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Get something awesome for your feline friend, from cool cat beds to unique treats there is something here for any cat or cat lover. We have found some of the best gifts for cat lovers.

Cute Cat Paw Vase

Charm your space with the Cute Cat Paw Vase, a delightful addition that cat lovers will adore. This unique vase, shaped like a cat’s paw, is the purr-fect vessel for your favorite blooms, adding a whimsical touch to any room or garden. It’s not just cute; it’s a conversation starter that promises to bring a smile to anyone who sees it.

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Over Door Cat Hanger

Say goodbye to clutter with the Over The Door Cat Hanger, your new feline friend who’s here to help. Perched atop your door, this adorable cat hanger extends its paws to hold your coats, bags, and accessories, adding a touch of whimsy while keeping your space tidy.

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Cute Cat Night Light

Light up your little one’s nights with this adorable cat night light, a dreamy addition to any cat lover’s bedroom. Designed to stay on for up to twelve hours, it’s ideal for ensuring a full night’s comfort. The sleep training setting is a helpful bonus for establishing bedtime routines. With a gentle tap on its soft silicone body, this charming light switches between twelve delightful colors, creating a soothing and…

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Steamy Cat Brush

Pamper your purring pal with the Steamy Cat Brush, the ultimate grooming gadget for a mini spa experience at home. This rechargeable, ergonomic brush is designed with soft silicone bristles, perfect for massaging your cat while gently removing loose fur. It’s not just a brush; it’s a bonding session with your feline friend, ensuring they look and feel their best. Easy to use and soothing for your pet, it’s the…

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Hanging Cat Kitchen Towels

These hanging cat kitchen towels are a fur-tastic addition to your kitchen! Not only do they add a splash of color and a whisker of whimsy, but they’re also paw-sitively practical for drying hands or mopping up spills. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your space with a bit of feline charm, these towels are the cat’s meow!

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BiteyBox Cat Chew Toy

Give your mischievous kitty a safe outlet for their chewing tendencies with the BiteyBox cat chew toy. Featuring a clever design that captivates feline interest, this toy also includes detachable sticks. These can be easily replaced when worn out or removed for travel purposes. It’s a purr-fect way to keep your cat entertained while protecting your prized possessions.

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Personalized Cat Coffee Mugs

Customize your morning routine with these personalized cat coffee mugs. Choose from ten colors and several artistic styles to match your taste and your feline friend’s personality. It’s the perfect treat for yourself or a unique gift for cat lovers.

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Chunky Cat Plush Pillow

Cozy up with the ultimate feline companion – the chunky cat plush pillow. Oversized and irresistibly squishy, this feline-inspired pillow is crafted from skin-friendly fabrics, ensuring a soft touch every time you cuddle. Filled with high-quality cotton, it retains its plushness over time. Available in sizes ranging from small to large, it’s perfect for cat lovers of all ages, adding a whimsical touch to any room while providing unparalleled comfort.…

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Mess-Proof Cat Food Bowls

Turn mealtime into a neat affair with these mess-proof cat food bowls. The set comes with two bowls, nestled in a flexible silicone tray that’s designed to catch any food or liquid that your furry friend spills. Say goodbye to constant clean-ups and enjoy a tidier feeding area for your kitty.

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Absorbent Felt Cat Coasters

Combat those pesky water rings with a dash of adorable charm using these Absorbent Felt Cat Coasters! Handmade and available in four delightful color variations, these cute coasters are the perfect companions for your favorite drinks. Order them individually or in sets of up to four, adding a touch of feline fun to your home while keeping your surfaces safe and dry. Ideal as a gift for cat lovers or…

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Lion Cat Carrier

Unleash your cat’s inner roar with the Lion Cat Carrier – the purr-fect fusion of feline fun and functionality! This canvas tote features a plush lion face, complete with a hole for your kitty’s head to poke through, transforming your cat into the regal King of the Jungle. Who can resist the adorable allure of this carrier, your cat will be the talk of the town.

