HORL Original Rolling Knife Sharpener

Looking for a knife sharpener that’s sharp as a tack? Look no further than the HORL Original Rolling Knife Sharpener! This German-made tool is perfect for sharpening kitchen, hunting, and work knives with ease and safety. The magnetic block holds your knife securely at a 15-degree incline, and the rolling sharpening block glides effortlessly over the knife’s edge until it’s sharper than your wit. And with its nickel bed and diamond-electrocoated finish, your knives will be in good hands. Plus, with the HORL 2.0’s 20-degree angle, you can adapt to any situation, just like a seasoned pro. It’s the only knife sharpening tool you’ll ever need, and we guarantee it’ll make you a cut above the rest!

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Carbon fiber is no doubt awesome well finally they are in knife form. Granted you can’t sharpen them they are still a kicka**…

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