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Who doesn’t love camping! Take your camping trip to the next level with this list of cool camping gadgets and gear. Whether you’re an experienced camper or planning a casual camping trip there is sure to be an accessory here for you.

1. Campfire Popcorn Cooker

Elevate your campfire tales with some poppin’ snacks using this sturdy campfire popcorn cooker! Durable as your love for the outdoors, this metal maestro turns a few kernels into a feast under the stars. Compact enough to join any adventure, yet big on flavor, it’s your go-to for that perfect, crunchy treat. So gather ’round the fire, it’s time to turn those kernels into memories!

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2. RovyVon Aurora A8 Flashlight

Light up the dark with the RovyVon Aurora A8 Flashlight – a pocket-sized powerhouse! With a new Lock mode, say goodbye to accidental turn-ons. Need light in a flash? Just long-press for a 650-lumen beam. It’s magnetic, too, so stick it anywhere metal for hands-free brilliance. Plus, with 10 modes, this little light is ready for anything. And don’t sweat the power – it’s USB-C rechargeable. Bright, versatile, and ready…

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3. EDC Waterproof Peanut Lighter

The EDC Waterproof Peanut Lighter is a classic essential in a compact package. Its timeless waterproof design is now upgraded with a long-lasting replaceable wick, and each package includes six flints, a windproof wick, and two waterproof O-rings. Stay prepared, rain or shine!

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4. Camping Logbook

Elevate your outdoor adventures by chronicling them in meticulous detail with The Camping Logbook. This beautifully crafted hardcover logbook provides a canvas for capturing your camping experiences. With over seventy pages of entry space, including room for extensive notes and even image inserts, it ensures that every moment of your outdoor journey is preserved, making it a cherished keepsake for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

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5. Solar Fire Starter

Unleash the power of the sun with the Solar Fire Starter, your pocket-sized partner for igniting blazes with ease. Harness the sun’s rays to swiftly and conveniently spark a fire, making it an essential (and potentially life-saving) tool for outdoor enthusiasts. Perfect as a holiday gift or a nifty stocking stuffer for friends and relatives, this solar wonder is more than just a pretty gadget. With its air and water-tight…

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6. Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein

The Stanley Adventure Big Grip Beer Stein is the perfect companion for beer enthusiasts who want to keep their brews cold for hours! This 24-ounce stein features vacuum-insulated double walls that can keep your drink chilled for up to 5 hours or slightly chilled for up to 20 hours. But wait, there’s more! You can also use it to keep your coffee or tea hot for up to 60 minutes.…

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7. Barebones Edison Mini Lantern

Do you need a fashionable and useful lantern? It is best to use the Barebones Edison Mini Lantern. Its small size and long battery life make it great for camping trips or just as a fun decoration for your home. You won’t be in the dark either, thanks to the 100 lumens of light.

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9. SUV Camping Window Tent

Make car camping a bit more fun by adding a window tent to your SUV. This nifty gadget attaches to your SUV’s window so you can get some airflow in your car without letting bugs in.

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10. Pure Titanium Multi Utensil

The EATI is one of the most useful camping gadget made from titanium. This titanium multi utensil is built to open boxes, cut cords, slice bread, light fires, eat, and even pry open a beer. So whether you love hiking or just picnicking at the beach the EATI makes many tasks easy with all it’s built in tools.

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11. Hydro Flask Travel Mug

Camping, road trips, just a late night at the office, the Hydro Flask comes in handy no matter where you want a hot beverage. This travel mug from Hydro Flask will keep your coffee warm for hours. This coffee mug will also keep cold drinks cold for hours as well. With the included lid you won’t have to worry about random splashes from your drink as well.

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13. GoPro HERO8 Black

GoPro’s latest creation is here with the HERO8 Black. This GoPro packs insane features like its new HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization and 4K slow-mo video. If you’re someone who loves to film the action this new GoPro is for you. Plus with its new expandable slot system you can hook up a microphone, screen, and even portable light for on the go vlogging. Up to UHD 4K Video, Slow Motion HyperSmooth…

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14. Portable Triple Hammock Stand

Relax in style with 2 friends with this portable triple hammock stand! This incredible device will hold up to 1200 pounds while supporting three hammocks. Tons of fun for a camping trip or just the backyard.

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15. Fine Edge Gerber Keychain Knife

Sometimes you need a tiny blade on your keychain for cutting open boxes or even rope. It’s always useful to have a fine edge on you and the Gerber Key Note will make a great addition to any keychain. Just don’t forget to remove it if you’re going to the airport with your keys! Throw it in your pocket or on your keys and forget it; with it’s compact design,…

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16. Sleeping Bag for Dogs

Give your dog the bed they deserve while camping with the Ruffwear sleeping bag for dog. This lightweight sleeping bag is a no brainer if you bring your pup camping, especially to keep your dog warm in colder climates.