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Kitty In A Jar Candle

Add a purr-fect touch of charm to your home with the Kitty in a Jar Candle! These delightful 3.5-inch soy-wax candles come in an array of enticing colors and scents, each featuring an adorable feline friend peeking out from the jar. Ideal for cat lovers who appreciate a cozy ambiance, these candles are bound to warm hearts and homes alike. Light up your space with a whisker of cuteness and…

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Cowboy Cat LED Neon Bar Sign

The Cowboy Cat LED Neon Bar Sign is the perfect addition to any cat-loving, Wild West enthusiast’s home decor. This chubby cowboy cat is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see it. The LED neon sign can be safely installed on your wall or hung up, making it a great addition to your pet store, bar, coffee shop, business, pet shows or even your own…

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Famous Paintings Cat Scratchers

Let your cat scratch in style with these famous paintings cat scratchers that are purrfect for any cultured and classy cat parent. Your feline friend will go crazy scratching away at the Mona Lisa or The Girl with the Pearl Earring, while you sit back and admire how it fits seamlessly into your home decor. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your cat. So, don’t wait any longer,…

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The Window Catio

Say hello to the furr-ocious window Catio – the purrfect solution for giving your indoor kitty a taste of the great outdoors. No more staring longingly through the glass, dreaming of a world beyond. With its clear design, your cat can now bask in the sun like a king or queen with a 360-degree view of the world. And, best of all, you can relax knowing they’re protected from the…

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Pissed Off Cats Calendar

We can admit it we all know a pissed off cat. Why not celebrate the mad cat mood with this hilarious 2023 pissed off cat calendar. Full of angry cats every month just about any cat lover will love turning the pages on this one.

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AI Generated Cat Portraits

Of course any cat lover would train an AI model to create portraits of them! allows you to generate portraits of your furry friend in multiple artistic styles including cartoon, modern art, and many more!

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Witch Cat Mug

Possibly the cutest coffee cup for cat lowers this Halloween cat mug featuring a cut cat face and a hat lid. Great for insulating your drink and keeping it warm when you’re not drinking it.

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Cat Tail Cactus Planters

Tails up for the cats! Hang with the cool cats with this cat tail cactus planter. The cat lover in your life will love watching their cacti grow upward out of this cat planter. These planters feature multiple colors and are sure to add a humorous touch to any rom.

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Star Trek Cats

Captain’s log: we’ve encounter a stunning book full of hand illustrated cats in iconic Star Trek scenes. The Star Trek Cats book features 64 pages of cats dressed up as your favorite Trek characters. From Kirk to Spock there is a furry friend here to represent just about every iconic character.

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Taco Meow Cat Bed

What cat won’t love snuggling up for a siesta in this hilarious taco shaped cat bed. Whether you lay it flat like a tostada or fold up the edges to make it look like a taco your cat will love taking naps on it.

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Snuggle Pet Bed

What cat wouldn’t love snuggling in this little snuggle pet bed. Great for cats of all sizes the snuggle pet bed is made from canvas and synthetic fur. The bed is also machine washable and comes in multiple sizes and colors.

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Cat Hand Puppet

Transform your hand instantly into a cat with this hilarious cat hand puppet. Crazy cat lovers will love this set of 5 finger puppets; 4 with pays and 1 with a head.

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Ceramic Cat Mugs

Just about any cat person will enjoy sipping their morning coffee or tea from these cute ceramic cat mugs. In black and white these mugs feature a cute cat face and ears poking up from the side.

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Personalized Cat Portrait

Who wouldn’t love receiving a hand painted version of their furry friend. No matter the occasion cat lovers will go crazy over these personalized cat portraits.

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Stained Glass Cat

Any cat lover will appreciate this cute stained glass cat. When the sun hit’s it right you’ll be greeted with a cute rainbow cat. This handmade sun catcher is 8.9 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide making it perfect for the nook where your furry friend hangs out during the day.

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Cat Cactus Planters

Bring your succulents and cacti home in a cute cat planter. These planets are 3D printed planters stand 3.7 inches high and contain a draining hole at the bottom.

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Igloo Cat Litter Box

Keep your litter in the litter box with this unique igloo style cat litter box. Designed for your cat to walk through on a grate floor it removes litter from your cat’s paws as they walk out. Plus it looks stylish so you don’t have to worry about your litter box from ruining your decor.

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Cat Paw Oven Mitts

Cat lovers will want to get their mitts on these cat paw oven mitts. These catastic oven mitts will do a great job protecting your hands in the kitchen with heat resistance as high as 480 degrees fahrenheit.

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Crafting With Cat Hair Book

Got fur balls?

If someone has a cat you already know they have plenty of cat hair laying around. Whether you own a cat or you know a cat lover Crafting with Cat Hair is sure to be useful but will also make you laugh. From a finger puppet to fluffy cat toys Crafting with Cat Hair has over 90 pages of DIY projects involving cat hair.

