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It’s a great time for Star Trek right now. With Discovery fleshing out the histories of characters from the original series, and Picard showing how the galaxy has changed in the decades since The Next Generation concluded, followers of the franchise are getting the best of both worlds.

If there’s a Trekkie (or Trekker) in your life you’d like to please, but you haven’t been assimilated yet, finding the perfect Star Trek gift out of a such an expansive and storied media property can be a daunting task. We’re here to help you set a course for a happy fan at maximum warp. Make it so, and you’ll be their number one!

Spock Coffee Mug

Beam up your morning brew with the Spock Coffee Mug, perfect for Star Trek fans and coffee aficionados alike! This isn’t just any mug; it’s a 20-ounce ceramic tribute to the galaxy’s coolest Vulcan. Whether you’re gearing up for a day of adventure or simply enjoying a quiet morning, this mug is your loyal companion. It’s like having a bit of the USS Enterprise in your kitchen. Live long and…

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Star Trek Wines

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sip a Cardassian Kanar at Quark’s bar? Well now you can find out! And what’s better, you don’t even have to worry about Morn talking your ears off all night! Star Trek wines offers a robust selection of the sci-fi giant’s fabled refreshments, from Chateau Picard to Klingon Bloodwine. You can even get Romulan Ale without evading the long, shapeshifting…

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Star Trek Cats

Captain’s log: we’ve encounter a stunning book full of hand illustrated cats in iconic Star Trek scenes. The Star Trek Cats book features 64 pages of cats dressed up as your favorite Trek characters. From Kirk to Spock there is a furry friend here to represent just about every iconic character.

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Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Multitool

Glory to you and your house projects! This neat little multitool comes in the shape of the iconic Klingon weapon from Star Trek: The Next Generation (and others), allowing you to drive screws, tighten bolts, and open bottles and more like a warrior. With your trusty bat’leth in your pocket, victory is assured! Qapla’!

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There’s Coffee in that Nebula Shirt

This is the best thing Captain Janeway has ever said, and yes, she really said that. This shirt makes for a great conversation starter, because Voyager fans will love the reference, and non-fans might just have their interest piqued!

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“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot” Mug

Enjoy Captain Picard’s drink of choice in this detailed mug! With a design based on Starfleet computers’ LCARS interface, this novelty mug holds up under scrutiny from even the most detail-obsessed fan. If only making tea were as easy as barking orders at the wall!

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Borg Longsleeve Shirt

Is there a cooler looking enemy in Star Trek than the Borg? Probably not. And now, you can freak your friends out with this super detailed longsleeve shirt based on the revised Borg designs from Star Trek: First Contact! Whether it’s part of a costume, or you just feel like dressing for a day of casual assimilation, you can’t go wrong here.

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Star Trek Uniform Dog Collar

These adorable dog collars perfect for when you’re boldly going on walkies with your Porthos or Number 1! After all, when you’re headed where no man has gone before, you’ll want to bring man’s best friend.

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Star Trek Pajamas

Trek yourself in to bed at night with this comfy Starfleet sleepwear! Available in gold, blue, and red, you can dress for any one of the ship’s duties, but please, feel free to fall asleep at your post!

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Body By Starfleet: A Fitness Guide

Whether you’re exploring strange new worlds, or boldly going to try to open the pickle jar, Body By Starfleet contains the fitness routines you’ll need to keep your New Year’s resolutions far into the future! With simple, clear instructions that can be followed from almost anywhere, you won’t even need to load up Cargo Bay 4 with exercise equipment, so you can keep fit and healthy during your next away…

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Live Long And Prosper Car Decal

Road rage is a most human phenomenon. Next time you’re on the road, why not extend the gesture peace and long life to your fellow drivers with this friendly Vulcan hand salute? Spock would have to agree, the commutes of the many can be brightened by the stickers of the few!

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Star Trek Sun Shield

Keep your car cool while keeping your car cool. Any fan of Star Trek will appreciate this Star Trek sun shield. The ultimate way to show you’re a Trekkie while your car is parked.

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Funko POP Worf Action Figure

The Next Generation’s beloved Klingon lieutenant might not be pleased to see this adorable version of himself, but if you tell him it’s a great honor and pour him a glass of prune juice, we’re sure he’ll get over it. The elder son of Mogh has never looked cuter!

