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Who doesn’t love emojis? 😍 Now you can wear them, share them, and decorate your house with them. Take your favorite emojis from your iPhone to real life with this collection of fun and LOL-worthy emoji products.

1. Poop Emoji Coffee Mug with Cookie Holder

Enjoy a morning coffee with this 10 ounce poop emoji coffee mug. Best of all it has a built in cookie holder for those late night snacks. Whether it’s coffee or milk this mug makes a great addition to just about anyone’s kitchen. This coffee mug is the 💩!  

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2. Emoji Slippers

Lighten up your day or night and put a smile on your feet with these amazing Emoji Cartoon Slippers. Let your feet and toes enjoy a soft, cuddly walk across a hardwood floor. No need to worry about slipping since the bottom of these slippers have special grips for your protection. You will find these slippers so wonderful that you might even forget they are on your feet.

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3. Emoji Balloons

Bring a laugh to the next party you attend with these emoji balloons. No reason to send a lame birthday text anymore when you can bring the real thing! Put your cool shades on and get ready to boogie with all 6 varieties of emoji balloon. 🎈

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4. Poop Emoji Pillow

Finally show your love for the famous poop emoji with this 1 foot tall poop emoji pillow. Perfect to furnish a bathroom or even the kid’s room, anyone with a smartphone will be sure to pick up on your savviness. Or heck you could even send a box of 10 of these to your BFF to show they are the s**t.


5. Emoji Keyboard

We all love emoji, your nephew, friends and even grandmother are using emoji. Switching keyboards constantly can be tough but luckily the emoji keyboard is here to save the day and your time.

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6. Emoji Masks

Don’t just send emojis over text, wear a large happy smile emoji in real life with these masks. With different masks like the poop emoji, love emoji, and smiley face you’ll have the right emoji for every event.

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