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Unique USB chargers, drives, computer accessories, and just about anything with a USB port. Whether you want a laugh or something useful our collection of cool USB gadgets is sure to deliver.


1. Nomad Slim Power Adapter

Say goodbye to bulky chargers and hello to sleek efficiency with the Nomad Slim Power Adapter! This little powerhouse packs a 65W punch, perfect for juicing up all your gadgets in a jiffy. With its dual USB-C PD ports, you’re ready to power up multiple devices simultaneously – talk about multitasking! Thanks to GaN technology, it’s not just powerful but also unbelievably slim, slipping into the tightest of spaces like…

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2. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go

Sometimes you need to store your files offline or transfer files quickly between computers. The SanDisk Ultra Dual flash drive offers a USB-C and USB-A connectors all on one flash drive for maximum versatility. A great solution for moving files quickly to or from your MacBook to a PC.

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3. Mini USB Paper Shredder

Add a bit of fun and productivity to your work station with this mini USB powered paper shredder. Perfect for when a coworker brings over a document you immediately want to shred while they are standing at your desk.

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4. USB Kill Stick

The USB kill stick allows you to test the surge protection circuity of various electronics as well as their max loads. The USB Killer is the original USB kill stick and one of the best in class. This kit gives you lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB adapters as well as a tester shield. The test shield works in tandem with your USB Killer as well as independently to protect against…

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5. Ultra slim 3-USB-Port Wall Charger

Introducing Charger Pro, the world’s most compact multi-port USB wall charger, featuring 3 high power USB ports so you can charge 3 devices simultaneously. With an impressively thin design and folding swivel plug, Charger Pro easily fits in your pocket, bag, or purse with ease. The innovative swivel plug provides 270 degrees of rotation so you can get charged even when the only open outlet is in a crowded power…

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6. USB Heated Mouse Pad

Survive a freezing office

Let’s be honest the office can be freezing sometimes, keep your hands toasty with this USB heated mouse pad. It’ll go great with the blanket you keep at the office so you no longer have to worry about the AC turning you into an ice cube. The heading pad can be removed from the mouse pad for use separately, the size of this pink mouse pad is about 11″ by 8.5″.

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7. USB Fan with LED Clock

If you’re breaking a sweat at the office this tiny USB powered fan will provide you with a breeze from your computer. It also has a built-in LED clock that will show the time as the blades of the fan spin. Its flexible neck lets you move it into any position so anyone in your workplace will be able to see its clock in all of its glory.

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8. Indestructible iPhone Charging Cable

Sick and tired of iPhone charging cables breaking? Well Anker makes some of the best accessories for phones including batteries and charging cables. The Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable is the perfect accessory for anyone with an iPhone or iPad. Everyone has had lightning cables break on them so this cables 30,000+ bend lifespan is sure to last anyone YEARS. Built with a nylon fiber core it ensures a 30…

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9. Belkin Travel Rockstar

Ever been to a hotel that doesn’t have enough outlets? Well the Travel Rockstar by Belkin has got you covered by giving you two additional outlets. Plus a built in USB port allows you to charge your phone, the best part is the USB port acts as a battery as well so you can charge on the go. With it’s ability to charge your USB devices anywhere and giving you extra…


10. Christmas Light USB iPhone Charger

Who doesn’t want to bring the holiday season in, especially while charging their phone. This lightning cable is sure to bring the Christmas cheer to any office (or in my case home office!). The lightning charger will allow you to charge iPhone 5se/6/6s/7/8/x.

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11. Steampunk USB Drive

If you’re a fan of steampunk this 8GB USB drive is for you. The light up vacuum tube adds an industrial flare to any computer. Granted a true steampunk fan shouldn’t be toting around a laptop.

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12. USB Hub Paper Towel Speaker Tower

Amp up your high tech kitchen even more with this combination bluetooth speaker and USB hub paper tower holder. Not only will this free up outlets in your kitchen for emergency charging, but will also provide the perfect atmosphere for your next cooking session. Tower includes an embedded friction ring to allow for single-sheet pulling and even a surprise owl shaped wine stopper at the top.

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13. Infinite USB Cables

With so many devices clamoring for your precious few USB ports, finding a free one is often a task reserved only for your mortal enemies. However, with InfiniteUSB, the notion of infinite USB ports is no longer just a fantasy. Plug one into another and charge all of your devices in an infinite loop of awesome.

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14. Couch Charging Outlet

We’ve all run into the problem of wanting to use our phone or tablet while it was charging. Rather than leaning over your couch’s armrest or risking falling out of bed, the Couchlet lets you charge your device of choice from the comfort of your sofa. All we need now is a couch with a toilet in it. Then there really wouldn’t be a reason to get up.

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15. USB Typewriter

How hip are you? If you own a record player and a vinyl collection I have no clue why this isn’t being displayed proudly in your living quarters. This product is also excellent for your grandma who used to write court records in the 1950’s and hasn’t quite adjusted to the modern keyboard.

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17. Ninja Shuriken USB Drive

Are you a master of martial arts? Have you ever thrown a ninja star at your computer? This is a great opportunity to impress your friends with your accuracy by claiming you are the person responsible for that swift fling straight into your computer case, but fear not, this will only provide data storage, not take it away.

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18. R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Take on the rebel forces and low battery life with this R2-D2 USB Car Charger. Have your best pal at the ready and feel indestructible cruising through the country side, or more likely sitting in traffic. Has two ports for dual charging action and lights up to show you it’s working.

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19. Thor’s Hammer USB Drive

Hold the power of the 21st century in your hands with this miniature Thor’s Hammer flash drive. Save your data and the world while looking like a complete bad ass. Trying to impress that cute chick at the library? Whip out your hammer. Think that cute guy is into nerd girls? Smash him over the head with your USB drive and he will say “I do” in seconds.

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20. Battleship USB Hub

A fan of Battleship, a fan of more USB ports? well add 5 more USB ports to your computer with this Battleship USB hub. Anyone who’s a fan of the classic game will love it’s unique design. Great for hooking all your devices up without starting a war where someone is shouting numbers and letters at you.

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22. USB Wall Outlet

Finally be able to charge all your gadgets straight from the wall! A USB Wall Outlet with actual plugs too is perfect for such a task.

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In conclusion, USB gadgets are versatile and practical, making them an essential accessory for anyone who works with computers. Whether you need a USB drive for storing files or a charging cable that won’t break, there’s a gadget for everyone. From the quirky and fun, like a USB-powered paper shredder, to the more practical, like a 3-port wall charger, these devices can enhance your productivity and add a touch of personality to your workspace. Explore our collection of cool USB gadgets to find something useful or just for a laugh.


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