Borg Longsleeve Shirt

Is there a cooler looking enemy in Star Trek than the Borg? Probably not. And now, you can freak your friends out with this super detailed longsleeve shirt based on the revised Borg designs from Star Trek: First Contact! Whether it’s part of a costume, or you just feel like dressing for a day of casual assimilation, you can’t go wrong here.

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Finally a stylish flip flop for the fishing trip to the lake. These fish flip flops surround your feet in fishy goodness. Best…

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Show off some Wookie swag with this officially licensed reversible Chewbacca jacket. That’s no moon on the front! it’s the Rebel symbol to easily appear to…

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Carrying a bunch of screws and nails gets annoying when you’re working on just about anything in construction. The MagnoGrip magnetic wristband is…

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Transform into a comfy and totally cool being in this furry and soft Chewbacca Robe from the always awesome movie Star Wars. Having…

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Whether it’s a friend or a mosquito this “F**k off” candle will say it for you. It’ll ward away bugs with its citronella…

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