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Collection of cool backpacks for school, travel, college, and everything else that will come your way. This is the perfect list if you just want to look cool on campus or need a unique way to carry your cat.

1. Housefly Backpack

Buzz into the fashion scene with the eccentric yet stylish housefly backpack. With adjustable straps and a convenient zipper closure, this backpack brings a whole new definition to “fly”. Available in genuine leather or vegan-friendly faux leather, this offbeat accessory is guaranteed to attract more attention than an actual housefly at a picnic.

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2. Geometric Luminous Backpack

This unique backpack is covered in reflective triangles that will appear rainbow when light is shined on them. Perfect for visibility at night or just a party trick when you throw your phone’s flashlight on it.

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3. Capsule Pet Travel Backpack

Cruise around with your cat or pup in this breathable backpack with clear back so your pet can travel with ease. Great for taking your pet to the airport or even taking your animal to the vet.

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4. Yoda Jedi Training Backpack

Who wouldn’t love to train with Yoda in Jedi Training like Luke in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This Yoda Backpack is sure to show everyone your love for Star Wars. Fantastic for storing your favorite movies and lightsaber in while out on the town.

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5. Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Backpack

Here at awesomestufftobuy we can’t really get enough of that gamer nostalgia. Take one peak at this Space Invaders Arcade Cabinet Backpack and you’ll see what we mean. True to form, this Space Invaders Backpack replicates the classic Arcade Cabinet iteration from 1978. It holds all the glory of the original in art and design. It offers some practical value as well, with magnetic closures for ease of access and…

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6. Cheeseburger Backpack

Fans of Steven Universe are sure to recognize this iconic Cheeseburger Backpack. Perfect for carrying your lettuce filled lunch to school or work. You don’t even have to be a Steven Universe fan to wear this delicious backpack. Fans of a classic cheeseburger will love filling this pack with all types of goodies.


7. Bubble Backpack Cat Transporter

Taking your cat everywhere can get annoying, especially with an unsightly leash. This backpack designed to carry your kitty around has a nice bubble for them to look out upon the world during your adventures.

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8. Snapchat Backpack

Show your support for Snapchat with this very unique official Snapchat backpack. Perfect gift for a teen Snapchat fan or even a social media manager. Oh and by the way the ghost’s name is Ghostface Chillah. There are also an official stuffed ghost.

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9. Green Leaf Backpack

It’s exciting to rock a cool backpack, and this leaf inspired backpack is no exception to the rule. This is sure to catch anyone’s eye on the campus (plus it’s not something you’ll find at Target).


10. TravelBoy Backpack

Take your handheld Nintendo on the go with you! Ok, so it isn’t actually a GameBoy, but as far as I know a GameBoy can’t tote around 50lbs worth of your shit – so HA! This cool pack from our friends at ThinkGeek reeks of nostalgia and is a beautiful addition to any nerd who takes their laptop or clothes on the go. Now if only they could make one…

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11. Solar Panel USB Charger

Charge your iPhone and all of your gadgets when you’re roaming in the desert with this solar panel usb charger. You’ll be able to charge your phone in a few hours perfect for throwing on your backpack and using on a long hike.

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We hope you enjoyed our list of cool backpacks! Please let us know if you have any backpack suggestions for our list.

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