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Star Trek Catan

Test your cunning and diplomatic prowess against your friends in this Trek-inspired version of the classic Settlers of Catan strategy game. Special Character cards bring the abilities of your favorite Enterprise crewmembers into play, augmenting the core Catan gameplay and ramping up the fun as you build supply routes between worlds and try to avoid raids from the Klingons on your quest to be the greatest Federation hero at the…

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Personalized Star Trek Decanter

Star Trek has always been about a brighter future, and now you can toast to that undiscovered country in stellar style with this Star Trek-themed rocks glass and decanter set! With special custom etched text, you can commemorate people, events, or even your favorite starship with the kind of class and sophistication that would be welcome on the shelves of Ten Forward. It’s just a shame that Aldebaran Whiskey doesn’t…

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Star Trek Polo Shirts

Whether you’re playing Racquetball against Dr. Bashir, or just want to show off your arms while you karate-chop a Gorn, these Star Trek themed polo shirts are a great outdoorsy way to spread love for your indoorsy obsession!

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Star Trek Spock with Ears Crew Socks

Spock himself might not see the logic in it, but he would undoubtedly find them…fascinating. The ears are what really complete the picture, though. Who wouldn’t want to step into Spock’s brain? Well, who besides McCoy?

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Star Trek The Next Generation Socks

For those who prefer a certain formality on their feet, these socks are modeled after Starfleet uniforms from the late 24th century. Each pack includes a red, blue, and gold pair, so that your shipmates can tell whether your feet work in Command, Sciences, or Operations.

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Star Trek Live Long & Prosper T-Shirt

An iconic line, and also just a nice thing to say. You don’t even have to be a Star Trek fan to appreciate the words first spoken by Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but there’s no better way to flex your geek cred while also representing the wholesome values that make Star Trek so enduring and special.

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Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Beam me up, Scotty! What, nobody ever said that on the show? Well, nothing is stopping you! This authentically modeled communicator pairs to any Bluetooth capable phone, allowing you to answer calls with the very device that inspired the earliest cell phone designs. The high-quality design materials and the capacity for wireless charging make this a perfect prop that doesn’t skimp on the details and is the closest you can get to using the real thing.

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Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker

Hailing frequencies open! Modeled after The Next Generation’s iconic NCC-1701-D, this novelty Bluetooth speaker features galaxy-class sound quality for music and also includes a bank of built-in sounds from the show, like photon torpedoes and red alert klaxons. It also makes for a great relaxation aid, with a 60-minute loop of the calming, gentle humming of the warp engines to lull you to sleep in the knowledge that you’re being safeguarded by the finest crew in Starfleet.

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Air Hogs Enterprise-A Remote Control Drone

Nothing caps off a long day of rescuing humpback whales quite like taking your new ship out for a spin! Based on the classic ship design from Star Trek IV through VI, this flying remote control drone also features authentic lights and sound effects for the complete experience. Helm ready, captain…let’s see what she’s got!

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Star Trek: Discovery Black Badge

With this screen-accurate replica, you can represent the mysterious Section 31 with their sleek and ominous black comm badge! A magnetic clasp holds it in place without damaging your clothes, making it an ideal cosplay prop.

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Borg Puzzle Cube

The Borg are not to be trifled with, except when they are! Much like the hive mind of the Borg themselves, every part of this hilarious puzzle is identical, making it impossible to solve. A solution is futile!

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Klingon Silk Tie

If you want to bring honor and glory to your formal wear, you can’t Gowron with this stylish silk tie! With black Klingon lettering and a deep red Heart of Virtue insignia at the tie’s peak, Kahless himself would be proud. Qapla’!

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Mr. Spock Business Card Holder

Throw up your ‘Spock’ to all the on-lookers in your office. Represent yourself and the man we all love. Great little trinket to display your business cards. Touch into your geeky side and make a few nerd friends along the way. How many people do you expect to throw a Spock right back at you? (Honestly no one will, but that is ok, because we here at awesome stuff still…

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Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Cruise through your pizza like the Enterprise in space. This Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter is a must have for any pizza or Star Trek junkie (preferably both). With its full metal design this pizza cutter is not only cool stylistically, but is a quality product that will prepare your slice for years to come.

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In conclusion, with the Star Trek universe expanding and evolving, there has never been a better time to celebrate your favorite Trekkie or Trekker with a gift that shows you care. From the latest series like Discovery and Picard to the classics that started it all, there is a wide array of Star Trek merchandise available. But finding the perfect gift in such an expansive and storied media property can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, we have curated a collection of Star Trek gifts that will delight any fan, from the casual viewer to the most devoted follower. So go ahead, set a course for a happy fan at maximum warp, and make it so. You’ll be their number one!

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