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Everybody loves a challenging puzzle! Bring out the fun with this collection of cool puzzles for adults. Whether you are a casual fan of jigsaw puzzles or n expert we have handpicked a range of fun puzzles.

1. Bear Park 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Embrace your wild side with the Bear Park 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle! Dive headfirst into a vibrant wilderness teeming with excitement and adventure. Ideal for solo puzzling sessions or a friendly race against the clock, this premium jigsaw offers endless entertainment for those cozy nights at home. Venture into Bear Park and experience the thrill of the puzzle piece by piece!

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3. Toilet Paper Jigsaw Puzzle

Gosh, these sure are puzzling times! This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is as challenging as finding a pack of toilet paper was in March of 2020, except a lot funnier, and a lot more fun. Remember to take breaks when putting this puzzle together, or this toilet paper will wipe you out!

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4. Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

Bring all your favorite Friends characters to life with this 500-piece puzzle featuring illustrations off the 6 signature Friends and classic minor cast members. Any fan of the show will recognize Gus from Central Perk, Janice and many more characters.

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5. Fractal Jigsaw Puzzle

Bring a unique challenge to your table with this impossible wood fractal puzzle for adults. These custom puzzles are made from wood and offer a unique challenge for any puzzle enthusiast.

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6. Tiger King Jigsaw Puzzle

Relive all of your favorite characters from 2020’s hit show Tiger King. This unofficial puzzle features 500 pieces and custom illustrations of Carole Baskin, Joe and others.

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7. NASA Moon Puzzle

Enjoy the glory of the Moon with this 100 piece puzzle of the moon. Created with official photography form NASA archives any space lover will love finishing this puzzle.

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9. All White 1000 Piece Puzzle

For those who are addicted to pain you’ll lose your mind assembling this 1000 piece puzzle of pure white. With no way to tell which piece goes with what you’ll spend countless hours trying to assemble this puzzle.

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