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From Mario to Zelda all of your Nintendo favorites are here. We have handpicked the best Nintendo gifts money can buy. With decades of characters just about any gamer recognizes the incredible culture Nintendo has created.

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Retro NES Cartridge Wood Coasters

Give your drinks a nostalgic resting place with the Retro NES Cartridge Wood Coasters. Featuring punny takes on classic titles like “Drunkey Kong” and “Super Barley Bros,” these coasters are a must-have for any gaming aficionado with a love for the classics. They’re not just functional; they’re a conversation starter and a charming nod to the golden age of gaming.

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Retro Game Boy Lighter

Ignite a spark of nostalgia with the Retro Game Boy Lighter, a mini tribute to the iconic Nintendo handheld that defined a gaming generation. This gamer-approved lighter isn’t just a throwback; it’s also refillable, rechargeable, and windproof, making it as practical as it is cool. Perfect for lighting up in style or simply adding to your collection of vintage gaming memorabilia.

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Zelda Sheikah Wireless Charging Pad

Charge into the world of Hyrule with our Zelda Sheikah Wireless Charging Pad, a must-have for fans of the Legend of Zelda series. This isn’t just a charger; it’s a piece of the adventure, bringing the Sheikah Slate to life with a magical LED light-up effect and the iconic Sheikah rune sound when you place your phone on it. Delivering up to 15W of power with efficient Qi wireless technology,…

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Giant Gameboy Game Catridge

Super-size your nostalgia with these Giant Game Boy Cartridges! Perfect for gaming aficionados, these oversized replicas transform classic games like Pokémon, Tetris, and Wario Land into epic decor for your game room. Customize them in any color to match your gamer vibe. Not only do they pay homage to the good old days, but they’re also instant convo-starters. Level up your space with a blast from the past!

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Personalized Zelda Portrait

GPT Level up your wall game with a Personalized Zelda Portrait, where you’re the hero of your own Hyrule adventure! Choose to go solo or team up with a player two for this epic artwork. Digital or canvas, the choice is yours, but the result? Pure, pixel-perfect magic. Transform your game room into a Zelda fan’s paradise and make Link proud. It’s like stepping right into the game, minus the…

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Zelda Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

Safeguard your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite in style with this officially licensed Zelda Protective Case. It features a striking Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest design and offers top-tier protection. The sturdy outer shell, rubberized handle, and durable zippers ensure your console’s safety. Inside, find a molded interior with felt lining, zippered mesh storage, and game card slots. It’s an ideal choice for gamers, backed by an official Nintendo…

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Super Mario Bros Wonder

Embark on a thrilling journey into the Flower Kingdom with Super Mario Bros Wonder! Join Mario, Luigi, and their friends as they collect Wonder Flowers, unlocking exciting new effects and powerful upgrades. Traverse challenging side-scrolling levels and immerse yourself in action-packed adventures in this beloved gaming classic. Get ready for a wonder-filled experience in the world of Mario and his companions!

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Super Mario Warp Pipe Outlet Cover

Level up your home decor game with this Super Mario Warp Pipe outlet cover! Adding a vibrant, geeky touch to any room, this outlet cover mimics the iconic green warp pipes from the Mushroom Kingdom. Handcrafted with precision, it’s available in various configurations including a light switch, power outlet, and a GFCI single rocker model. Now, your room will not only be powered up but also 1UP in the style…

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Mario Mushroom Neon Light

Level up your decor game with the Mario Mushroom LED Neon Sign! This iconic Super Mushroom from the Super Mario franchise is a must-have for any gaming enthusiast’s collection. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a Mario game? This neon-like sign stands at 12 inches tall and comes with a handy dimming switch, so you can adjust the brightness according to your mood.

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Custom Mario Style Name Plate

Any fan of Nintendo will love this personalized Mario style sign. Whether it’s for a desk, gaming room, or just bedroom old-school gamers will remember Mario’s iconic colorful logo.

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Super Mario Piranha Plant Light

Just about any gamer will recognize the iconic piranha plant from Super Mario. This Super Mario piranha plant light will bring a bit geek culture to anyone’s bedside table.

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Power Glove Oven Mitt

Be a wizard in the kitchen with this retro gaming-themed oven mitt! It works because when you’re this cool, nothing burns. You’ll love your Power Mitt…it’s so bad! And by bad, we mean good. That’s just the way kids talked in the 80s. It’s also available in right-handed and left-handed versions, so that southpaws aren’t left out!

