Spin the Shot

Push through your party’s dry spell with a game of Spin the Shot! With a quick flick the drink arrow will spin around the shot and pick it’s next drunken victim. There’s a shot glass included so you’ll be able to party right out of the box, just ass alcohol  Plus if you combine this with an Ice Luge you’re sure to have a real drunken orgy at your house.

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If you picked up the iPhone 7 you probably noticed the lack of a headphone jack. The included headphones still have a boring…


These zombies know exactly how to get the juiciest, plumpest brain out there; hang out near books. These hilarious and trendy Mustard Zombie…

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After you’ve entertained yourself with Tiger King on Netflix breakout this Tiger King activity book. Stuffed with artwork to color, word searches, crosswords,…

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