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For those who are addicted to pain you’ll lose your mind assembling this 1000 piece puzzle of pure white. With no way to tell which piece goes with what you’ll spend countless…

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Finally a stylish flip flop for the fishing trip to the lake. These fish flip flops surround your feet in fishy goodness. Best of all your toes come out of the fish’s…

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If you work in customer service you’ll love this complaint department mug. With it’s very own number that pulls the ring of this grenade it shows customers where they can take their…

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Add a little class to your place with this gold bar door stop. Perfect for when you invite guests over and want people to think you’re extremely wealthy.

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The LOL OMG WTF wine glass has you covered for any mood you’re feeling. Whether you’re having just a little bit of wine for a LOL or a heavy pour after a…

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If you feel you’re too manly for a candle these manly scented candles are for you. Whether it’s for the garage or living room these candles with gun power and charred hickory…

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Everyone has someone on their list that just asks for nothing. Well now you can finally give them nothing with this deluxe gift box of nothing! Whether you’re using it as a…

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What kind of shrimp fan are you? now you can show the world your love for shrimp with this giant shrimp neck pillow. Whether it’s heading to the airport or just lounging…

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Anyone with a dark sense of humor will be in stitches after seeing this toaster shaped bath bomb. With fragrances of citrus, strawberry, and cinnamon inside this bath bomb is to die…

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Bring a little bit of class to the break room with this golden toilet mug. Who can argue with someone drinking their coffee from a golden toilet! It’s classy and functional, your…

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Take the halloween festivities to the next level with this hilariously spooky skull and spine beer bong. Just pour some natty light into the skull and lift; you’ll be enjoying an instant…

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Get motivated for writing this these hilarious motivational profanity pencils. Each pencil is loaded with a motivational phrase like “get s**t done” and “write that s**t down”.

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