Bubble Wrap Suit

We’ve all done it.  You get a package in the mail, and the bubble wrap is in the box.  It just begs you to be popped.  You resist at first, but you can’t help yourself.  So you grab the plastic, and immediately start popping.  Once you start, you can’t stop until the entire thing of wrap is gone.

Now, what if you could buy a suit made entirely of bubble wrap.  How cool would it be to walk around in bubble wrap, watching the looks on everyone’s faces as they see you, want to reach out and start popping those bubbles, but they can’t.  How rude would that be, to just walk up to a complete strangers and start popping the bubble wrap?  Now, why would someone want a bubble wrap suit?  Well, it is made of plastic, so you could wear it on a rainy day to keep dry.  Especially good if you’re going to be at an outdoor sporting event.  Nothing like sitting around a bunch of people who’ve been drinking all day, and they still have to resist the temptation to reach out and pop you.  Bubble wrap is a protectant of sorts, so you could wear the suit on a bike ride.  If you fall, you will be cushioned by the bubbles.  Or wear it skateboarding, ice skating, anything in which you may fall.   Or, the best idea of all:  Halloween.  A great costume to wear to a party, especially if there’s a contest for most unique.

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