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Modular Cat House

For the house cat who needs the best in homemade beds, they’ll love this modular cat house. These colorful modular cat houses are handmade and give your home a unique style while giving your cats a fun place to lounge.

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Felted Cat Head Cat Bed

Your furry friend will have a blast staying warm in this cute cat head cat bed. Handmade with all-natural felted wool and multiple sizes this cool cat bed is sure to be a joy for any cat (and their owner).

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Cat Paw Cups

Paws up for these frosted cups, whether you want to enjoy a glass of milk or beer these cute cat themed cups are the ultimate gift for cat lovers. With multiple sizes and patterns this set of two cat pat cups is essential in any cat filled household.

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Personalized Pet Pokemon Cards

Gotta catch em all! Add your pet to the Pokemon roster with this personalized pet Pokemon card. Each homemade card includes special moves for your pet, a custom portrait, and even attack moves.

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Cat Lounge Pod

Treat your cat to a lounge in this hilariously cute cat lounge pod. Its clear bottom also makes it great for serving snacks or just storing cat toys.

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Cat Pumpkin Hat

Give your cat the hat they wear, whether it’s October or April your cat will love this pumpkin hat. With its velcro latch it’ll fit just about any cat’s head. If your cat is pumpkin size or palm size this hat is sure to ruin their day.

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Sherpa Moccasin Pet Bed

Whether you have a cat or a dog they’ll love lounging in this oversized moccasin pet bed. Your pet will love to take a nap in this pet bed that is made in the USA.

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Black Cat Tea Tray

Sick of dripping tea bags? This handy little black cat tea tray will add a cute touch to any tea time. If you’re not into tea it works great for snacks or as a jewelry tray as well. With “Paws & Reflect” printed on top you can’t help but smile at this tray.

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Indoor Cat Tree House

Treat your indoor cat to a bit of the outdoors with this indoor cat tree house. With support for cats up to 32 pounds all of your cats are sure to have a blast lounging in this tree. Its multiple levels will give your cat plenty of places to hide.

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Meow The Book for Cats

by M. E. Owmeow

Only one word can describe the perspective of a cap. Meow the book is loaded with one word and one word only, that is meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

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Personalized Pet Portrait Watercolor

Artist Made Watercolor Painting

Give the gift every pet lover will die for, these custom pet portraits are made by hand with watercolor. Whether you have a dog, cat or even llama any pet can immortalized in a watercolor portrait.  Custom handmade watercolor painting of your pet. Dogs, cats, birds, all pets welcome! Paintings with multiple pets available. Painting comes in several sizes

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Capsule Pet Travel Backpack

Cruise around with your cat or pup in this breathable backpack with clear back so your pet can travel with ease. Great for taking your pet to the airport or even taking your animal to the vet.

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Cat Battle Armor

If your cat spends any time out in the wild it’s time to level them up with this cat battle armor. Your cat will be a hero in this custom made flexible armor harness made out of veg-tan leather. Note: it’s not recommended to keep this on your cat

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Lion Cat Hat

Make your little whisker friend a lion with this lion hat for your cat. Your furry friend will instantly feel more courageous with as much confidence as the king of the jungle. Perfect for holiday photos of your cat under the tree. Fits most cats or even small dogs.

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Cat Butt Fridge Magnets

This is the perfect fridge magnet for the cat lover in your life. These cat butt refrigerator magnets are sure to give everyone who enters your kitchen a laugh.

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Pepperoni Pizza Costume for Cats

Give your little kitter friend a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza to wear around the house. Screw Dominos and Pizza Hut when your cat can rock this homemade pepperoni pizza slice on their face.

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Window Hammock for Cats

Hammocks aren’t just for people. They’re for cat-people ;) Well, more specifically —cat-people’s cats :) I mean, why should humans be the only species with the luxury to lounge like lazy kings? The Kittypod Window Hammock is the perfect way to show your feline companion that you care enough to make them completely content. It securely mounts inside or outside your window and gives them a cozy place to sit or…

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Squeeze Pops for Your Cat

Ever notice your friendly feline staring longingly into your eyes as you eat a Go-Gurt or Freezie Pop? They want to be able to experience the beauty of eating directly out of a plastic tube. You no longer have to deny them that privilege. A wonderful treat for your kitty that they will enjoy again and again. What cat wouldn’t love a delicious tuna puree? Also excellent to help your…

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VW T1 Camper Pet Carrier

Not only humans can appreciate fine German engineering. Offer your favorite feline, or young pupper a chance to ride in style as you tote them around all day. The perfect little tote to keep your pet safe and cozy, this Volkswagon T1 camper replica will be the talk of the town. Show off your pet’s wild and free personality as they cruise through the countryside with the wind whistling through…