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Handheld Super Mario Bros

Celebrate 35 years of the most influential game in history with this special commemorative Game and Watch! With the original Super Mario Bros. now available in the form of Nintendo’s earliest handheld, it’s the throwback crossover revival you can’t do without! And since it is a Game and Watch, it does indeed serve as a functioning clock. 35 unique animations will play as time passes, one for each year since…

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8-Bit Mario Tie

For the formal gamer, this stylish silk Mario tie features crisp, clean pixel art based on the sprite from Super Mario World. It’s a great way to 1up your business attire! Comes in a handy tin can for easy gifting.

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GameBoy AirPods Case

Finally worlds collide with this GameBoy inspired AirPods case. A perfect way to keep your Apple AirPods safe all while rocking this geeky retro rubber case.

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Nintendo 64 Anthology

Gamers from the 90s will never forget the Nintendo 64. From the origins of the N64 to the peak of its popularity the Nintendo 64 Anthology covers every detail about the legendary console in over 300 pages.

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

For versatile, portable fun, you can’t beat the Switch, but the Pro Controller takes your game to the next level with a beefier, high-performance design reminiscent of modern Xbox controllers. The larger joysticks, wider buttons, and deeper form factor all allow for greater accuracy of control, as well as heightened comfort, especially for players with large hands. Whether it’s the frenetic white-knuckle intensity of Smash Bros. Ultimate, or the edge-of-your-seat…

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the biggest games for Nintendo Switch in 2020 is here! Animal Crossing New Horizons is sure to be on any Switch gamer’s must-have list. Create your own virtual island full of unique creatures in this “sim” style game.

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Zelda Navi Glow In The Dark Necklace

Navi the fairy is here to guide you through the darkest of times and inspire you in the pursuit of adventure. This adorable little charm works wonderfully as a key-chain or necklace and glows vibrantly in the dark. Each charm is hand crafted with crystal resin, stainless steel, and perhaps a touch of magic. This Navi Glow in the Dark Necklace is the perfect gift for the Zelda fanatic in…

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Handheld Retro Game Console Phone Case

Add a bit of retro gaming to your iPhone with this unique GameBoy phone case. The case includes a rechargeable battery, screen, and 30 games controllable with the buttons on the back of the phone. With classic games like Mario, Contra, Galiga, Tetris and many more any geek will enjoy gaming on this iPhone case.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield

The latest Pokemon game for 2019 is here! Pokemon fans will love the Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch. With gameplay similar to the classics like Pokemon Blue and Red but all in 3D this is the ultimate game for Pokemon fans.

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Mario Warp Pipe Koozie

Bring the chill vibes to the party after you save princess peach with this Mario warp pipe koozie! Whether you load it up with beer or a soda it’s sure to tickle the fancy of any geeky Mario fan.

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NES Styled Hoodie

We all miss our classic grey NES, well look no further you can remember the good ol’ days with this classic NES hoodie. Any Nintendo fan will love rocking this jacket out on the town or staying in and finagling cartridges into their Nintendo.

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Dr. Mario Tee

Gamers will have a throwback to the retro gaming days with this awesome Dr. Mario t-shirt. Nintendo fans will remember stacking pills in its tetris style gameplay.

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Mario Heat Changing Mug

If you love Mario you’ll love this coffee mug! With a color changing graphic on the front the mug will display an outline of Mario when cold but when hot you’ll be able to see a Mario level.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

If you’re a handheld gamer you’ll love the new Nintendo Switch Lite. It can play all of the great games from the Switch but in a smaller mobile-only package. With up to 4 hours of battery life while playing Zelda the Switch Lite will easily last through your commute or your school day.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock

Easily charge up to 4 Joy-Con controllers at the same time with this Nintendo Switch Joy-Con charging dock. Perfect for any Nintendo Switch gamer to always have their controllers ready. This is extremely useful if you have your Switch paired to your TV.

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The Game Console History Book

Every gamer will love how this breaks down each game console part by part. With photos 86 consoles The Game Console walks through all of the iconic consoles through history including NES, Atari 2600 and even modern consoles like Wii U.

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NES Cube Speaker

Rock out with this NES inspired retro cube speaker. With its directional pad styled controls on the top you’re sure to show off your geek style. Left and right control the volume while up and down control power and play/pause functionality. Additionally it has an eight hour battery life so you can blast music all day.

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Game Boy Watch

Add some old school gaming to your fashion collection with this Nintendo Game Boy Watch. Best of all it has Super Mario alarm sounds. You’ll also love fiddling with the tiny buttons on the front of this cool watch.