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17. Zippo Hand Warmer

Tis the season for freezing phalanges! The Zipper Hand Warmer is here for the rescue. Bring it along while hiking, camping, tailgating, or wherever your mittens just won’t cut it.

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18. Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Outdoor Speaker

The music lover in your family will love bumping to beats out of the Bose SoundLink Micro. This handy portable speaker uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone to play music just about anywhere. With a fully waterproof body and 6 hours of battery life it makes it a fun accessory for the backyard or even camping!

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19. Collapsible Kayak

If you’ve ever been in a kayak you know how much fun they can be on a backcountry trip. The only thing is the hassle of mounting your kayak to your car, well this collapsible kayak is here to save the day. Built with double-wall polypropylene and the ability to withstand 20,000 folds this foldable kayak will last you years.

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20. Anker Powerhouse: Portable Battery

Everyone knows how important it is to have a battery for your phone or even laptop and the Anker Powerhouse will keep you covered for an entire weekend of camping or even a power outage. With over 40 phone charges and a dedicated outlet you’ll be able to power just about anything.

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21. GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro is back with super smooth 4k footage

The latest GoPro Hero 7 features a stunning smooth stabilization for your action videos. Perfect for anyone who wants to record their adventures. It also includes it’s iconic waterproof design, great photo features, and even voice commands to capture when your hands are full. You can even live stream to Facebook right from the GoPro.

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22. Tough Ultralight Survival Tent

Don’t Die in the Woods

Roughin’ it has never been so easy with this NASA inspired survival tent. The “Don’t Die in the Woods” tent pack is the toughest ultralight emergency tent on earth. It can be set up in a snap and provides adventurers with shelter built to withstand any weather. The exterior features NASA grade mylar that uses your body’s heat to keep you comfortable in warm or cold temperatures, preparing you for…

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23. Compact Folding Hammock

Relax and put your feet up just about anywhere with this portable compact folding hammock. No longer will you need two trees to setup your hammock just unfold this hammock and you’ll be ready to relax just about anywhere, perfect for camping!

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24. Piggyback Rider Harness System

Carry your kid in style with this piggyback rider harness system. Just snap your kid and yourself in and you’ll be carrying your kid with ease. Great for a day at the amusement park or a hike while camping. No more fiddling with strollers or wagons with this harness system.

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25. EverRatchet: Ratchet Keychain Tool

It’s always handy to have a ratchet in your pocket. The EverRatchet keeps you well equipped; with its 1/4″ ratchet, fire flint, scraper, 7 wrenches, bottle & box opener and more all in one tool. Perfect for throwing on your keychain and being prepared for any situation that comes your way. Stainless Steel and Titanium versions are available, additionally, a Flint2Go fire flint and #2 Phillips Bit are included.

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26. Star Wars Death Star Fire Pit

That's no moon

Star Wars lovers, brace yourselves… The Death Star is here.. and it’s the fire! Seriously. There’s no other fire pit as bada$$ as this… It’s forged from high quality metal by a master welder who served in the Korean War. His metal wizardry is a result of decades of experience. This high quality fire pit is nothing short of magnificent… From the dark side, it radiates heat and true craftsmanship.…

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27. Bellyak: Laydown Kayaks

If you love to Kayak and would like to switch it up these Laydown Kayaks by Bellyak allow you to combine the awesome feeling of swimming with kayaking. Just lie down in a prone position and paddle away. The Bellyak is a great way to add a new twist to your typical river trip. You’ll have a blast on the river with this unique outdoor experience. Most models weigh around…

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28. GoPro Hero: New $199 GoPro

GoPro is back with a new “Hero” granted lacking in 4k GoPro’s latest action cam only costs $199! It has all of the great features of newer GoPros like a 10mp camera, voice control and a touchscreen with a fantastic price tag (plus it’s waterproof). Great for anyone who loves to travel and wants to capture their adventures on a budget. It also works great as a cheap vlogging camera.

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29. Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

Through hell or high water, fire when you need it.  The awesome fire starting zippo kit is your best friend when you’re  battling the elements trying to get a fire going. It can stand up to wind, rain, ice and snow. Every outdoor enthusiast needs one of these bad boy fire starters in their pocket. This lightweight zippo is a life saver and is a mandatory part of your nature…

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32. Money to Burn Fire Starter

Start a fire and a laugh with these money to burn fire starters. Instead of a boring starter log or newspaper use these fake rolled up $100 bills. 6 come in a set so you’ll be warm all summer long.