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I Do What I Want – Cat Mug

Feeling extra ornery today? Need to flip off the world to blow off some steam? This ‘I Do What I Want Cat Mug’ is the purrrfect companion to your morning caffeine sessions to get back on track. This delightful little comic cat is shown doing exactly what she wants, telling the world to fuck off. The perfect conversation stopper at the office or the breakfast table. Be confident knowing that…

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Melting Cat Candle

Regular candles are boring, add some flare to your candle arsinel with the PyroPet melting cat candle. Watch as the candle melts and the metal bone structure of the car inside is revealed. Burns for about 20 hours so it’ll give you plenty of time to slowly see this cat melt to it’s demise.

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Self Cleaning Litter Box

Sick of cleaning up after your kitty? Well the Litter-robot is here to remove that litter box smell from your home or apartment. Best of all, you barely have to do anything since this is a self cleaning litter box. Just plug it in, add some kitty litter and you’re all set! All you have to do is throw out the waste with it’s built in kitchen trash bag lined…

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Cat Hammock Wall Activity Center

Have mischievous kittens at home? give them a new toy to jump around on with this cat wall hammock activity center. For the house cats with an adventurous side this sleek wall mount is sure to challenge any cat.

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The Pussy Magnet

Every office needs a pussy magnet (yours might even have one!). This little kitty is perfect for holding all of your paper clips and staples neatly in its fur. Perfect for the catlover in the office since it works as a paperweight as well.

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Sleeping Cat Pillow

Who doesn’t feel relaxed seeing a sleeping cat in the corner. This sleeping cat pillow is a perfect way to add a relaxing vibe to any living room without the excess cat hair.

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Cat Panties

MeeeeOW! Check out these Purrrrfect Pussy Panties. Cats are a girls best friend and these wonderfully crafted undergarments are no exception. Mr. Kate Women’s Pussy Panties are the perfect gift for your lovely lady, or your best girl friend! Your pussy should be looking cute, inside and out.

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Cat Scratch Laptop

Having scratched up furniture is claw-ful, but why would you ever want to get rid of your furry friend. Ditch the scratching posts and get your cat scratching on this mini laptop with mouse. Who wouldn’t have a laugh at your cat browsing the net (hopefully not catfishing). An awesome gift for the geeky house cat.

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Window Mounted Cat Bed

Who doesn’t want to sit in bed all day and watch the birds outside; your cat is no different than us! Let your cats do what they really want with this window mounted cat bed. With up to a 50 pound limit this is sure to hold the laziest of cats.

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Bubble Backpack Cat Transporter

Taking your cat everywhere can get annoying, especially with an unsightly leash. This backpack designed to carry your kitty around has a nice bubble for them to look out upon the world during your adventures.

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Kim Jong-un Cat Scratching Post

Does your cat have an issue with North Korea?  Do you enjoy having the funniest conversation pieces in your home?  Well this Kim Jong-un Cat Scratching Post, is just the thing you need!  Made with love and humor in an effort to raise money for charity, all proceeds from your purchase will go directly to charity, and all humorous times with family and friends will go directly to your memory…

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Cat DJ Turntable

Introduce your cat to one of the most popular music genres of the decade: EDM. What better way to get your cat integrated than with its own turntable? Crank that sweet electric sound while your cat puts a splash of its own feline twist. A cute way for your cat to have some fun scratching away.

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Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Unicorns are real and they are running around your house if you plop this inflatable unicorn horn on your kitty. After putting this on your cat you’ll instantly have a uni-cat and you won’t even have to travel to any mythical lands.

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Cat Hamster Wheel

The Cat Wheel Company’s ”Black Toy-Go-Round Cat Exercise Wheel” is the perfect outlet for high-energy cats! Fashioned after the smaller wheels commonly found in hamster and gerbil cages the world over. Your indoor cat requires exercise to stay healthy, and if they don’t get enough, they become obese and lethargic. In addition to giving cats a good workout and stretching their legs, this wheel helps cure boredom and the desire…

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Cat Hammock

If you didn’t think your cat’s life was easy enough, well now you can make it even easier with the space saving cat hammock. Great to attach under a chair and have you cat lounge around out of view.

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Now that you’ve checked out this list of cool things for cats and their owners you’ll be the ultimate gift giver! For more furry friend gifts check out our pet gift guide.

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