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Moving is a pain but the sweet relief someone gets after moving is usually their housewarming party. Bring something to make their day with our handpicked selection of cool housewarming gifts.

1. Lawn Bowling Game

Turn your backyard into a bowling alley with this super cool lawn bowling game! These snazzy, high-polish pins aren’t just durable, they’re style icons on the green. Paired with two nifty bowling balls, each 2.5″ of fun, you’re all set for some strike-hitting action. Whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a chill evening, this game is ready to roll on any patch of grass. So, grab your friends or family…

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2. Bird-Shaped Cocktail Glass

Sip in style and let your drinks take flight with this bird-shaped cocktail glass! It’s not just a glass, it’s a statement piece for your home bar. Perfect for serving up your fanciest concoctions, this feathery friend transforms every sip into a soaring experience. Get ready to ruffle some feathers and spark lively chatter at your next gathering with this quirky, avian-themed vessel!

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3. Personalized Your City Map

Celebrate your love for your city or welcome someone to their new urban adventure with a stunning, personalized city map! Printed on premium luster photo paper, these maps pop with rich colors, turning any wall into a conversation starter. Whether it’s a housewarming gift or a personal keepsake, this map brings a piece of the city right into your living room. Perfect for urban explorers and hometown heroes alike!

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4. Glass Tile Coasters

Elevate your tabletop aesthetics with these handcrafted glass tile coasters. Not only do they protect your surfaces from unsightly water rings, but they also bring a burst of color and artistry to any setting. Made from high-quality ceramic, each coaster boasts unique and vibrant color palettes, ensuring no two are exactly alike. Whether you’re enjoying a cup of tea or hosting a dinner party, these coasters add a touch of…

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5. Wyze Cam v3

Wyze is known for their affordable home security cameras and their new v3 Wyze Cam is no exception. Nearly improving on all aspects of the v2 Cam this nifty smart home camera can see in the dark, is weather proof (perfect for outdoors), and comes in under $20! Best of all Wyze offers free 14 days of recording as well so it’s hard to beat their offering.

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6. Eero 6: WiFi 6 Mesh Routers

Amazon has been well known for their high quality line of mesh routers called Eero. Well the latest version is here with wifi 6 and built-in zigbee. What does that mean? you’ll have blazing fast wifi, especially on devices that support wifi 6. Plus zigbee and homekit supports built in makes it easy to get your smart home up and running.

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8. Logitech Circle View Security Camera

Keep your home safe with the latest home security camera from Logitech, The Circle View offers crisp 1080p video recording with a 180-degree field of view. Best of all it features HomeKit secure video compatibility which offers end to end encryption for your video. The unique design of this security camera offers a weatherproof body, microphone, and a speaker for 2-way communication.

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9. Microwave Bowl Huggers

Handle Hot Bowls Without Burning Your Hands

When a piping hot bowl comes out of the microwave it’s nearly impossible to hold. Well have no feat the microwave bowl hugger is hear. Made of polyester these curved pieces of cloth are designed to handle hot bowls without burning your hands.

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10. Neighborwoods Map Coasters

Whether you’re in NYC or Austin the Neighborwoods map coasters have options for over a dozen popular US cities. These rustic looking coasters made of cedar include neighborhoods in multiple cities. The perfect gift to celebrate a hometown or if a friend just moved to a new city.

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11. Personalized Cutting Board

Whether it’s for your home or a new homeowner in your life just about anyone will appreciate this personalized cutting board. With is rustic design and initialized carved in the front this cutting board makes the perfect gift.

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12. Metal Wine Rack

Every house could use a fully loaded wine shelf. This metal wine rack is an elegant and modern storage solution for wine bottles. A perfect gift for new homeowners or just a wine lover.

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13. Banana Neon Sign

Add more banana to just about any room with this banana neon sign. If you just want to add something playful to your home or dorm room this neon sign won’t let you down.

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14. Custom House Portrait Watercolor

Any homeowner will appreciate this custom house portrait watercolor of their home. Whether you need a gift for your parents or just yourself these personalized home portraits will make a great addition to the living room.

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15. Subway Wall Coat Hooks

Add a bit of urban flair to your apartment or home with this subway wall coat hooks. Whether it’s for your coat, purse, or scarfs the colorful metro stops on this coat hook will hold just about anything.

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16. Hookey Ring Toss Game

Who doesn’t love a classic ring toss game on a summer day. Grab a few friends and a few brews and you’ll be having a blast throwing rings at this ring toss game for points. Best of all it’s a lot safer than darts and easier to get the hang of!

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17. Bao Dumpling Light

Who doesn’t love a classic pork bao, no one can resist what lies within a bao dumpling. Finally you can bring back the joy of eating dumplings to your living room with this incredibly cute bao dumpling light.

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18. Balloon Garland Kit

Add some color and fun to a party with this pastel balloon garland kit. If you’re hosting a graduation party or even a baby shower everyone will love this bundle of balloons around the bar or decorating the room.

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19. Mini Cactus Planters

Everyone needs a little cactus in their life and this mini cactus planter is perfection at miniature scale. This mini cactus is about an inch tall so it will easily fit on any desk or even on a window sill.

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20. Rose Wine Bath Bombs

Turn bath time into an oasis with these rose wine bath bombs. Loaded with coconut oil these bath bombs are sure to give anyone a relaxing bath after a tough day. Turn your boring old bath water into a glittering pink oasis Each one is scented like rosé wine 10 bath bombs in each packet Seriously shimmery Packed with nourishing ingredients like coconut oil

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21. Personalized Leather Coasters

Customize these leather coasters to make the perfect gift, whether you chose someone’s initials or ‘his’ and ‘hers’ these coasters will make a great gift for any occasion. These coasters are handmade in Tampa, Florida and are sure to keep your table free of marks.

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22. Macrame Photo Display

Ditch the boring frames — add some artistic flair to your home or office decor with this macrame photo display. A work of art in its own right, this stylish wall hanging gives your favorite photos an extra pop. Great for your own home, and as wedding or housewarming gifts.

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23. Game of Thrones Door Mat

Plain ole welcome mats are played out. It’s time to go with something fresh, funny and bold with this Game of Thrones Door Mat. When guests come knocking, they’ll love this awesome tribute to Game of Thrones. As a humorous home decor piece, it gives them something to wipe their feet on and contemplate. They’ll think of Hodor’s season 6 death scene every time they visit. And they might even…

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We hope we helped you find the ultimate housewarming gift! For more gift ideas check out our list of cool home stuff.

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