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Ever since AirPods were first introduced, Apple users have enjoyed the high fidelity sound and immersive noise cancellation offered by some of the best wireless earphones on the market. Now that they’ve been out for some time, plenty of AirPods accessories have rolled out that increase their comfort, usability, as well as provide better protection, allowing you to take your experience even further.

1. AirPods Max

Anyone who loves their AirPods are sure to love Apple’s latest pair the AirPods Max. With an all new over the ear design the AirPods Max bring all of the great features of AirPods to a higher quality audio experience. The AirPods Max feature an adaptive EQ for rich sound, noise cancellation, transparency mode, and spatial audio support.

2. GameBoy AirPods Case

Finally worlds collide with this GameBoy inspired AirPods case. A perfect way to keep your Apple AirPods safe all while rocking this geeky retro rubber case.

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4. ZenPod: Fidget Spinner AirPods Case

Leather is cool. Technology is cool. Spinning things around is cool. But combining all three? That’s amazing. That’s how you get The Matrix, and that’s how you get the ZenPod AirPods case, a stylish impact-resistant sleeve that works with Apple’s wireless charging case- that spins!

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5. Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

A small and lightweight option for charging your AirPods that keeps them protected when not in use. Features a small LED indicator to inform you of its charging status, and can be charged wirelessly using a Qi-compatible charging mat, so that your life doesn’t have to be dominated by cords.

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6. Elago AirPods Ear Hooks

Perfect for runners and athletes, these gentle loops rest comfortably over the backs of your ears and provide your pods with the grip to stay in place during intense physical exercise. They’re designed so that you can easily slip your pods in and out of them as desired, adding another dimension of freedom and convenience to your AirPods.

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7. Spigen RA100 Neck Strap for AirPods

Planning an intense workout and afraid of losing your AirPods? This neck strap by Spigen will keep your AirPods secure around your neck by clipping to the bottom of your AirPods. Plus you can easily take your AirPods out and keep them around your neck for easily transitioning between your music and conversations.

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8. Catalyst Water Resistant Case for AirPods

This handy case protects your precious Pods from moisture, dust, and even your own clumsiness with a shock absorbent, waterproof silicone construction. The carabiner clip makes it easy to keep it with you without taking up space in your pocket or carrying it in your hands. It’s available in five different colors, including one that glows in the dark, making it easier to find at night!

9. AhaStyle AirPods Case

This protective cover for AirPods is designed to work with the AirPods wireless charging case and adds scratch and drop resistance through a layer of premium silicone. The charge indicator is visible through the silicone, and it features a carabiner clip, making it super easy to just pick up, snap-on, and go, without having to fuss around with cables.

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10. AirFly Headphone Jack Transmitter

Tired of not being able to use your AirPods or bluetooth headsets with the built in airplane entertainment system? Well AirFly is here to solve the problem! just sync any bluetooth headset (yes AirPods work too) to the AirFly and you can plug the headphone jack of the AirFly into the plane’s entertainment system to have your wireless headphones work.

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11. Mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charger

Charger your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all on one device with the Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad. With a dedicated spot for your watch you can easily see the nightstand mode display on its screen. Additionally there is a specifically designed spot on the mat for AirPods with the wireless charging case. This charging pad would make a great addition next to your bed or even on your office…

12. AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Apple has updated their AirPods for 2019 with “Hey Siri” built in and better battery life. Best of all you can get a pair with a wireless charging case. So if you’re using a Qi charger for your iPhone it will also work for your AirPods now. If you prefer to plug in to charge it still includes the lightning charging port on the bottom. New AirPods Are Powered by…

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