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33. goTenna: Text & GPS on Your Phone, Without Service

Whether you’re skiing or camping you know how annoying it can be to get ahold of your friends (or even kids!) well the goTenna solves messaging without cell service. the goTenna Mesh uses an app to communicate (plus share locations!) with friends or family who also have a goTenna on them. With 4 mile point to point range and 24 hour battery life it’s the perfect accessory for throwing in…

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34. Hands-Free Umbrella

This isn’t your Mary Poppins style umbrella. Nope. This rain device is innovative, and hands-free.  No gripping a silly handle and fighting fierce winds. No holding on for dear life, or perfectly positioning your umbrella  to stay dry. Just slide it on, and stroll through the rain without a care! Its UFO-shaped base protects your arms and body, while the top keeps your hair and face perfectly dry. You’re even safe from sneak attacks…

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35. Inflatable Car Air Mattress

Camping is a blast but setting up a tent can be a pain. Why set up a tent when you have a perfectly good area to sleep in your Subaru! This inflatable car air mattress is perfect for the constant campers. Plus with its included pump you can easily fill it up using your car’s cigarette lighter.

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36. Wearable Sleeping Bags

Finally you can wake up after camping and stay in your sleeping bag all day. These wearable sleeping bags are perfect for the avid camper who wants to stay warm. Plus it has zip off slippers so you can wear your own shoes or warm footies with the sleeping bag.

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37. Windproof Foldable Camping Stove

Ever finding yourself wanting the ability to summon flames? “Man, I have these two beautiful steaks with me, but nothing to cook them.” Solution? A windproof foldable camping stove. Perfect for your backpacking adventure, your tailgate, or your campsite. The compact design ensures an easy gadget to take with you and it’s sturdy structure will ensure it comes with you for countless journeys. Best part? It is totally windproof! Unlike a…

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38. Myard Human Skull Fire Pit Log

Looking to enhance your backyard space with a touch of spookiness? This highly detailed Human Skull Log made by Myard could be that perfect addition. It is steel reinforced and can withstand temperatures of 3000+ degrees! It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and offers your fire pit a touch of spooky whimsy. It is made for Gas and Natural Gas fire pits (not recommended for wood) and will be sure…

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39. Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag

Have you ever wondered how bears keep warm through the deep chill of winter? How do they manage to hibernate deep in caves or thick brush and not become defeated by the harsh elements? Step into the world of a bear with this Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag. Take on the cold heartless chill of winter as you snuggle deep in the caverns of a bear’s soul. This delightfully large, warm,…

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40. Mystical Fire Flame Colorant

Check out this delightful way to add some color to your next bonfire party or camping trip. Mystical Fire is a flame colorant that turns any regular orange, yellow, and red fire to a rainbow of color. It’s safe, usable inside or out, and is the perfect addition to any gathering.   Just toss in 3 packets and you’ll have over an hour of colorful flames.

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41. Tough Portable Coffee Maker

Brew up a K-Cup anywhere with this tough portable coffee maker. With it’s dust and water resistant body it’ll withstand anything you can throw at it. A perfect addition to any camp site to quickly brew up a coffee in the morning.

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42. Portable LED Light Rope and Lantern

Check out this powerful and compact rope light or more appropriately, Luminoodle! It is a portable LED light rope and lantern. It plugs into any USB port to maintain power, but lasts for several hours on the stock battery. It is waterproof and durable which makes it a perfect addiction to any outdoor adventure or exploration. It also makes a perfect patio addition, as it offers a great deal of…

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43. Water Proof Socks

So there I was… deep in the jungles of Brazil with only a canteen of water and half a pack of Melba toast rounds. Was I cold? Yes. Was I alone? Yes. Was I drenched from head to toe? NO. Just from head to ankle thanks to my Shower Pass Crosspoint Waterproof socks!!   Regardless of the elements, these socks will provide lasting comfort and support that are unmatched. When it…

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44. Pronto – Fast Charging Battery Pack

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a dead phone battery. That’s what Pronto is here to solve, with the ability to hold enough charge for an iPhone 5 in 5 minutes you’ll always be on the go. Compared to other chargers the Pronto’s battery charges extremely fast. Along with it’s ability to charge fast it’ll also charge your devices fast with it’s high power USB port giving the right…

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45. Portable Washing Machine

Whether you’re camping or a vagabond clean clothes are always nice to know. With this portable washing machine by Scrubba you can wash your clothes just about anywhere. With its flexible internal washboard inside you know your clothes will be getting squeeky clean just about anywhere you go.

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46. Carabiner with Hook

When you need a hook it’s usually hard to find, especially while camping. This carabiner with hook is super useful from hanging a light to holding up your tent you’ll find thousands of uses for this thing. Better yet it’s also compact and the hook folds into itself!


47. Full Body Sleeping Bag

Say I love to camp all the time with this wearable sleeping bag that covers your entire body. Staying warm while outside is crucial and it couldn’t be easier than with the Selk’bag 4g full body sleeping bag. No more in and out of your sleeping bag now you can just wear it while sitting by the campfire.

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With these cool camping gadgets and gear, you can elevate your camping experience to new heights. From the latest tech gadgets to practical gear, this list has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned camper or just starting out. So, get ready to make your next camping trip an unforgettable one with these must-have accessories.

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