to close your Chewbacca robe. It really adds for a “real feel” when walking around in your new robe based on the action adventure movie, “Star Wars”. It really never has been so relaxing being a wookie. The measurements for the length of the robe is 111cm, the sleeve length is 57cm, chest size is 119 cm and the waist size is 121cm. Fits most sizes, so everybody can enjoy this comfy robe and relax watching one of the best movies ever made.

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