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NES Cartridge Pillows

Add some old school gamer flair to your living room with these NES cartridge pillows. Choose from a huge selection of Nintendo cartridges including NES, Gameboy, Zelda, Tetris, Mario, and many more!

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Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat

Everyone loves Nintendo‘s official mascot Mario. Every geek has been a fan of Mario since the original games, well now Mario is back in Super Mario Odyssey on Wii U. The game stars Mario with a unique magical cap (Cappy) well now you can relive Super Mario Odyssey adventures with your very own Cappy.

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Super Nintendo Classic

Following the wild popularity of the NES classic that allowed you to play 30 classic Nintendo games is a new SNES classic. You’ll love reliving 21 classic super nintendo games including Zelda, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and F-Zero. All games include: Contra III: The Alien Wars Donkey Kong Country EarthBound Final Fantasy III F-ZERO Kirby Super Star Kirby’s Dream Course The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Mega…

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NES Guitar

Have you ever wished that you had a super unique electric guitar? Well it’s here! the Nintendo NES Electric Guitar is one of the most unique handmade guitars ever! It is a fully playable guitar which can produce awesome sounds accompanying Mario & Luigi on their quest to save the Princess so we like to call it ‘ the guitar that helped Mario save the Princess. What are you even waiting…

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NES Cartridge Shower Curtain

Enjoy some good clean fun in the morning with this NES cartridge themed shower curtain. Super Shower Time is sure to give a laugh to any old school gamer especially from Cleantendo. With it’s main window making you appear in the shower it also offers privacy for the rest of your body.

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Super Russian Roulette for NES

There’s nothing like a great party game to play with your friends on a drunken evening. Super Russian Roulette for NES is a Kickstarter looking to add some variety to your game night. Once you’ve exhausted exploding kittens and cards against humanity why not play Russian Roulette on your NES!

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Gameboy Fridge Magnet

Every geek has memories of their original giant Gameboy. Relive childhood with an even bigger Gameboy with this fridge magnet set. Every Time you visit your fridge you’ll be thinking about the hours you spent blowing into a Mario cartridge.

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Zelda Hookshot Replica

Aside from the Master Sword and Hylian shield, Link’s Hookshot is probably his most recognizable weapon from The Legend of Zelda. Now, you can own this super awesome replica. It won’t drag you to places well out of reach, but it will look really cool.

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NES Cartidge Cutting Board

Chances are you won’t have to blow into the bottom of this NES cartridge cutting board to get it working. Enjoy being reminded of the good ol’ days as you prepare dinner for your screaming children.

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Zelda Triforce Lamp

Be reminded of Zelda’s Triforce every night with this Triforce lamp. Link can save the day and you can too illuminating your bedroom. You could even put it by a window and display this geeky seal to the entire world.

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Mario Question Mark Block Light

Show your geeky side by illuminating your room with a glowing Mario question mark brick. Mount it above your bed as a nightly reminder of Nintendo’s mascot Mario. Just don’t try to hit it with your head instead of mushrooms you might find yourself in the ER.

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NES Cartridge Flasks

Why play games when you can be filling your body with liquor. These NES Cartridge flasks are perfect for the geeky in all of us. Get loaded from classic games such as Drunk Hunt, Kega Man, Fine Ale Fantasy, and The Legend of Drink.

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Nintendo Bedding

Kick it old school and hop into your favorite console for a deep, relaxing sleep. These Nintendo Bed Sheets put the game in your hands, where you’re the cartridge. Imagine getting into your room and dreaming of chucking fireballs at Koopas. The dream can be actualized with this purchase. It’s from Australia!

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Super Mario Chess Set

Ah, the strategic game of chess now with a flair of classic Mario. This Super Mario Chess set is full of color, wonder, and creativity. Perfect for any chess and Nintendo enthusiast.

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TravelBoy Backpack

Take your handheld Nintendo on the go with you! Ok, so it isn’t actually a GameBoy, but as far as I know a GameBoy can’t tote around 50lbs worth of your shit – so HA! This cool pack from our friends at ThinkGeek reeks of nostalgia and is a beautiful addition to any nerd who takes their laptop or clothes on the go. Now if only they could make one…

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Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soap

Relive your childhood with these N64 themed soap bars. Everyone loved classics like Mario Kart, Goldeneye (OH YEAH), Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and Donkey Kong, well now you can get down and dirty with these games on daily basis in your shower.

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Portable Handheld SNES Console

Can’t get enough of Super Nintendo? This is 100% the product for you, just load up a few cartridges in your bag and play your favorites anytime. Mario and the gang can all be with you constantly, plus you’ll look super retro carrying your classic issue of Nintendo Power.

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