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Add a bit of ambiance to any room with this collection of cool lamps. Whether you need a small reading lamp or a fun light to add ambient light to your room we’ve found all the creative options you’ll love.

1. Retro Wavy Amber Light

Illuminate your space with a blast from the past using the Retro Wavy Amber Light. This tabletop gem channels the soul of the 70s with its vintage design and warm golden glow. It’s the ideal piece for adding a cozy, nostalgic ambiance to any room, making it feel like a groovy haven straight out of the disco era.

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2. Cute Cat Night Light

Light up your little one’s nights with this adorable cat night light, a dreamy addition to any cat lover’s bedroom. Designed to stay on for up to twelve hours, it’s ideal for ensuring a full night’s comfort. The sleep training setting is a helpful bonus for establishing bedtime routines. With a gentle tap on its soft silicone body, this charming light switches between twelve delightful colors, creating a soothing and…

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3. Light Up Maple Tree Lamp

Who needs to wait for fall to enjoy those cozy, golden autumn feels? With the Light Up Maple Tree Lamp, you’re just a flick away from perpetual October! Standing at a cute two feet tall, this lamp showers your space in a warm, mellow glow, making every night feel like Thanksgiving dinner minus the family drama.

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4. Mushroom Lamp

Enhance your bedside ambiance with the Mushroom Lamp. Crafted from a combination of rich walnut and sleek beech wood, this mushroom-shaped lamp boasts a uniquely textured wood surface that exudes natural elegance. Illuminate your space with style and sophistication, thanks to the fusion of contemporary design and organic materials found in this cool lamp.

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5. Edison Table Lamp

Add some retro charm to your decor with this Edison table lamp. The oversized 500-lumen bulb stands at a towering 18 inches tall by 11 inches wide, giving off enough light to make any room shine. Plus, its unique design will surely turn heads and spark some great conversation.

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6. Planet Lamps

Looking for a way to bring the universe into your home? Look no further than these planet lamps! These lamps are made by hand out of plastic and real NASA photos. You can choose from 7 different models, including the sun, Jupiter, and even Pluto. Illuminate your space and get lost in the stars with these out-of-this-world lamps.

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7. Magnetic Floating Wireless Light

Sick of the same old bedside lamps? With this magnetic floating wireless light, you can give your space the ultimate wow factor. These unusual lamps, which employ magical magnetic technology, will make your visitors stop and stare. They not only have a futuristic appearance, but they also produce a warm, inviting atmosphere that will enchant you each time you get into bed. So, whether you’re an early riser or a…

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8. Sitting Robot Industrial Lamp

Light up your room with some company using this steampunk styled industrial robot lamp. Built with pipes this lamp is sure to drawn just about anyone’s attention entering your home.

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9. Matrix Code Lamp

Enter the Matric every day with this uniquely futuristic lamp. This geeky accessory will make a great addition to any bedroom or gamer cave.

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10. RGB Cloud Light

Bring some colorful clouds to your bedroom with this adjustable RGB LED light cloud. This handmade lamp is battery-powered and includes a bluetooth lights with app control, colors, and multiple styles.

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11. Modern MI LED Desk LAMP 1S

The MI LED desk lamp 1S features an incredibly modern & minimal design. Best of all this lamp allows you to control the brightness and color temperature of the light making it a perfect lamp for day or night use. Additionally it has Apple HomeKit integration for controlling from an iOS device.

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12. Adjustable Dinosaur Lamp

Add a touch of light to your bedroom or office with this adjustable dinosaur lamp. The head of this little prehistoric friend lights up making it a unique way to add ambient light to any room. Best of all it’s available in black walnut and white to match your aesthetic.

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13. Black Raven Table Lamp

From your desk to a reading room this black raven table lamp will make fans of Edgar Allan Poe go wild. This ominous lamp is 7.2 inches tall and can be purchased sitting or standing.

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14. Modern Corner Floor Lamp

Bring a modern touch to any room with this unique corner floor lamp. Designed with RGB colors controllable with the included remote it’s sure to be an eye catching piece in any room.

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15. Saturn Night Light

This Saturn night light will be the interstellar touch every bedroom needs. This unique bedside light comes in 3 sizes and has a battery that lasts 6+ hours.

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16. Modern Circle Desk Lamp

Bring a touch of modern to your desk or bedroom with this unique circular lamp that features multiple colors. With 6 lighting modes and 7 colors the possibilities are endless!

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17. Boba Tea Light

Light up your desk just like a sweet cup of boba-tea lights up your face! This battery powered light reveals shadows of boba pearls when it’s in use, which explains why it looks so happy. With a tummy full of tapioca, you would be too!

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18. Fire Breathing Dragon Table Lamp

Bring the power and might of a fire breathing dragon to your bedside with this epic dragon table lamp. This incredible lamp has the appearance of a dragon blowing a fiery red flame out of its mouth. A great addition to any fantasy lover’s bedroom or living room.

