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Make a spark with this collection of unique & cool lighters sure to impress at the bar or on a camping trip. Perfect if you’re looking for a gift for a smoker or just someone who loves lighters.

1. Retro Game Boy Lighter

Ignite a spark of nostalgia with the Retro Game Boy Lighter, a mini tribute to the iconic Nintendo handheld that defined a gaming generation. This gamer-approved lighter isn’t just a throwback; it’s also refillable, rechargeable, and windproof, making it as practical as it is cool. Perfect for lighting up in style or simply adding to your collection of vintage gaming memorabilia.

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2. Vintage Trench Lighter

Ignite your life with the Vintage Trench Lighter – a fusion of creativity and durability. Crafted from high-quality brass, it boasts a unique nunchaku design for a fun ignition experience. With its piston-type air-tight structure, it prevents kerosene volatilization, ensuring lasting use. Portable and slim, it’s a lightweight EDC tool that fits perfectly in your pocket or wallet. A fantastic gift idea for any occasion, it’s perfect for lighting up…

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3. EDC Waterproof Peanut Lighter

The EDC Waterproof Peanut Lighter is a classic essential in a compact package. Its timeless waterproof design is now upgraded with a long-lasting replaceable wick, and each package includes six flints, a windproof wick, and two waterproof O-rings. Stay prepared, rain or shine!

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4. Hacksmith Mini-Saber

Calling all aspiring Jedis! Get ready to feel the force with the Hacksmith mini-saber! This pocket-sized tool is perfect for slicing through stuff, lighting stuff on fire, or just adding some extra pizzazz to your dessert. No Jedi training required!

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6. Deck of Playing Cards Lighter

This deck of playing cards might just be the coolest way to light up on poker night. This unique lighter features deck of cards design with a refillable windproof butane lighter.This unique lighter features deck of cards design with a refillable windproof butane lighter.

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7. Lighter Watch

When you’re at the club it’s important to be quick on the draw with a lighter. Well now you can have it on your wrist with this watch that’s also a lighter.

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9. Mini Guitar Lighter

Rock out with this Mini Guitar Lighter. You know it will be a face melting show once the LED lights kick in. Smoking cigarettes has never been cooler. After you are done evoking the flames be sure to shred a few cords so those around you are aware of your musical prowess.

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10. Solar Spark Lighter

Catch a light from the sun! Forget carrying out lighters and polluting the environment (we hope you’re disposing of your filter properly). This is a nifty little gadget that eliminates the need to use butane to light your cigarette, which makes it a bit cleaner. It doesn’t get more hip and trendy than this, you fucking hippie.

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So, we’ve checked out some pretty cool lighters, haven’t we? Whether you’re camping or chilling at the bar, these aren’t just for lighting up – they’re for showing off. Hunting for a gift or just adding to your collection? Either way, here’s to the little tools that make a big impression. Light up and stand out!

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