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Magical Must-Haves for the Ultimate Potterhead

18 Products Updated on Nov 20, 2022

Step into the captivating realm of our handpicked Harry Potter gifts, where the lines between muggle and magical blur. Perfect for bookworms and movie buffs alike, these enchanting treasures are sure to delight every Potterhead’s heart. Browse our bewitching selection and find the perfect gift to make any fan’s day truly spellbinding.

1. Platform 9 3/4 Lamp

What Harry Potter fan wouldn’t be honored to hang the Platform 9 3/4 sign in their home. The 26cm tall sign lights up with batteries and is designed to mimic the classic Harry Potter wall sign.

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3. LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Bring the fun of Harry Potter and LEGO together everyday of December with this LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar. With over 300 pieces this LEGO set offers 24 different mini LEGO sets that is meant to be open every day of December until Christmas.

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4. Ultimate Harry Potter Movie Quiz

Test your Harry Potter knowledge with the ULTIMATE Harry Potter movie quiz. This quiz game includes over 1500 question cards covering topics from all 8 Harry Potter films. This officially licenced Harry Potter merch will make any fan’s day, best of all it’s in an easy to carry presentation box to bring to a friend’s place.

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5. Hogwarts Alumni Sweatshirt

This sweater reflects the years you’ve spent reading and watching Harry Potter, you’re alumni at this point. It comes in a number of different colors that can reflect the house you belong to.

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6. Harry Potter Cookie Cutter Set

No party is complete without cookies, and now you can use these cookie cutters to reflect the best series out there. It includes everything you need to make them, 8 cookie cutter shapes, icing bags and decorating tips. Now there’s no excuse not to make your very own Hedwig cookie!

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7. Harry Potter Cookbook

Finally you can feel like you’re dining in the Great Hall with this Harry Potter cookbook! With breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipies, you can feast like a realy wizard and feel like a masterchef Elf at the same time. From pancakes to pumpkin juice, you can eat like a Tri-Wizard Champion.

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8. Best Friend Wizard Mug

The perfect mug to bond over with your fellow muggle. You can customize it to fit your hair color, and scarf for whatever house you and your bestfriend belong to complete with your names and your owl flying off in the distance.

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10. Golden Snitch Keychain

Let your fellow wizards know you’re the fastest in Quidditch with this highly detailed Golden Snitch keychain. Even the wings move making it feel like you’re really chasing after it!

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13. Harry Potter Pillow Set

After a long day, you can retire to your common room with these incredibly cute Harry Potter pillows. Take a nap, watch or read your favorite Harry Potter installment and just relax with these stylish pillow covers.

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14. Harry Potter Coloring Book

Finally you can color the charcters you imagined while reading the books, you can customize the characters and Hogwarts in your own way, into whatever you want. 96 pages full of Harry’s first year, all the way up to the epic battle with Lord Voldemort.

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15. Harry Potter 5-pack House Panties

100 POINTS GRYFFINDOR! If your girlfriend is a Harry Potter fan this might be the best possible way to score 100 ‘points.’ This 5-pack of Harry Potter House Panties is the perfect way to represent the beauty in each of the Hogwarts Houses. Are you feeling righteous today? Spicy? Passive? Equip yourself with whatever under garment speaks to you. We are all familiar with the sorting hat, but how about…

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16. Harry Potter Scarves

When the sorting hat can’t decide which house why not get them all! These Harry Potter scarves are perfect for the winter book worm. You could even honor the passing of Alan Rickman with a Slytherin house scarf.

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17. Quidditch Beer Pong Set

Beer pong is a little too easy for us pros, well add a bit of difficulty with this Quidditch beer pong set. Harry himself would be impressed with this handmade item. The Unofficial Quidditch Pong Set includes: 3 Quidditch Hoops 2 Beater Bats 1 Golden Snitch Ball


18. Hermione’s Time Turner

Harry Potter is great for a number of reasons. The beauty, sass, intellect, and savvy of Hermione is absolutely one of those reasons. This adorable Hermione’s Time Turner trinket comes in necklace form and will look great on anyone’s neck. Heck, I am a dude and I am about to rock this thing out. Unfortunately you can’t turn back time, but you will surely turn some heads.

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As you conclude your journey through our mesmerizing Harry Potter gift collection, rest assured that you’ve discovered the finest magical treasures for fans of all ages. From enchanting collectibles to practical Hogwarts-inspired items, there’s something here for every Potterhead to cherish. So go ahead, surprise the wizard or witch in your life with a truly magical gift and let the memories of this extraordinary universe continue to cast a spell on their hearts.

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