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19. Kylo Ren Lightsaber Room Light

Is there a more comfortable way to sleep at night than under the sinister red glow of a deadly weapon? No, obviously! And not only does it look awesome, but it’s a great tool to help teach children how electronic devices operate by building one of their own through a cool mixture of science fiction and science fact. Once they have constructed a new lightsaber, their skills will be complete!

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20. Nuclear Explosion Lamp

Bombs away! Bring a nuclear winter to your living room with this realistic nuclear explosion lamp. This lamp features an incredible mushroom cloud with a red warm light in the middle.

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21. Zelda Potion Jar Light

Light up your room with this Legend of Zelda potion jar light. This battery powered light is a great addition to a Zelda fan’s bedroom, bathroom, or game room! Best of all you can press the top to cycle between 5 different colors.

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22. Interactive Cloud Lamp

Add a unique touch to any room with this interactive cloud lamp designed by Richard Clarkson. With multiple color modes the LED lights inside create unique effects and cal also flast to the beat of your favorite music.

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23. PlayStation Icons Light

PlayStation gamers unite! Enjoy the classic triangle, circle, X and square of the PlayStation controller with this unique PS icons lamp. An ideal addition to any Playstation gamer’s gaming room. It also has 3 different light modes including standard lighting and music reactive modes.

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24. Heng Balance Lamp

This unique lamp turns off and on using a magnetic switch suspended in the middle of the lamp. The Heng Balance lamp is the perfect way to add a modern touch to your bedroom, home, or even office desk.

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25. Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

Everyone remembers the ghosts that chase you all over Pac-Man. Now any retro gamer can relish the 8-bit era with this Pac-Man ghost lamp. Best of all it changes through 16 color options or you can set it to change colors while you play music.

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26. Rechargeable 3D Moon Lamp

Keep a full moon in your room with this incredible rechargeable 3D moon lamp. It looks great from all angles with its unique 3D shape. Just add it to your night stand or bookshelf for a great way to add ambient light to any room.

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28. Pac-Man Lamp

Who doesn’t love the classic game Pac-Man, well now you be reminded of your favorite 8-bit character with this Pac-Man lamp. Whether you have a gaming den or just want to fill your office with something geeky this lamp will be a great addition.

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30. Industrial Edison Lamp

Add a bit of rustic charm to your living room or even office with this industrial looking Edison lamp. This distinct looking lamp will add a manly touch to just about any room with its exposed bulb design and pipe arm.

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31. Spiral LED Lamp

Awesome in every direction

Add a touch of modern to any room with this unique spiral LED table lamp. With ambient light pouring from each direction this lamp is great for a side table or even your office desk.

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32. Levitating Cloud Lamp

Adding this magnetically levitating ambient Cloud Lamp is sure to give any living room a designer touch. The cloud’s built in lighting and floating mechanism is sure to wow just about anyone. A built-in microphone listens for music to flash to the beat of your music in four different styles. From simple white to colored lights the cloud includes a range of modes controlled by its remote.

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33. Glowing Cloud Lamp

If you’re looking to add a bit of creative flare to a room these light up cloud lamps are sure to add a splash of originality anywhere. Your room will feel heavenly with these lamps illuminating the night plus they’ll look great on your Instagram feed. They come in a cool white for a thunderous look or a warm white for that sunny day vibe. Also makes for the perfect addition…

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34. Unicorn Lamp

Two Words: Brilliant Majesty. This splendid unicorn lamp will be the shining star in your room or office. It’s hand crafted and carries an air of whimsy that everyone can fall in love with. Unicorns may be extinct, but with a tiny bit of magic and this beautiful lamp, the day will come when unicorns will rise from the ashes.

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35. Giant Floor Lamp

Desk lamps are sweet, so why not have an oversized one? This eight foot floor lamp is designed to look like those sweet little guys that adorned dorm room desks the world over, and is every bit as adjustable. Why It’s Awesome You can feel like you live in the start of a Pixar movie People when shout WOW when entering your home Who needs a car when you can…

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36. Zelda Triforce Lamp

Be reminded of Zelda’s Triforce every night with this Triforce lamp. Link can save the day and you can too illuminating your bedroom. You could even put it by a window and display this geeky seal to the entire world.

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38. Portable Nightlight Balls

Light your way to the bathroom at night with these seriously neat portable nightlight balls. Lasting up to 30 minutes these balls will help you get around the biggest mansions without dying. Since they are multi-colored there is sure to be an LED color to please anyone. Since the balls don’t have any electronics in them they are simple and easy to make glow. Sit them on the stylish holder…

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So why settle for boring, outdated lamps when you can elevate the look and feel of your space with one of our unique and quirky cool lamps? With our carefully curated collection, you’re sure to find the perfect lamp to suit your style and brighten up your room.

Make a statement and add a touch of fun to your space with one of these cool lamps today!

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